How Is the Economy Affecting You?

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How is this crazy economy affecting you? Is your income up, or is it down over last year? How about your business or your job? Happy about what you’re doing? What about your outlook for the future? Is it positive? Are you putting enough away for your childrens’ eductions, your retirement, and unexpected and unforseen emergency expenses?

Most people see this economy as “bad”. They see mass layoffs; tight (or even no) credit; companies cutting back on their spending, reducing inventory and downsizing their overall operations; declining stock prices, and real estate values in the tank.

The Economy Isn’t the Same For Everyone

In the midst of all this there are very successful people and organizations that look at the same economy and are buying, investing, capitalizing on, and taking advantage of the doom and gloom and panic that the majority are seeing. In other words, two different groups of people are looking at the same economy but seeing two completely different opportunities.

The interesting thing is that “bad times” for some companies are really “good times” for others. And the worse the situation gets for the one group, the better it gets for the latter. One company, for instance, may be cutting back, laying off employees, and struggling to pay the bills, while another company that deals in refinancing, credit repair, business loans, or perhaps even bankruptcy will be adding new clients, hiring additional employees, and enjoying boom times.

Oftentimes, it’s not any fault of the business owner when things go upside down. Sometimes it happens when the government or large institutions make poor business decisions which causes a negative ripple effect for everyone downstream.

Other times it’s the business owner who may be very good at conducting “business as usual”, but are very poor at assessing the economy, analyzing the competition, understanding their market, and launching tailored marketing and business operation strategies to capitalize on those things. While they may have had the opportunity for massive success, they take no action and end up behind the eight ball while their competition beefs up their marketing plans and marches ahead in fast-forward mode.

And sometimes, very good, hard working and well meaning business owners just make stupid mistakes. They may continue trying to run their businesses the same way they did last year but because of the changes in the economy, increased competition, or a more discerning market, those things no longer work as they once did. Or they may try to copy what they read in a book, what they learned at a “generic” seminar, or perhaps what someone else is doing in their business, and it’s just not working for them.

How to Make More Money and Avoid Failure

Regardless what the situation is, there is room and opportunity for substantial profit growth in nearly every type of business. In fact, the market for consulting services has never been greater, more in demand, or more lucrative than it is right now. Many of our consultants are making more money with less effort than they’ve ever done. How are they doing it? By following a simple step-by-step plan that has been hammered out over more than 45 years and tested by over 1,100 consultants in more than three dozen countries.

To put it very simply, the system works. It’s no longer on trial. The real trial is whether or not someone will use the system as it has been designed. There are several reasons why some consultants aren’t as successful as others.,,

  • They fail to take action
  • They try to “outsmart” the system and think they can improve it
  • They listen to too many outside voices
  • They look for the next and newest “bright, shiny object”
  • They look at the “down” economy and think it affects everyone and that there is no market for their services

The bottom line is… if you want to be successful, if you want the results that others are getting, if you want your business to provide you the income freedom and time freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, and on the terms YOU dictate, then you need a proven plan… a plan that others have followed and have gotten, and that are currently producing for them the results that you want.

A Simple Formula That Guarantees Your Success

In simple terms, if you want to get a certain result, the easiest and most sure way to get that result is to find someone else who is getting that result and do exactly what they do. And if you can find several people who are getting that same result by following the same plan or system, so much the better. Your results are virtually guaranteed.

So what about you? Are you happy with the results you are getting from your consulting practice, your job, or career? If not, then maybe we should talk. Many of our consultants are on the 5 to 8 year retirement plan. That is, they’re marketing their services and positioning themselves to be able to retire in the next 5 to 8 years. That’s not to say that they will retire… but they’re getting themselves in the position to be able to do so if they choose.

How Long Do You Plan to Work?

What an awesome position to be in… to be able to decide whether or not you want to continue to work. Just having that option is something that is not available to 99 percent of the population. During my time in this business, I’ve been witness to several scenarios…

  • Some people continue working (either full time or part time) because they love it
  • Some continue working to help their children or grandchildren get a start
  • Some stop working and go on church missions
  • Some stop working and spend their time in community service or politics
  • Some retire to the mountains or the beach to spend their time relaxing, fishing, surfing, writing, etc.
  • Some start (or buy) another business to run because they’ve always want to do so

Whatever your situation is (or could be), it’s pretty nice to have a choice as to what you will do. The five or eight years is going to pass no matter what. At the end of those times, you’ll be five or eight years older. The question is, what will be your situation? When those years pass, you’ll look back on a decision you made those few years ago and either be grateful that you’re in a position to do what you want to do, or you’ll still be doing what you were doing then.

Progress towards your goals doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s not painful, and it’s certainly not something to stress or fret over… it all starts with a shift in your thinking. It’s a “mindset” thing. It’s how you look at things… how you perceive them. Once you’re clear on that, it’s like getting off a backwoods trail and onto a 70 mph freeway.

I’m Here to Help You Achieve the Success You Want and Deserve

It’s your choice. If you’re currently a TopLine consultant and aren’t getting the results you want, let’s connect. If you’re not currently a TopLine consultant and want more information on how our consultants are generating significant incomes as independent consultants, then again, we should connect.

As always, I’m happy to speak individually with you and help you get the results you want and that you deserve from your consulting practice or your career.

Here’s how to schedule a one-on-one personal call with me, click here.

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