A Story of Massive Success

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Yesterday I received a call from DJ Ehlerts, one of our TopLine consultants. DJ attended the TopLine Business Solutions Consultants Workshop a few months ago and wanted to tell me about the success he is having.

But rather than just tell me about it, DJ took a few minutes and recorded a quick video telling me about the successes he has created for his clients and what it means to him and his family.

I’m not sure you can find a more humble and well-meaning person than DJ, and when I saw his video and heard what he had to say, it touched me because DJ is – and always has been – a very hard worker, and despite his previous efforts just hasn’t realized the personal and financial success he would like to have had. So this video and the story he tells is especially meaningful and inspirational.

DJ really didn’t have the money to attend the TopLine training. But he could see the potential, and he knew that much of the success he would have as a consultant (or in any business endeavor he undertook) would largely be dependent on what he, personally, brought to the table.

In looking at the testimonials of the other TopLine consultants, and knowing that with the right system and the effort he was willing to put in, DJ figured that if others – some with much less experience than he had – could create successful consulting practices, that he could recover his investment very quickly. So he did what he had to to find the funds to attend.

As I mentioned, DJ was a hard worker. He put in the time and effort trying to get a consulting practice up and running. But for the most part, he was operating on a “hit and miss” basis… a couple of small successes here and there, but nothing that would provide any kind of long term income that would enable him to give his family the lifestyle he would have liked to.

DJ’s situation is very typical. A lot of people we talk to have all the books and courses, and have attended the seminars of the so-called big name gurus. But they still can’t make any kind of significant income as a marketing and business development consultant… even though the marketplace is crying out louder than ever for their services.

So what’s the problem? For the most part, it’s the lack of a system… a well thought-out, systematic process that takes you from Point A to Point Z and produces a quantifiable and predictible result time after time. And that’s exactly where the TopLine system differs from all the others.

The fact is, all the knowledge in the world, all the effort you put in, all the strategies you try and implement in your clients’ businesses won’t produce the results they’re fully capable of without a proven step-by-step process. The consultants that continually produce massive results for their clients and very substantial incomes for themselves all depend on and follow such a process. And such a process is what separates TopLine from the rest.

TopLine’s results speak for themselves. The successes the TopLine consultants are having are inspiring and let us know that the program that we’ve created and have been teaching for so many years works… and we couldn’t ask for anything more!

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