“How ONE Simple ‘Cut and Paste’ Idea Landed Me Two Paying Clients in My First 30 Days as a TopLine Business Development Consultant”

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I just received the following email regarding one of my previous blog posts, from someone who follows me and my online writings. He raises some good points and concerns that others have expressed, so I thought I’d respond to them publicly. Here’s what he wrote:  


I eagerly await and read every email/article from you and once again  not only do I not regret taking the time allotted for this task, I found it very succinctly expressed and particularly elucidating this time.  (wow what $5 words are these, I usually don’t talk like this).  Your bringing together the wisdom of Disney, Nightingale, et al. is like nothing I have read before, (apart from some bit and pieces you wrote about before). You put into words my misgivings regarding “The Secret” and the song is priceless.

Anyway, I am in the middle of your book Achieving Breakthrough Business Success, and I said to myself, if I can turn my business around, I’ll sell it and take up your line of work, with your help, of course.  My fear is that I will be like the guy who, once he detailed his car to get it ready for selling, doesn’t want to sell it anymore, and I will want to keep my business afterwards.  Why, because I have been in this business since 1993 and like you, I love what I do and it will likely be the more comfortable thing to do.  At 59, is it too late to change horses in midstream?

Well, I’ll worry about that when it happens.

Take care.


(Name withheld)

Interesting, huh? I hear these kinds of things quite often… people attending our consultant’s training workshops and applying what they learned to their own businesses with the idea of building it up and selling it, and then when they see how much easier the business is running and how much more money they’re making from it, decide to keep it and not go into the consulting business. Nothing wrong with that.

We also see people attending our training to learn how to be a “consultant” for their own business… never wanting to consult for others at all. They just want to know how to increase their business on their own without having to pay a consultant. Nothing wrong with that either.

But this person’s last sentence in the last full paragraph is one I hear a lot… “At 59, is it too late to change horses in midstream?”

My answer? “Man, I hope not. At 59, you’re still young and have lots to give and lots to live for. Personally, I’m considerably older than that and I just endured a 5 1/2 year battle with Stage IV cancer where the doctors originally gave me 6 to 12 months to live. I had daily chemotherapy and radiation treatments, six surgical procedures, and spent three weeks in the hospital, and I feel younger and more full of energy than I ever have. 

I’m back at the gym lifting weights and doing cardio five days a week, and I’ll get back into training for triathlons in another two weeks. I have no thoughts at all of retiring. So 59 years old is, in my view, just a kid, and there’s no reason why that should stop anyone. Life is what you make it. Here’s an interview I had with one of our consultants. Take a look and see what he was able to do. Pretty impressive!

 An exclusive interview with Bill Froehlich…

Bill Froehlich

“How ONE Simple ‘Cut and Paste’ Idea Landed Me Two Paying Clients in My First 30 Days as a TopLine Business Development Consultant… and I’ve got a couple more ready to meet with me next week!”

Bill Froehlich is an amazing guy! As he was reading “Gravitational Marketing,” a book written by Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller, and Joel Bauer, he came across this quote…

“Martin Howey, a man we like to call a friend, is a genius. He is responsible for helping thousands of people realize the full potential of their skills and talents by becoming business consultants. His consultants help small business owners take their companies to the next level and create uncommon success. He is the trainer’s trainer. His wisdom and experience is unparalleled. Martin is the author of several books including “How to Start, Run, and Profit from Your Own 7-Figure Consulting Practice.”

Bill was intrigued with what he read, so he looked my name up online, saw the TopLine program, and we had a conversation… several conversations, actually. Bill was quite skeptical about starting something new, and his wife was even more skeptical. I assured him that I would be with him every step of the way and do everything in my power to not only see that he succeeds, but that he does so massively. So Bill took the next step, signed up for our course, and we got to work.

One day, after we completed his training, Bill called me and expressed his concern that he might have made the wrong decision… that perhaps this was not the business for him… a 59 year old truck driver with no business experience. So we talked about what he did, where he was, and what he wanted to accomplish, and after a good discussion he decided to stick with it, let me help him, and follow the system that we have so carefully put together and that has worked so well for so many others.

Then one day I got a call from Bill… just a week after our discussion. Bill had landed two clients, has another one to meet with the next week, and has introductions to two more within another week.

How’d he do it? He did EXACTLY what I told him to do… and it worked.

Hey, no surprises here for me. I knew it would work. After all, I’ve done it for nearly 6,000 consultants in 56 different countries, so why wouldn’t it work for Bill, too? On the flip side (and this is verifiable), the ONLY reason someone won’t make it with the TopLine system is if they don’t follow the system.

Why Some People Can’t Make it Work

The simply truth is that if you have a system that has been proven to work time and time again for people around the world, and in every different type of economy, and you try to reinvent the system, work the system half-heartedly, or if you do nothing at all, of course it won’t work. (I probably didn’t have to write that… it just makes sense, right?)

It should be obvious, yet some people just don’t get it. I mean, they spend their hard-earned money for a proven system, attend all the trainings, take advantage of all the support that’s offered, and then try to re-write or reinvent the system or do their own thing and not follow the steps that have worked so well for others.

So back to Bill. Bill put his head down, didn’t question the system, and followed the steps we outlined for him. Then in very short order, he found himself well on his way to creating a very nice business for himself. He even recovered his entire investment in the TopLine system in his first 30 days. (Try that with a Starbuck’s, Subway, McDonald’s (or any other franchise!)

Now, if a 59 year old former truck driver with no business experience whatsoever, can make this thing work, and do it so quickly, there’s no reason why anyone else can’t make it work for them. This isn’t taking anything away from Bill… he’s a great guy and I have the utmost respect for him. My point is, Bill had no previous consulting experience and came from a completely unrelated – maybe even “foreign” background.

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Right now… right in these tough economic times, the consultants who are following the steps on the Blueprint and in our proprietary and systematic consulting process are busier and are making more money than ever before.

Why? Because businesses all over are struggling and don’t know where to turn. And when the right person comes along with the right answers at the right time… answers that can rescue a business and keep it afloat and even cause it to prosper despite all that’s going on around it, the owners of those businesses will get in line to speak to that consultant and even throw money at them to get the consultant’s attention.

So what about you? How are you doing? Are you satisfied with your results? If you keep doing what you’ve been doing for another 5 to 8 years will you meet your financial goals? If you have children, will you be able to send them to college or provide a higher education for them? How about your ability to retire when you want to and with the finances to live the kind of retirement life you want, will you be able to do that?

If you’re not where you want to be financially; if you’re spending too much time away from home, either at work or in your commute back and forth to work; if you’re tired of working for someone else making them successful and enabling them to live their dreams on the back of your effort and not getting paid what you’re worth, and you want to make a change, then make the commitment right now to make the changes that will turn those things around for you.

Life is simply too short, and when time passes, you can’t recover it, and you can’t go back and change things that have already happened. This is not a dress rehearsal… it’s the real thing. And the responsibility for the way your life turns out and your journey along the way lies squarely on your shoulders.

With so many of our consultants doing so well… especially in this economy… if you’re not where you want to be and are not asking for help, then you’re not in control… and that’s a painful place to be and there’s a price to be paid… a BIG price.

On the other hand, if you’re serious about changing where you are, and creating a business that can give you the money freedom and the time freedom that will enable you to create the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family, I’ve said over and over again – and I mean it – we stand ready to help you in any way we possibly can.

What was Bill’s “secret?” He used one of our most powerful marketing tools… a “Cut and Paste” system that anyone can follow. But enough from me. Let me turn the time over to Bill himself and let him tell you what he did in his own words. He’s a lot more interesting than I am! Just click the play button and you can eavesdrop.

Bill’s success can be your success. I’ve seen it happen over and over, time and time again… for people who I’m sure have much less experience, less knowledge, and in many cases not near the natural ability that you have.

So let’s make it happen for you, too. Click here and schedule a time on my personal calendar so I can help you move closer to your financial goals. I REALLY am interested in your success and would like to help you.

Martin Howey
CEO and Founder
TopLine Business Solutions

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