Jeff Walker’s 3-Day PLF Live Seminar… A Remarkable Experience For Learning, Growth, And Incredible Business Connections

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I’ve been a friend and client of Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula (PLF), for more than half a dozen years. I’ve attended every one of his events, purchased every new release of PLF, and spoke at his Product Launch Managers $25k per person workshop.

Every time I attend one of Jeff’s events I come away with considerably more than I expected. Here’s why…

I’ve used the Product Launch Formula system to market the products, services and workshops of my own businesses on a number of occasions, and I’ve introduced it to our TopLine Business Consultants. I know how the system works for my own businesses, how it can work for consultants to market their services to their prospective clients, and how their clients can use it to promote the products and services they sell to their customers.

Jeff Walker and
Martin Howey

I learned a long time ago that there’s no way I can know everything about anything. So I continually return to the source of what I’m using to get a refresher. That’s why I continue to return to Jeff’s events… so I can get the latest updates and make sure what I’m doing is working at optimal performance and efficiency levels.

But that’s not the only reason I attend. There’s just as much learning and a host of business opportunities that happen before each day’s sessions, at the breaks and lunch, and after hours. This is a perfect time to network with the other attendees, renew friendships with colleagues you haven’t seen for awhile, and meet new people that can open up entirely new opportunities that you never knew existed previously.

Here’s a couple of examples of what I experienced.

First of all, I got to talk to Jeff, and share an idea with him that could mean some additional business for his PLF coaches, as well as some added benefits for the attendees that were stranded at the hotel for a couple of additional days because the couldn’t get home due to the storm on the East Coast.

I got to renew my relationship with Jeff’s brother, Jon and his wife Diane, and their staff. These folks are like family to me. They were there for me and supported me while I was fighting a life and death battle with cancer, and I will forever be grateful for their love, kindness, friendship, and support.

Martin Howey and
Ray Edwards

Then I got to sit with my good friend and master copywriter, Ray Edwards, through the entire event, just as we did last year. We had lunch together every day, and dinner one night, and those were some of the most productive moments of the entire event. To be able to learn something from what was said from the stage, formulate my thoughts on how I would implement it, then bounce my ideas off someone else and get their input… well, you just can’t put a price on how valuable that is. Ray was a gem of a person to do that with, and his wisdom and counsel were of more benefit to me than I can explain.

Stu McLaren and
Martin Howey
Larry Loik and
Martin Howey

One of our lunches included Stu McLaren and Larry Loik, two unbelievable marketers and business people. The non-stop ideas that came out of that 90 minutes were nothing less than incredible. As soon as one person said something brilliant, someone else chimed in and plussed the idea. Then that led to another thought and the conversation was off to another topic with a complete strategy outlined as to how to implement it.

Can you imagine how a two or three day mastermind with people brighter than you are, or who at least have another viewpoint or idea about how something might work, could take your business to an entirely new level? Mastermind groups produce some of the greatest breakthroughs for businesses that the owners of those businesses have never thought of themselves, and can often result in an upsurge in new profits within days or weeks of the meeting. That’s exactly what this “mini mastermind” did for us.

Don Crowther and
Martin Howey
Lisa Sasevich and
Martin Howey

How else can you learn from attending seminars? Well, the speakers at the events often provide additional ideas or strategies, or perhaps a new or different look at something you’re already doing. Jeff always brings the best presenters to his events. This time, in addition to Ray Edwards, he had Social Media expert, Don Crowther, and Speak To Sell creator, Lisa Sasevich on stage to present their ideas, thoughts, and take-home-and-implement-today strategies.

To say that they knocked the crowd out would be an understatement. They literally blew the attendees away with real, practical, and more importantly, readily implementable information, strategies, and ideas that everyone in the room could benefit from.

Meeting new people is another great benefit of attending (or re-attending) events. And Jeff’s PLF Live was no exception. I met a ton of new people whom I didn’t know previously. Some didn’t know me, and others knew of me from other events, what other presenters said about me, or from my online presence.

Victoria Labalme and
Martin Howey

One of the most notable people I met was Victoria Labalme ( This lady is incredible. An NSA CPAE and Speakers Hall of Fame member, she absolutely ROCKS! We got to spend a lot of time together at the event, and then I spent a couple of more hours with her a couple of days later while she was waiting for the storm to clear so she could get a flight to get back home to New York.

It was so refreshing to be able to exchange ideas with someone so accomplished and at the top of her game. She is so energetic and enthusiastic, so full of life, and has a totally awesome and brilliant mind. But even with all of her incredible accomplishments, she is humble, knows how to listen and how to express herself effectively to get her thoughts and ideas across with clarity so they’re easy to understand.

So why was she at this event? Because Victoria, like so many people who are already at the top of their game, realizes that school is never out for the pro. She knows that if you’re going to stay on top, that you have to keep investing in your self and your learning. Victoria is someone you will be hearing a lot about soon, and someone you should get to know.

Well, this post is considerably longer than I set out to write. But I wanted to point out how incredibly beneficial attending live events and getting involved in mastermind or brainstorming groups can be, and encourage you to start attending them if you are not already doing so. I’m constantly learning, and still have a couple more events to attend before the year is over. If you happen to be at an event and see me, please come over and introduce yourself… I’m always interested in seeing old friends and meeting new people. You never know where or who your next breakthrough idea will come from.

As always, please let me know how you’re doing… I’m very interested in your success!

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Angel says:

    I agree 100% with your last paragraph Martin. Your Topline consultant training was the first event I ever attended and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was a life changing event for me and you definitley bring together some very accomplished and inspirational people. It was great!

    I hope to be able to get out to more events next year. Maybe I’ll see you around.

    Take care Martin.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks very much, Angel. So nice to have you onboard. I’ll be in L.A. for an event the first part of next month. Maybe we’ll hook up somewhere along the way. Hope you’re doing okay. Give your wife and those precious kids a hug for me!

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