How Visable Are You?

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In a previous article I wrote about how two different groups of people can look at the same situation and both come away with different views. Some people look at the present economy and see depression, scarcity, and doom and gloom, while others see nothing but opportunity for growth, development, and profits. Same situation; different take-aways.

What makes the difference? Actually, it’s a combination of several factors…

  • Mindset – How you view a particular situation.
  • Attitude – How you act or react to that situation.
  • Your business (or job or career) – Whether it is viable or relevant in today’s marketplace.
  • Your market – Do people want or need what you have?
  • Your exposure – Do the  people who need or want what you have know about you and how to connect with you?

I often hear about how a business (or a person with an exceptional skill) is the “best kept secret” and if people only knew what they had to offer, they’d be rich. Having “Invisiblemanitus” or “Invisiblebusinessitis” is not a condition to be proud of, and it won’t make you any money.

The best (and frankly, the only) way to monetize a business or the skill or experience you have, is to get it “out there”… in front of your potential buyers or users. And the faster and bigger way you can do that, the faster you can begin putting money in your pocket, and the more money you can accumulate.

Visibility to your marketplace requires that you…

  • Identify who (exactly and precisely) who your ideal customers are
  • Determine where they would look for you if they were interested in what you have to offer
  • Determine where you would look for them if you wanted to contact them

Far too many business owners think that the world is their market and they try to be everything to everyone. They spend countless dollars trying to attract whomever may see and resonate with their marketing message. And when they don’t get the results they want (and oftentimes end up broke) they wonder what went wrong.

Similarly, when a person is trying to find a job, upgrade their current job, or perhaps change their career altogether, they use the same tactics. They send resumes to every job or career-providing website and to every business or potential employer they can think of. And the results they get? Very much the same as in the previous example.

Effectively marketing a business (or a career) takes more than just sending a promotion or a resume. There is a “science” to it… a step-by-step process, that if followed, will produce predictable and consistent results.

If, as a consultant you’re not getting the number of clients for your practice or your clients’ businesses that you would like, or someone who is looking for a job or career change and is not satisfied with your job search efforts, maybe you’re going about it the wrong way. Maybe you need a better system. Perhaps a more well thought-out plan about who your market is, what their pain-points are, what the biggest problems they’re having are, and where (or even if) they’re looking for solutions.

Figureing out those things, developing solutions for solving them, and then getting out of the invisible mode and in front of those who can benefit from what you have to offer, will get you all the business (or job offers) you can handle.

If you need help with any of these areas, or putting a workable plan together, please let me know. I want to help you succeed in this very lucrative business. Right now, right in your own geographical area there are business owners who not only need your services, but who are actually looking for them. And if you’re not visible there’s no way they can know about you, and both of you lose.

We get calls every week from business owners who want help with their businesses or from people interested in starting their own consulting practices. It’s always a pleasure referring those business owners to consultants in their areas. And it’s exciting to see so many people expressing interest in learning how they can profit by creating their own consulting practices and profiting from a market that has never been so hot as it is right now.

As always, I’m here to assist you in any way I can… whether you’re a current TopLine consultant, or if you’re considering getting into this incredible business. Please let me know what I can do for you.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Martin,

    I like this article. I am all set up in Panama, Condo, Telephone, Internet, Cable and food. Ah Ah
    I am learning the language but I need to generate $$$$ so I will have to follow your advice and get more exposure.

    Take care my friend and God Bless.

    André (your Panama favorite French man)

  • Dean says:

    Great Article Martin – always enjoy reading your insights.
    Have a great day!!!

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