Was the Dali Lama Really Wrong?

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The other day I was watching, with interest, a video by a colleague who teaches people how to get more clients for their business. They had attended a seminar where the Dali Lama was one of the presenters.

This marketer, whom I both respect and admire, quoted the Dali Lama as saying, “The western woman will save the world.” Then the marketer said that she thought that the Dali Lama was “off” in his comment, and said that she thought he should have said, “The western entrepreneurial woman will save the world”… that it was women in business who would turn things around.

Understanding that that marketer’s main market… the people she sells to… are mostly women entrepreneurs, it makes sense that she might think that way. There’s a good argument for positioning yourself to be in alignment with a “higher” or established authority. I have no problem with that.

What I do have a problem with, however, is what so many people do… and what this marketer did… insert her personal opinion into what that “authority” said and then make it appear that her new statement is the “gospel truth.” Personally, when it comes to marketing and business advice, I believe that personal opinion should be kept to oneself, and not mistaken with fact. And there is no evidence or factual basis that it’s “entrepreneurial women,” or as the Dali Lama said “women” in general, who will “save the world.”

I have absolutely nothing against women being in business. Many of them contribute much value to business and society in general. In fact, TopLine Business Solutions has several women consultants who do very well… and I’m very proud of them. That’s not the point.

Another, contradictory point can be made to what the marketer said and that would support the Dali Lama’s statement, perhaps even more accurately. And that is, that women (moms) have a greater influence on young children than dads do. In the “traditional” family, moms spend more time with their children (getting them up, fed, and off to school in the mornings; being there when they come home, helping with homework, etc.) while the (again, “traditional”) dad goes off to work during the day.

Of course, we all know that what we refer to as the “traditional” family is not necessarily the norm any longer, but the fact is, that moms… both stay at home moms, and working moms… have a great influence on their children, and if those children are taught correct principles (about life, relationships, community involvement, etc.) either through specific teachings or example, the Dali Lama is right… “women”… not just entrepreneurial women can have a major impact on the world.

I believe, and this is my personal opinion (I’m violating my own principle here), that it is wrong to hijack what a perceived authority said, then insert one’s personal opinion into their statement to make it fit your needs. If there was incontrovertible evidence or proof that it was, indeed, “entrepreneurial” women who would “save the world,” that’s one thing. But to change what someone said to benefit your position is, (again, in my opinion) not the right thing to do.

Let me again state that I have nothing against working women (or moms). Many of them bring much value to the marketplace and to society. And many of them do a good job of raising their children while being involved in the working world. But I also know several working women (marketers included) who have full-time (or nearly full-time) nannys who pretty much take care of the kids so mom can go off to work and “save the world.”

Raising and positively influencing children so they can be well-adjusted and valuable, contributing members of society is not an easy thing to do… it’s serious business. Just look around and see how many maladjusted young people are walking around looking for a handout or a place to plug their umbilical cords into to receive what they think they’re “entitled” too. The Occupy Wall Street movement is just one example.

Giving business advice should be based on fact… not on someone’s personal opinion. If we as consultants do anything less than provide time-tested, in-the-trenches proven strategies and systems to our clients, we are doing them a disservice no matter what our intent is. To maintain your credibility, you have to deal in truths, which oftentimes, differs from opinions.

The TopLine program has been tested over nearly 46 years on hundreds of people in more than three dozen countries. It’s stood the test of time. It produces measurable, quantifiable, and predictable results, and can generate some very significant incomes for those who use the program as outlined.

If there is anything I can do to help you move forward in your business and achieve even better results than you’re now getting, please let me know. I’m very interested in your success!

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • John Mogannam says:

    If she quoted him or used his name in any way, the right thing would be to quote it as he said it. THEN she could put her twist on it. That would be the correct way. Anything less would be wrong and miss quoted, a lie to support one’s cause.
    With that said, if she just used his words in and put her twist on it, did not use him as who quoted, she’s good.
    I would have quoted him verbatim and then said this is my twist on it. That way, you get the best of the Dali Lama and how you implement it.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Perfect. Absolutely perfect, John. I agree with you and appreciate your comments. Best to stay up front with things as quoted.


  • Maurisa says:

    As a woman who is on that ‘business consultants’ email list I have to say that I am happy that some one with a real result driven business system has the guts to say that this is not how true marketing is done. I am new to this world of marketing, but with my studies I know that the comments made from that ‘business consultant’ can be very misleading to the average person. I understand borrowed credibility, however in this case it used in a poor manner. I saw this launch about a week ago and thought that I was the only one that saw what this ‘consultant’ was doing. It is wonderful to see that you have your eyes in the market to see what consumers are being exposed to. Thank you Martin for saying something that needed to be said and showing how marketing can be manipulated with word play. I hope this consultant knows that she lost a person on her list because of her marketing style to get attention by misusing marketing strategies.

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