A BIG Idea Week

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Last week was one of the best weeks I’ve experienced in a long time. It started off with me attending Joe Polish and Dean Jackson’s “I Love Marketing” program in Phoenix. Joe has been a great friend and supporter of mine for many years, and I’ve followed Dean and his work for more than 15 years. Both of these guys are geniuses at what they do.

This “I Love Marketing” (www.ILoveMarketing.com – check these guys out… they have AWESOME marketing ideas) program focused on non-stop ideas to use before the sale, during the actual transaction, and after the sale has been consumated. I’ve go so many notes and ideas of real-world strategies that I’ll be sharing in the upcoming weeks and in more detail in our training workshops.

Dan Kennedy was an invited speaker, and I got to hear from him twice… once during Joe’s Platinum Club dinner, and the next day in his conference presentation. As usual, he did a superb job in both of his talks. Then Joe had two suprise guests… Eben Pagan and Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the wildly popular book, “Influence”.

Eben’s been a good friend, mentor, and confidant for several years, and it was good to speak to him and learn about his recent marriage. Both he and Dr. Cialdini gave some great information. Joe asked Cialdini what, of all the books he’s written, that he’d recommend to the audience. His response was his latest book, “Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.” I’ve had that book for over a year, and it’s my favorite of all his books.

The very next morning, I was on a plane to Los Angeles to speak at

Melanie Benson Strick’s “The Big Idea Incubator” program. (www.SuccessConnections.com) Melanie did a great job helping the attendees take their “big idea”… a product, a program, or a dream into the marketplace, or even launch a new company. So many people get overwhelmed in trying to get something out of their head and into the marketplace where it can not only provide value to the people who need it and can use it, but to get it monetized so it can reward them financially.

Melanie helped the attendees at this 3-day event do exactly that… get the idea broken down into bite size pieces and construct an actionable plan to make it work in the quickest way possible. I was on the panel with my good friend, Jim Palmer (www.NewsLetterGuru.tv), Fred Arnold, and Sandy Zuniga. We did “hot seats” for several of the attendees where we took their businesses apart and gave them ideas and insights on how they could solve their biggest challenges and get things rolling very quickly.

It didn’t hurt being at the Portifino Hotel with our meeting room overlooking the ocean and the marina. I’m working with my good friend, Lynn Rose to see if we can get a boat to have one of our trainings on. Lynn is an awesome speaker who teaches you how to let go of your inhibitions and become a “natural” speaker who comes from the heart with integrity and authenticity and not from some technical “how to speak” techniques that so many others teach. You can check her and her program out at: www.LynnRose.com. She’s awesome.

In the coming posts, I’ll be sharing more information from these events that can help you get up and running in your consulting practice very quickly.

Please Note: The website links I’ve provided are NOT affiliate links, and I have no financial interest in any product or service offered by these connections. I provide them only as a way for you to get to know these people.

As always, please let me know how I can help you or answer any questions you may have. And please leave your comments below.

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