Martin Howey and Steve Clauson with Matty Goodman from Applebee’s Restaurant

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After picking up consultant Steve Clauson from the airport last week we stopped by Applebee’s Restaurant on 44th St. and Thomas Road in Phoenix for lunch before spending the afternoon together for our advanced strategy session.

We didn’t expect much; after all, it was Applebee’s. A nice place to go for lunch with good service, but not a restaurant known for exceptional service. Our waiter came to our table and said, “Hi, my name is Matty, what are your names?”, and then he wrote them down. That caught both Steve and me off guard, so after telling him who we were, I asked Matty why he requested our names; it was the first time either Steve or I had ever had a waiter ask for that information.

Matty went on to explain why he did that, and gave us some great insights into how he gets bigger tips than most other wait-persons, and how he gets people to come back and request him to be their server.

Well, after placing our order, Steve and I got thinking about what we could do for Matty. So when he came back, we gave him some additional ideas about how customers think and what he could do to offer even more or better service to increase his tips and repeat customers.

We referred him to Robert Cialdini’s great book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” for even more ideas.

It’s interesting how many ideas are floating around that are ready to be captured and implemented in almost any kind of business, but go unnoticed and unsused because so often we aren’t aware of them.

Steve and I asked Matty if it would be okay if we did a quick, very impromptu video interview of him so he could show it to others that he knows, or that he could put on a website or burn to a DVD to let others know what he does. In addition, we wanted to be able to show our readers how easy it is to capture quick video clips of exceptional service so you can use them on your websites as examples, or in your marketing efforts.

So take a look. Then see what you can do to use this idea in your own business. And of course, please let me know what you are doing so we can share it with others.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Bob Dyer says:

    Thanks for sharing that Martin and Steve (and Matty)-great content, creativity and good promotion.
    If that got You-Tube pull you would do better than Applebee’s 2 for 20 maybe.

  • Martin Howey says:

    Thanks Bob. I did load that video to YouTube and to Vimeo. I have no idea what that will do for Applebees, or if they will even notice it on their own. Have you been following what we’ve been doing with sponsorships? This is the first step in that process. First you provide some small value. Then you find ways to do more. Then once you are establised as a value-provider, and are generating some exposure and maybe some business or interest for them, you are in a position to approach them about a possible sponsorship.

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