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What would you do if you were me?

This morning I got the following email…

Hi Martin,

I saw you on Youtube with Jeff Walker talking about your launch, congratulations on a job well done. I’m a public speaker from the Gold Coast, Australia and I have a public speaking/presentations e-course launching in June. It’s a combination of MP3, Quicktime and PDF’s.

Currently I’m looking for people to review my course free and perhaps create a video testimonial that can be posted on YouTube that I can use on my pre-launch blog. I would like to know whether you would like a copy of the course to review?

Let me know either way Martin; I look forward to hearing from you,

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kind Regards,


Well, what would you do?

How would you respond?

I get these kinds of requests all the time… people wanting my endorsement of their products or the services they provide. It can be very time consuming and it can take me away from other projects I’m working on or other things I’m involved in at them moment. The obvious question of course is, “What’s in it for me? What am I going to get out of helping you promote your product?”

I could look at it that way and be perfectly justified. After all, this guy wants to leverage off my success and exposure to promote HIS product so HE can make money for HIMSELF.

On the surface, there is absolutely no benefit to me. Just a little work, involvement, and a few words that I’d have to write.

But on a deeper level, there’s more.

How did he get my name in the first place?

He saw a video of me on YouTube where Jeff Walker interviewed me about my success with his Product Launch Formula. Then he looked me up and contacted me to ask me if I would review and possibly endorse his new speaking program.

If I like his program and choose to give him a testimonial… and it’s a good one… he’ll most likely get that testimonial out to let everyone he can with the hopes of someone buying his product.

Now let me reask the question I asked a minute ago… “What’s in it for me (to review and endorse his product)? What am I going to get out of it?”

Here’s the answer… “EXPOSURE”.

Exposure. One of the most important terms you can have on your side if you want to be successful. There’s absolutely no future in being the “best kept secret.” You have to get yourself, your name, your reputation and what you can do for your target market out there. And the way you do it is through EXPOSURE.

The interview with Jeff Walker? Exposure. Jeff liked what I had to say so much that he put it on YouTube… and I can’t begin to tell you what happened to the number of hits my website got when he posted that video. Several people have joined TopLine as a direct result of seeing that.

David Frey uses my testimonial and picture on one of his sites and people contact me as a result.

Joel Bauer, Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller wrote “Gravitational Marketing” and people contact me because of their comments about me in their book.

Adam Urbanski, Ann DeVere, Ali Brown, Dave Lakhani, Dan Elder, Mitch Carson, Jeff Hockings, Joel Bauer and a number of other very well known people use my testimonials, comments and endorsements to promote their products, seminars, coaching or consulting. And I’m glad to let them. Why? Because it gives me exposure. And you never know when that exposure might generate a paying client.

Did you see what I just did? I gave each of the afore mentioned people exposure. Not much. But at least a mention. Someone reading this might see a name and look up their website and buy their product.

Now what about you? What are you doing to get your name out there? Do you buy other people’s products and if you like them, write them an endorsement or a testimonial? Have you ever sent anyone an unsolicited video testimonial?

Some time ago, Adam Urbanski and Melanie Benson Strick were doing a teleconference together to promote Adam’s Info Marketing Bootcamp to Melanie’s clients. Because I’m on both Adam’s and Melainie’s lists and they are good friends, I listened in on the teleconference.

When it was over, I grabbed my “little pocket camera” and recorded a quick video testimonial and shot it off to Adam.

Within 30 minutes, Adam had that thing posted on his website and an email was sent out to his and Melanie’s lists letting them know of this great video that they absolutely HAD to watch. That if they were hesitating for any reason about attending Adam’s Boot Camp, that this video would help them clear up any questions they might have.

I didn’t record the video for any personal gain. Not at all. I just did it because I really did believe that Adam gave Melanie’s clients some great and very valuable information and I wanted him to know that.

Little did I realize that he would blast it out to everyone he knew.

The result? My website got tons of hits just because of that.

So back to you. Take every opportunity to get your name out there. Buy other people’s products. Then if you feel they are worthy, take the time to let them know. You’ll not only help them sell more products, but you’ll gain some great exposure for yourself in the process!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I’m very interested in your success!


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