Jeremiah’s Deposit Slip… Half of His First Month’s Retainer Fee. Not a Bad Start!

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Yesterday, I shared a video from Jeremiah Cundiff that he sent to me at 4:21 in the morning, that explained how he landed a consulting deal with a client for a substantial


amount of money.

Later in the day, Jeremiah called me and asked if he could take me to lunch and discuss what had happened. We ended up spending a couple of hours together as he detailed the exact step-by-step process he went through to land this client, and even showed me the deposit slip from his Wells Fargo account for a deposit of $4,000 to pay for the last two weeks of this month.

Turns out that this client is paying Jeremiah $8,000 per month (that’s $96,000 annually), PLUS a percentage of the results Jeremiah produces for him… and the projections for that are HUGE. To top it off, Jeremiah also negotiated for the exclusive rights for this client’s business for the entire state of Utah. So Jeremiah has just “bought” an entire business opportunity in a very lucrative market for no out of pocket cost!

Towards the end of our discussion over lunch, I asked Jeremiah to sum up what he did so others could emulate his success.

Here’s what he said, ” It’s simple, Martin. I just followed your system. I did exactly what you taught us to do in training. Nothing more, nothing less… and it worked!”

Jeremiah’s story is not unusual. We hear similar things all the time. Right now, the market is absolutely RIPE and business owners are searching for what can give them a competitive edge. Many of them are not even thinking of growing… they just want to stop losing business and maintain what they have.

And the most common way they do that? They spend money that they don’t have on advertising that doesn’t work, and hope to bring in customers and clients that they don’t have relationships with or who don’t see any advantage in doing business with them.

That’s why TopLine Consultants are so effective… they have the answers these business owners are so desparately looking for. And when the proper presentation is made, the light goes on in the business owners’ minds, and enlisting the help of the consultant is a no-brainer.

This is an exciting time for our consultants who are using the systems and processes we teach. We’ll be opening registration for another training workshop shortly. More information will be coming shortly.

Martin Howey
Founder and CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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