Do What Geoff Ronning from Did, and Create Goodwill, Raving Fans, and Appreciation from Your Customers

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Something very unusual happened to me this afternoon. I say “unusual” because quite frankly, I have never had this kind of experience when I’ve purchased a product over the Internet, and very seldom have had it happen when I’ve purchased any kind of a product.

Last week I ran across a website,, that several of my friends and colleagues are using to play automated webinars as part of their marketing and customer service support. People such as Frank Kern, Tom Antion, Nick Nanton, and Ben Cummings highly endorse Geoff Ronnning’s

I watched the video on Geoff’s site and was impressed enough that his program could help me in my business, that I made the investment and purchased this program. A couple of days later, what I referred to above as “unusual” happened, and I wasn’t prepared for it.

See the letter on the right? This is what I received from Geoff just a couple of days after I purchased his program. What’s unusual about this, is that it came to me in the mail; not an e-mail, but delivered to me via postal mail. That would be unusual in itself, because it’s the first time I have ever received a postal mail thank you letter from any purchase I have made over the Internet.

In fact, it’s one of the few postal mail thank you’s I have ever received no matter how large, how small, or the method by which I made the purchase. But that’s not the only thing that makes this unusual.

Read the letter carefully and you’ll notice that the letter is written from Geoff, himself… there is no mention of his company anywhere in the letter. In fact, Geoff mentions his wife, Wendy (in a very loving way), his son, and what he was doing (most likely at home)… what’s most important, spending time with his son.

I’m aware that Geoff’sletter is most likely a form letter and is probably programmed into Geoff’s system and is sent out automatically when someone makes a purchase from him. But that’s not the point. The point is, I got an actual letter delivered by the postman directly to my mailbox from a purchase I made over the Internet. And that’s what makes it so unusual.

In the last seven days I’ve spent $997 with a well known Internet marketer for two of his older programs that deal with influencing “masses” and “crowds” and that he bundled together and is offering as a package. I spent $1,997 with another marketer for a program dealing with videos and mobile marketing. I spent $1,087 for one program, $157 for another, and $97 for yet another program with a well-known woman marketer. And just the other day I spent $3,000 with someone to do some virtual assistance work for me. That’s a total of $7,335 in just one week. The amount that I have spent in the last month is considerably more, and what I have spent so far this year is off the charts.

What do all of these people that I have invested my money with have in common?

None of them, not one… have expressed any type of thank you for my investment with them. Not a postal letter, not an e-mail note, not a text message, not even a phone call.

Is this unusual? Not in today’s society it isn’t. In fact, it’s commonplace and even “the accepted way to do things”. The reality is, it’s downright rude to treat customers who spend their hard-earned money with you the way these marketers have done to me (and I’m sure to everyone else who has done business with them).

So why do I buy from them? It’s simple. I make the kinds of investments that I do because I’m always looking for the ONE big idea, the ONE strategic concept, the ONE nugget that I can tweak or modify that can make my business more effective and more profitable, and that I can pass on to our consultants to make their practices more effective and profitable, and that they can pass on to their clients to do the same for them.

All it takes is one good idea, and the return can repay your investment many times over. If I just get one idea from all of the products I have just purchased in the last week that can help me get just one new customer, or make just one of my existing clients more profitable, the investment will be well worth it. If I can use just one idea that I get from all of that information to help make just one of my consultants more money, the goodwill that it will create for me, not to mention what it will create for the consultant, will be worth every penny that I spent.

So here’s my question for you. What are you doing to show genuine appreciation to the people who spend their money with you for the products and/or services that you provide them? Do you have a systematic way to let them know of your appreciation? If not, what could you do to put a system like that into play? It really doesn’t take much, Geoff did it very effectively. And what impressed me most about the way, Geoff did it, was that it came to me in the postal mail just a couple of days after my purchase, and was sent from him personally with no mention of his business name.

Read over Geoff’s letter very carefully, and see what you can extract from what he did, then create a plan or a system for implementing something similar in your business. And if you’re a consultant, take a good look at your clients businesses and see if you can implement something similar in their business so their customers feel appreciated when they make any kind of expenditure with them.

I’m very interested in your comments and what you are doing that is working, and what you’ll do as a result of reading this article. Please let me know. I would like to pass any successes you have on to others so they might be able to benefit from the things you’re doing.

And as always, please let me know what I can do to help you move closer to the accomplishment of your goals.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Ben Zagorski says:

    There is no doubt that our clients should know that they are appreciated. Clients investing hard earned dollars with us should never be taken lightly. I love your never ending thurst for self improvement and uncovering the small details that make make a huge impact. Ben Zagorski

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks Ben. It’s such a sad thing that more businesses don’t express their appreciation for their clients and customers and the money they spend with them. It’s no longer enough to just have a better product or service than your competitors, those things can easily be copied, duplicated, or even improved and many times offered for less money than you’re currently charging. In order to have a sustainable business for the long haul, you have to develop a base of raving fans who not only recognize the quality and value of what you offer, but also know that you value them as a customer and a person. One of the best things that can come out of an experience of poor service, thanks, and follow-up, is the example of what NOT to do.

  • Becky Auer says:

    Oh so true Martin! Thanks for sharing this. The little things make the biggest difference! We all know this but only 1% actually use it in their business. A great reminder.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks Becky. For sure, you’re one who does recognize this… and if anyone wants to learn more about how to get and keep customers or clients, and maximize the revenue, profit, and referral potential their customers are capable of, they should definitely get in touch with you. You are a model that any business can pattern their operations after and realize an upsurge in earnings and success. I’m so glad our paths have crossed. What an example you are to me and to all our consultants! Thanks for sharing your comments.

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