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It’s amazing what remarkable results can be accomplished in a very short time period if the right strategies and business development systems are employed.

Because every business is different, each business will experience different results. Here are a handful of quick case studies to show you how it’s happened for others:

“I was ready to sell the store and get out of the business, until I applied your suggestions and got 17 new customers in the first 10 days!”

“Our conversion of leads to sales increased from 12% to 77%…”

“$9,700 in additional sales in the first 30 days!”

“I was ready to sell the store and get out of the business, until I applied your suggestions and got 17 new customers in the first 10 days!”

Lois Ferguson, Owner
Restaurant Delivery Service

“I originally got into this business as a partnership with a dear friend of mine. We live in a large town with lots of restaurants but that very few offer home delivery services. If you want their food on a take-out basis, you have to go there and get it.

“My friend was very outgoing and approached the owners or managers of several of the restaurants and convinced them that if they would offer a home delivery service, that they could increase their customer base, and therefore, their profits. The response was good, and we quickly established a pretty good business for ourselves.

“When my friend’s husband employer transferred him to another state, she and her family went along, and our partnership was ended. Since I was the “activity” arm of the business, and she was the one who did the marketing and restaurant contact, our marketing slowed to a complete stop while I attempted to do it all.

“Your suggestions to 1) Automate our marketing, 2) Sub out the delivery process, and 3) Include lunch deliveries to clubs and businesses during the day, freed up my time and allowed me to do more of the more important tasks. As a result, I took on a whole new role in the business, my confidence increased, and I picked up 17 new restaurant customers in the first 10 days!

“I never realized how important it is to prioritize activities, delegate (or subcontract) the ones that are less profitable or less desirable, and focus on what brings in the profits. Instead of giving up and wanting to sell the business, I am now back in full force and am going after new customers as fast as we can grow!”

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“Our conversion of leads to sales increased from 12% to 77%…”

Jack Peters, Section Manager
Backman Productions, Inc.
Software Production Company

“Our business was increasing on an annual basis at what we considered to be an acceptable rate – about 8% per annum. After meeting with Martin and him showing us how, with a few tweaks to our existing systems, the implementation of a few things we weren’t doing, and really, very little extra time or effort on our collective parts, we could significantly change the profitability of our company.

“Bill Thomas, our president was skeptical at first, but the rest of the staff pressured him into at least letting us try some of Martin’s suggested strategies. The result? We not only increased the number of leads we generated by 22%, but we increased the number that we converted into actual sales from 12% to 77%. When you consider that that 77% is on top of the additional 22% increase in leads, it adds up to a very nice increase in profits.

“That increase was enough to convince Bill to let us move ahead with Martin’s full consulting program, and we expect to see real big improvements in our bottom line profits by the end of the year.”

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“$9,700 in additional sales in the first 30 days!”

Bryan Miller, President
Billings Services, Inc.
Medical/Dental Billing Services Company

“One of the hardest things to do is to convince doctors, dentists, chiropractors and health-care providers to turn their billings over to an outside source. They think they can do the job in-house cheaper and maintain control.

“The real facts are, we can do the job for them on an out-sourcing basis for about what it costs them to do it in-house, and we have a much better collection rate than they do, because their patients are dealing with an outside source, rather than someone they know and see in the office every time they visit.

“One of the many suggestions Martin gave us was to offer a 60-day trial of our services to our prospects on a completely risk-free basis. The idea was to measure what the dollar amount of collection was, as well as the percentage of accounts collected, and compare how we performed for those 60 days against any other 60-day period of the prospect’s choice.

“If we couldn’t out-perform what they did, there would be no charge to them. But if we did improve the dollars and percentage collected, they would pay us a percentage of the increase we generated for them.

“We took on 7 new clients as a result of that offer, and in several cases we didn’t have to wait the full 60 days to see the results. In the first 30 days alone, we generated an additional $9,700 in new income. This program works, and we are in the process of implementing other of Martin’s strategies and suggestions in our business.”

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