Sometimes It Just Takes Another Set of Eyes

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One of the things that continually amazes me is how some people can be so successful and overlook what seems to be the blinding obvious. It happens all the time to the most accomplished people, and it happens to me more than I’d like to admit.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from one of our highest performing and earning TopLine Business Solutions consultants, who wanted to schedule some time with me to help him work through a situation he was in. Steve, the consultant, has never been a worry or a concern to me for any reason. He continually creates BIG income numbers, has a great group of clients who love him and his work, does no prospecting, and has a lifestyle that would be envious of 99 percent of the population.

So when I got Steve’s call asking to spend the day with me to help him with his business, I was a little surprised.

Turns out that Steve, as successful as he is, was wanting to change directions in his consulting practice and work with a different type of client. Steve’s current client demographic is largely built around construction and blue-collar types of businesses. Nothing wrong with that, those businesses have provided well for him. But like most of us do from time to time, Steve wanted a change… something different, something more challenging. So he asked if we could get together and discuss it.

Steve flew into town and I picked him up at the airport at noon, and we spent the day going over his business, what he was doing, who he was working with, who he wanted to work with, what his inerests were, and what he wanted from his consulting practice. When we got to our meeting place, we dug right in. I asked a series of hard-hitting questions, Steve gave me his answers, and I began mapping out a strategy for him, getting his feedback and comments along the way to make sure I was on track with where he wanted to head.

I talked and Steve took notes. Because I’ve done this so many times, the ideas came fast and furious, and Steve was having a difficult time keeping up. To me, this stuff is simple… it’s easy… it’s as clear as day. I’m sure it’s largely because of two reasons… 1) I do it so often it’s almost second nature, and 2) I’m not the one struggling with a situation or trying to make a change. It’s always easier to help someone else solve their problems than it is your own.

At the end of two hours, Steve was exhausted and his mind was overflowing with ideas… not to mention all the pages of notes he took, and the resources I had written down to send to him. We went to lunch at a nearby restaurant and tried to get away from business topics for a short time to relax our minds and get ready for the next round. Back at the “compound”, we hit it again and mapped out a complete start-to-finish strategy that would work for Steve.

I gave him a TON of forms, letters, scripts, strategies, and systems that he could go home and implement immediately. Steve is certainly not wanting for anything, and there is no excuse or reason for him not succeeding with his new plan, other than failing to implement what we discussed. I got him back on the plane at 6:00pm and he’s ready to rock!

The reason I’m telling you this story about Steve, is because you may be in a similar situation, but in a different type of way.

So many people are not fulfilled in their jobs, professions, or careers, and are looking for something different… something new, something exciting, something challenging… something that makes life more fun, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. The older I get, the more I realize that our time here on this planet is finite. We’re all going to disappear at some point. The questions is, what is the imprint or impact that will be left behind because of our having been here?

Sure, we may have family and friends, and the impact we’ve had on them through our teachings and examples may be significant… even character-forming or life-changing. And it should be. But I’m talking about something more. For most of us, more than half our waking hours are spent in some type of employment, job, or business-related activities… some way to earn the income we need to support our lifestyles and provide for our families and (hopefully) eventual retirement.

So what’s going on during those many hours? Other than getting the work done that you’re responsible for, what else are you contributing, and who is benefitting? On a regular occassion, I take time to reflect on my own situation to make sure I’m on the right path and not just spinning my wheels. Spending time with people like Steve… already successful people… but people wanting a different set of experienced eyes to look at their situation and give them insights and direction… is what turns me on and keeps me running from day to day.

I have my mentors that I look to for direction from time to time… people who help me in various ways to look inside and “keep it real.” Recently I met a person who sat me down over lunch, got me talking about myself and where I am currently, where I want to go, and what’s keeping me from getting there. It was totally unexpected and out of the blue, and I revealed to her and to myself (surprisingly), things that I had never verbalized to anyone… yet, things that I would soon discover about myself that are now having a profound impact on what I’m doing and where I’m headed.

This person is not a coach, not a counselor, and not a therapist. But her insights, intuition, and understanding were exactly what I needed at the time. Funny, that she did to me what I do (in a similar way) to the consultants who depend on me for my expertise and insights.

If you don’t have such a person in your life… someone you can bounce ideas off of and that they will respond to in a non-judgemental, but helpful and understanding way, you’re missing something BIG! Find that person, that mentor, that person who can give you the direction you need at the time you need it. Make your life and business direction the result of a “partnership” with someone you can trust, and like Steve, and like me, your life will change, it will improve, it will have more meaning, and you will be much happier!

Martin Howey
Founder and CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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