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See the headline of this article? It’s real. That’s the exact headline that appeared in the Businesss Section of the Sacramento Bee this morning.

It’s a good article and is reflective of what is happening around the country in our difficult times.

It’s really sad to see these kinds of articles about people losing their businesses and having to sell everything to avoid bankruptcy. But it’s a reality of our times.

But one of the saddest things is that like the article says, some business owners are turning to business counselors in “last-ditch efforts to save struggling companies”, and that they can be helped “before they get to bankruptcy if they would just ask for help.”

And as unfortunate as these situations are, it can be boom times for TopLine Business Solutions consultants… especially if the consultant is visible in his or her market and is actively making him or herself available to business owners.

For perspective, Yuba City is a small town in California, about 30 miles north of Sacramento. The population in Yuba City is 36,758, and there are 4,018 businesses that employ 35,300 employees.

Not a big place, and not a lot of businesses.

But according the the article in the Bee, “as many as eight business owners walk through the door [of the Yuba Community College District Small Business Development Center] seeking help each month.”

Eight per month… not too alarming is it? Maybe not nationwide. But when you only have 4,018 businesses to begin with, it can be devastating to a community the size of Yuba City.

If you do a little math you’ll quickly see that a town or city several times larger than small Yuba City would be losing a significant number of businesses and a lot of lives woud be affected.

How is this situation being dealt with in Yuba City? SCORE is adding business owners to its ranks. And what are they advising these struggling businesses to do? According the paper, “Sell or liquidate their businesses or file for bankruptcy protection.”

Can you believe that?

Sell your business or file bankruptcy. Give up. Lose everything you have – everything you’ve worked for all your life. Give up your dignity, your self esteem, your honor and put your tail between your legs and go get a job somewhere.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes those things may be necessary. I understand. But they’re certainly not necessary in every case. And many of these situations could be headed off or avoided if good, solid, proactive business-building advice and counsel were given. Especially if it wasn’t at the last minute. If steps were taken BEFORE the crisis stage.

And that’s exactly what we teach our TopLine Consultants to do… get actively engaged in your marketplace. Establish yourself as the “Go-To” guy or gal… the ONE person who can do more to help your business than anyone or any other option or possibility you could consider.

You’ll learn how to take proactive steps to get your prospects coming to you seeking out your help… and get them to come BEFORE their business is beyond recovery. And when you do your analysis of their business and the potentials they have to not only turn it around, but to actually make it expode with newfound profits, and then present your findings to them, they’ll welcome you with open arms and pay you whatever you ask.

It really is that easy. And the times and the market have never been more ripe for what you offer.

Now I’m going to be as bold in what I’m about to say as I’ve ever been. I’m not trying to be mean or offensive. Not at all. I’m just telling it like it is…

If you’re currently working for someone else and letting them control your time and activities and dictate how much you’re worth, thinking that you have security where you are, you need to wake up.

Unless you’re in a VERY unusual position with your job or company… and I mean UNUSUAL… you’re gambling with your financial future and the security of your family.

The fact is, there is no security in a job or a company. We’ve seen it way too many times. Oldsmobile, one of the oldest and most established automakers folded it’s doors. Enron, WorldCom, TWA, Continental Airlines, and example after example of major, well-established employers are no longer with us – either out of business altogether or swallowed up by another entity.

The only security is within the individual… YOU.

The absolute truth is, the marketplace pays you in direct proportion to the value you bring to it. Bring a LOT of value, it pays you a LOT of money. Little value – little money.

Is Tiger Woods really worth the $80 million he made last year? He is if you consider that he made those who paid him that amount WAY more than that.

Without his endorsement those companies wouldn’t have made nearly the money they did, they wouldn’t have been able provide the number of jobs that they did (both for those who worked directly for them and those who worked for the companies they subcontracted work to), the families of those employees wouldn’t have enjoyed the lifestyles and the benefits that they had, and their wouldn’t have been near the money dumped back into the economy that there was.

Tiger was paid in direct proportion to the value he created for those who depended on him.

Now what about the guy on the street that pushes a shopping cart that contains his entire world; who picks up cans and takes them to the recycling center and who sleeps under a freeway bridge?

Just like Tiger Woods, that guy is getting compensated in direct proportion to the value he brings to the marketplace.

Unfortunate? Yes, it is. But it’s the way our society is set up. Now I will admit that in some cases we’re out of kilter.

School teachers are grossly underpaid when you consider their responsibility and the impact of what they do is on future leaders, fathers, mothers, and members of society. That’s unfortunate.

So is the amount of money certain Hollywood creatures make for nothing more than the attention that our sick society gives them and that will pay huge amounts of money just to keep up with. But again like Tiger Woods… they bring value by selling magazines, news stories, advertising on entertainment TV shows and the like.

Now how does all this relate to you?

Simple. You, right now – at this very minute are most likely being paid proportionately for the value you provide your employer. If you earn say, $100,000 a year, your employer is likely earning $200,000 a year from your efforts.

By the time he pays you your $100,000, then pays his share of your taxes, contribution to your 401k or other retirement plan, Social Security, and health plan, a pretty significant chunk is eaten up.

Then if you need an office, office furniture, computer, phone, cell phone, secretary, support, training and other job related expenses, another healthy sum is gone. Now he still needs to make a profit so he can continue running his company.

So in actuality you’re working for about 50% of (or at least a significant amound less than) the total value you create.

What if you went out on your own? Could you match what you’re making now? If you had the contacts your company had, you could conceivably make twice as much. Or you could work half as much and earn the same amount.

But what if you could find a way to work half as much and make 2, 3, 4 or more times as much, have all the job security you wanted and spend the time you have off with your spouse, children, grandchildren, church or community?

That’s exactly what the TopLine program is designed to help you create. And with the downturn in the economy things have never been better or more ready for your services.

Take a look at

Then call Chad at 480-969-1738. Let him help you determine if you and TopLine are a good match. Let him show you how you can bring value – REAL value to struggling businesses and help them not only survive, but really and truly thrive. And when they do, they’ll pay you handsomely.

Best of success…

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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