“I Hit The 6-Figure Income Mark In Just 60 Days With The TopLine System!”

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Here’s an email and video from Jeremiah Cundiff a couple of months ago. Jeremiah completed his TopLine Business Solutions training on October 15th. He had to wrap up a couple of loose ends before hitting the consulting business full time, but he didn’t let that time go to waste.

Jeremiah followed what we teach to the letter. He personalized the book that I ghost-wrote for our consultants to use, changed the cover, added a few comments of his own, and had it printed. Then he had me interview him with the questions we provide, and he ended up with a great marketing tool that does all the selling for him.

He also personalized a few of the 18 Executive Summaries that he got in training, created a Competitive Intelligence Report, and put a “Shock and Awe” box together to present to his prospects. These are all things we teach in great detail, and make “cookie-cutter simple” in our consultant’s training workshops.

Once Jeremiah got his marketing pieces together and his other projects wrapped up, it took him right at 60 days to hit the 6-figure mark. Every time I talk to him, he is on another planet.

The key to success is not talking… it’s doing. Of course, you know this… I’m not telling you anything new. But it’s surprising how many people may have all the knowledge and all the neccessary tools to succeed, but fail to take that critical step of action.

Jeremiah is one of those who doesn’t try to figure out a better way, try to out-smart the system, or look for shortcuts. Why should he? The TopLine Business Solutions system has been proven over and over again by over 1,100 people in 36 countries around the world. If something works, and you pay money to learn it, why in the world would you try… or even think about trying… to change it? Makes no sense.

Jeremiah would be a perfect model for Nike. Ask him what his secret is, and he’ll quickly tell you… “Just Do It!” Funny thing… that’s the common secret behind all our successful consultants.

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  • Miguel says:

    Hi Martin. Thanks for sharing the video describing the work and results secured by Jeremiah.
    Love the quote: “The key to success is not talking… it’s doing.”

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