A “Private Testing Lab” That Helps Ensure TopLine Business Solutions Consultants’ Success

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One of the things that I’m so proud of, and that helps generate such massive successes for our TopLine Business Solutions Consultants, is the “private testing lab” that I use on a regular basis to try out our new ideas, new systems, and new strategies before introducing them to our other consultants around the nation and in other countries.

My “lab” is made up of some of TopLine’s top consultants… those who are actually out there getting it done. But not “just getting it done”… getting it done in BIG ways. The place I always start, when introducing new strategies to be tested, is very close to home… with consultants that I can visit with in person, talk to, and teach the concept to in person. Then, very often, I will go with them or work side by side with them as they implement it so I can see, first hand, the reactions and the results they get.

Once I’m convinced that we’ve worked out most of the bugs, I’ll introduce that system to our other top consultants… some of them U.S. based, and others who are offshore working in one of the other 36 countries where TopLine has a presence. Then, when we get the results back from them and make any necessary tweaks and adjustments, we’ll roll out the new systems to the rest of our consultants.

So where do all these ideas come from that we test, tweak and introduce? I’ve written about it before, and I’ll say it again… I constantly attend talks, seminars, workshops, and training events, learning from other people, seeing what’s new, figuring out how we can apply what they’ve taught to our consultants’ businesses so they can be more effective in dealing with their clients. It’s the new, innovative, and creative things that I learn that keeps us on the cutting edge and constantly delivering value to our consultants, and our consultants to their clients.

All day yesterday, was one of those “research” days for me. I started out visiting with a good friend and speaker who is working with a New York creative marketing and positioning agency. She wanted to meet with me to see if there was a way that we can include some of our materials in their system so they can introduce them to their database of 32 million clients and prospects. This is HUGE! And it could mean really big things for our consultants.

From there, I visited with Joel Weldon, one of the top-rated corporate speakers and presenters in the business, and one of the founders of National Speakers Association. Joel and I have been great friends for over 35 years. I give him credit for introducing me into Toastmasters and NSA, and being my first real mentor who taught me the finer points of speaking, communicating, and presenting. We talked about a lot of things, and will be getting together again soon to discuss even more things that I know will benefit our consultants.

Jeremiah Cundiff, is another “local” that I can tap into with new strategies and ideas that I want to test. This guy is on fire, and has been right out of the box. In his first 60 days following training, he had 3 clients, and was earning $11,500.00 per month, plus a percentage of the revenue increase he generates for them, and he has even negotiated for the master franchise rights for an entire state from one of his clients. I love this guy, and can always depend on him to take a new idea and run with it.

The reason I’m telling you all this, is because I want you to realize that the TopLine system is not static. It’s living, always changing, always being updated and improved so it will work in today’s environment, no matter what it’s like. We are contantly removing parts of the system that aren’t working as well as they used to, or that our consultants aren’t in love with, and replacing them with new things like I just described. And that’s what makes our consultants so successful.

So your take-away from this post, is that you should always be on an “Idea Alert”… always looking for new ideas that can improve what you do or if you’re working with clients, ideas that can improve the value you bring to them and make them better. Next, find a good place to work… a place where you can be inspired. It doesn’t have to be on a lake like where Gail lives. But make your working environment comfortable, inspiring, and fun to be in. A place where creativity can run rampant. Then test your new ideas on a couple of clients or businesses. You don’t have to roll it out big time… not at first. Start small with one or two clients. Then make tweaks, adjustments and improvements, and when you’re happy with what you have, get it out there in a massive way. And then watch the business and the profits start to roll in.

Finally, if you have knowledge that can help other business owners run their businesses more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably, and you’re holding it back from them because you don’t know how to introduce it to them, you’re not doing them or yourself any favors. The market for what you have is bigger and hungrier than it’s ever been, and our consultants are making more money than ever before. The TopLine program may be just the system you need to give you the training, the support, and the “push” you need to get out there and make a difference. If you’d like to know more, please drop Dawn a note at dawn@toplinebusinesssolutions.com, and let him know that you’d like more information. He’ll be happy to help in any way he can.

As always, please let me know your thoughts and comments. I’m always interested!

Martin Howey
Founder and CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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