Hotels’ Dirty Secrets

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If you do any traveling and stay in hotels for vacations, business, or personal romantic get-aways, here is something you will definitely want to know about no matter what hotel you stay in. 

Here are some things you can do to avoid sickness or bringing germs home with you…

  • Wipe down the germiest surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes: the TV remote, the telephone, the alarm clock, the ice bucket, the Bible, magazines, pens, shower curtains, bathroom faucets and door handles. Avoid touching the walls around light switches and thermostats.
  • Remove the bedspread and decorative pillows. White duvet covers are cleaned more often, but not necessarily after every guest. If there’s a fabric throw at the end of the bed, toss that too.
  • Don’t walk around the room barefoot. Pack socks or slippers, and wear plastic flip flops in the shower.
  • Pull up the sheets and check the mattress seams for signs of bed bugs (small dark stains, or the bugs themselves). You can also aim a blow dryer at one spot on the mattress for a couple of minutes, as heat will attract the little critters.
  • To keep bed bugs out of your suitcase, don’t put it on the floor, on upholstered furniture or on the bed. Put your suitcase on a luggage rack or on the desk. Keep your clothes off the floor.
  • Don’t cheap out. Experts say paying above $50 per night makes a difference in the cleanliness of the hotel room.
  • Most importantly, wash your hands. It’s your best defense against germs, which can’t make you sick unless they make contact with your mouth, eyes, or nose.

I’m not a germophobe, but I’d rather err on the safe side. Personally, I don’t trust the cleaning staff of the hotels or the cleanliness of the floors, the glasses, or anything else I may touch, including the bedspreads, decorator pillows, or even the padded chairs.

One of the benefits of being a self-employed consultant working from home with local clients is that most of your work can be done with clients in their own offices, stores, or places of business, or at your own home or office, thereby avoiding stays in hotels. I’ve spent my share of time on the road living in hotels and eating in restaurants, and believe me, the novelty wears off real quick.

As always, I’m interested in your comments. And… please let me know what I can do to help you get the success you want and deserve from your business!

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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