Honest, Sincere, Heartfelt… A Lesson in How to Give (and Get) Effective Testimonials

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I just spent the last two days with my friend and fellow speaker and trainer, Joel Bauer, who was in town speaking at an event for another promoter.

Joel is one of the most accomplished, effective, and well-known speakers, authors, trainers, and presenters in the business. He attended our training several years ago, and so far, is the most successful of all the consultants I’ve trained.

We took a break yesterday, and he asked if he could share his thoughts and some of his experiences with me in a video clip so I could use them to let other people who are considering attending our training know what is possible.

Joel was also kind enough to gift each of the people who attend our next training a ticket to his $3,000.00 two-day Passion2Profit seminar in Los Angeles. When it comes to delivering value… the kind that you can actually take to the bank, Joel can’t be beat. I’ve taken several consultants to the event in the past, and in every single case they’ve been totally blown away.

Watch the video that Joel shot for me. You’ll see that it’s not fluff, feel-good, or warm and fuzzy. He talks about what works, what his experiences are with me personally and TopLine, and what kind of success he’s had. This is how to give a testimonial.

In your TopLine training, we spend quite a bit of time on how to acquire meaningful, honest, and heartfelt testimonials from your clients that you can use in marketing your services, and how to give a proper and effective testimonial to others that will position you as someone with expertise and credibility, so whoever watches or listens to your comments will want to learn more about what you do and how they might be able to benefit from it.

Testimonials (getting AND giving them) are one of the most effective ways of promoting your consulting practice (or any kind of business for that matter). Unfortunately, far too many businesses don’t make effective use of the right kind of testimonials, and consequentally lose out on a lot of business they otherwise would have.

I hope this short video clip gives you a few ideas that you can use regardless of whether or not you join us and the other 6-figure consultants here at TopLine.

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