Millard Grubb Ripped Me Off… He Copied My “Martin Howey Consulting” Website Word For Word!

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I’m writing this blog post with mixed emotions.

Initially, I feel almost apologetic for what I’m writing. This is not my normal style. It’s not what I do. And I feel somewhat bad about taking this approach. I wish there were an easier way to approach this subject.

On the other hand, I’m very upset with what I’ve been alerted to… not by a single person, a couple of people, or even my inadvertent stumbling across this information. The fact is, some of my consultants first brought this to my attention and I chose to brush it off and not pay any mind to it. But when a potential consulting client… someone who was considering hiring me to work with their company questioned me and wondered who to believe… that’s when it got more serious.

I have several websites that promote my services… some for people who want to become marketing and business development consultants, and others that promote my personal or my company’s consulting services to business owners.

One of my websites is Someone named, Millard Grubb, liked the copy I had on that website so much that he copied it word for word and used it on his website at… without permission, without changing the words, and without even trying to make it any different than what I had on my site or by making it personal to him.

Normally, I would have contacted the person who did what Millard did and asked him to take down the copied information or at least change it. But not this time. Yes, I did consider it, but the problem is it’s already caused a potential client to question my integrity, character, honesty, and quite possibly a loss of business and income. And if it’s caused one potential client that kind ofconfusion and a loss of opportunity and income for me, there’s no way of telling how many others it’s affected in like manner.

After consulting with a number of my colleagues, peers, and legal advisers, the path I’ve chosen to take is to make it as public as possible that Millard Grubb has blatantly ripped me off by copying the body copy I have on that website and trying to pass it off as his own. By making this as visible and public as possible, hopefully, those companies who are considering doing business with me and happen to run across Millard’s copycat website will get the facts and see him as he is.

Now a few additional items that helped me in this decision:

Millard has followed me and my TopLine Business Solutions systems and promotions for years. We’ve had several telephone sessions and I’ve given him a lot of free advice to help him get some clients because he was struggling and wasn’t having much success on his own. He even purchased two of my books and got some ideas from them that helped him. Millard’s goal was to generate enough money to be able to come through the TopLine training (which he never did, despite all the help and information I gave him). As a thank you, Millard sent me the following testimonial:


Thank you very much. I two[sic] of your books from and found out the answer why things were so tough from time to time in my consulting work.

I had learned from Peter Sun and a couple of other consultants to get my money up-front for an analysis fee and then work on contingency. I made some sales but it was always tougher than I had liked. But, one thing about me, I’m persistent.

After reading your book on consulting, I see where I missed it.

You gave me a REAL KEY that will build my business fast and I am sure will allow me to take your course in the future.

As I see it, when you do a questionnaire both you and the prospective client can readily see the weak areas, PLUS you have knowledge of the business that the prospect doesn’t want to fall into the hands of competitors. This gives the consultant FAR MORE POWER to close the deal than I ever realized. That has been where I have been missing it!!!

I see TWO new clients this week as a result of this…. THANK YOU!!!

I also see that I would be better off using your system and paying the price than leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

I can SEE, really SEE at least a $200,000 dollar year for me.


Thanks for putting the materials out.

Millard Grubb

After I received the call from the potential client who was questioning who copied who’s website, I did a little searching on Google, and ran across this post:


As you can see, Millard has a problem, not only with me and my material, but with others. This seems to be a pattern with him.

As I mentioned at the outset, I feel somewhat (not entirely, just somewhat) bad in posting this information. And what I’ve written is not meant to be vindictive or to destroy Millard’s name or reputation. Millard’s already done that to himself. I’m simply pointing out the facts as they are, and calling Millard out for using my website copy and (it appears) other proprietary information to convince clients that he is someone he is not, and for the damage he is and has caused me, my reputation, my credibility and the good name I’ve spend nearly 47 years in business creating. It’s not right…

…And it burns me up!

So, Millard Grubb… I’m calling you out and not asking, but demanding that you remove the copy from your website and stop using any and all material or information that you have obtained from me at once.

In the meantime, let it be a matter of public record that in light of my discoveries, that I consider Millard Grubb to be an underhanded thief who has a flawed moral compass, who lacks character, dignity, and integrity and thinks there is nothing wrong with compromising another person’s reputation or standing, and who will stoop at the lowest levels possible to take for himself business, clients and income that should rightfully belong to another.

Let the market beware… in my opinion, and based on the information that is public and that I have at hand… Millard Grubb is not a person to be trusted, believed, or to do business with. That said, the facts are before you and you’ll have to come to your own conclusion.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Go after him Martin. There are too many crooks out there &they need to pay the consequences!

  • Steve Tyra says:

    He is just mad because of his name! MIllard Grubb! What a jerk! Let’s re-name him MIllard “Plagiarism” Grubb….

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thank you, Steve, for your comment. Trying to take more of a “high road” and say the first thing that came to my mind (which I’ll admit wasn’t very kind) I sat on this for several days before posting my comments. As I mentioned, I was not happy with what Millard chose to do and the damage (or potential damage) it could cause. My main goal was to try and not stoop to his level, rather to point out to him and anyone else who may be affected by him, what he has done, get him to admit that his actions were not right, and make it clear to any potential clients who may be considering doing business with me that I did not copy him or use his copy in any unauthorized manner. I hope it came across that way.

  • Excellent post Martin and while I understand your reservations about making a post of this nature, blatant acts of theft such as this SHOULD be highlighted in an open forum.

    I think it’s more than a little ironic that a ‘so called’ Business Consultant, (who is financially unable to attend your moderately priced course), lacks the skills necessary to build his own business without resorting to underhand tactics, yet has managed to convince himself that he is sufficiently well equipped to help other businesses grow.

    In reality, anybody working with a Consultant with so little moral fibre, are very unlikely to see any real growth, and it doesn’t take long for their true colours to come shining through.

    It will be interesting to see whether the copy is removed,… without legal intervention at least.

    Kind Regards,


    • Martin Howey says:

      Thank you Pete. I’m not really a vindictive or destructive person. I’d rather try and find something good about every person and every situation. I’ll admit that it’s sometimes quite difficult, but there is nothing of value to be gained in slamming another person, no matter what they’ve done. In Millard’s case, there was absolutely no attempt to change, modify, or alter my copy in any way.

      And as I mentioned, I probably would have handled it differently if I hadn’t been contacted by a potential client who was considering using my services. That’s what set me off. Take my copy, use it, get a couple of clients… generally not a big deal. At least, not unless it starts to interfere with income that could and should rightfully be mine. Now you’re messing with my ability to feed my family, provide for my eventual retirement, help my kids and grandkids get their educations… and it’s a whole new ballgame. Then all the stops come out.

      What Millard doesn’t fully realize is that the Internet, as large as it is, is really in many cases, a small community that communicates with each other. How difficult is it to create your own copy based on what YOU do (or can do)? If I did it with my limited skills, certainly Millard could do it… or he could outsource it to someone who could do it for him. And it would probably be much better than what I wrote.

      So… thank you again, Pete. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.


  • Ray Edwards says:

    Martin, this is so shocking I don’t know what to say. I hope you get it resolved quickly.

    You are one class act.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Well, Ray, what can I say. I really struggled with what to say and how to say it. I didn’t want to respond publicly, and would rather have kept it between Millard and me. But when I got the call from a potential client (read: income source) who questioned my integrity and character (he didn’t accuse, he just asked), and then I found some other things on the Internet that weren’t right, I knew I had to take some kind of action.

      So I contacted a few of my marketing friends and got their input. I began my blog post and the video itself, with sort of an apology, indicating that I was struggling with how to respond. I still feel that way. But I also realized that someone had to let not only Millard know that what he did was wrong, but let others who may have been affected by him in a similar way know that they weren’t the only ones.

      Then there is the matter of the clients who might not choose to do business with me because Millard created confusion in their minds as to who the real author of the content was. And of course, there are my consultants and potential consultants who might wonder if the information I was providing them was of my own creation or if I had ripped it from some other source.

      So in my mind, there were very few options to consider. And I tried as tenderly and gently as I could under the circumstances to refrain from negativity. I just hope I succeeded while making my point.

      Your comments, Ray, are always so much appreciated. Thank you very much.


  • Phil Brakefield says:


    My attorney and my tax guy always bust me because I tend to be more like you in terms of coming to the fork in the road and choosing HIGH or LOW. I’m not always successful in taking HIGH, but I find that when I do, somehow or another the truth always bubbles up from the bottom of the swamp du jour and not only am I vindicated, but end up enjoying some new business as well. Of course, that is not to say I don’t feel like I am dining on razor blades while awaiting for that process to play itself out.

    Soooo, I say to you, not because I am a card-carrying child of the 60’s, but simply in reference to your response to Mr. Grubb…get HIGH and stay HIGH.

    Phil B

    • Martin Howey says:

      I know what you mean, Phil… I’m way too easy going for my own good at times, and it’s hurt me financially much more than I’d like to admit. This is one of those times that it just got to me. I’ve helped Millard out on many occasions with ideas and conversations, and this is the thanks I got. Well, enough is enough. I tried to be as gentle as I could, but still make a strong point. I was thinking maybe I was a little too harsh on him, but from the comments on this site and on Facebook, it appears that I have every right to go after him with both feet and fangs hanging out. But, alas, that’s just not my style. Not, at least, unless he fails to face up to what he’s done and admits and apologies publicly, and then removes the copy from his site.

  • Larry Pacheco Jr says:

    I know this made you mad Martin. You give the benefit of the doubt to everyone and extend solutions rather than threats. But this guys had it coming. I am glad you called him out. He thought he was crossing you but didn’t realize how far you reach with all of your supporters, fans, friends and clients. Merry Christmas to you and your family Martin.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thank you, Larry. I appreciate your kind words and support. There is absolutely no gain to be had in being dishonest, plagiarizing, or pretending to be someone you’re not. Somehow, some way, some time it will come back to bite you. Merry Christmas to you and your family, as well, Larry!

  • Mark A. Larsen says:


    I suggest that you also take some basic legal action against him, Send a DMCA Takedown Notice to his hosting provider. His website should be shut down permanently.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. That is a move that I’m considering, but I want to give him a chance to respond and admit his wrong doing publicly. This will take a certain amount of humility, courage, and crow-eating, and will be a test to see what he is made of. If this doesn’t happen, I will move in that direction.

  • Martin,

    This guy is in my opinion both weak and stupid. With this thing called the internet he will be discovered by many who choose to use his services to be a fraud and an imposter. If Millard cannot create a web site and web content how on earth will he ever mentor a business development consultant. Good luck Millard, you will need it. Possibly the best thing for Millard to do now is write a check to Martin Howey and then actually learn from him like the rest of us have. This job is tough on the best of of us and we don’t need anyone taking advantage of possible associates. Martin, for the benefit of the thousands of businesses the rest of us help as a result of your mentoring don’t let anyone like Millard dissuade you. Lots of people directly benefit because you work with us to help them.

    Thank you for that!

    Dr. Steven Clauson

    • Martin Howey says:

      I think you know me well enough, Steve, to not be dissuaded by this. Mad? Yeah, a little I guess. Upset? Probably a little more. But really, I’m more disappointed than anything. Millard has reached out to me on several occasions for help getting started as a consultant. He’s always been “on the edge” just waiting for a prospect to convert into a paying client, and he’s needed just one more idea.

      In every case whenever he’s called or emailed, I’ve dropped everything and taken his call and offered help, support, ideas, and concepts that he could run right out and implement. In fact, you saw it in the testimonial he sent me and that I included in the blog post and the video.

      I’ve been very blessed in my life and have had some very good success. Much of it came as a result of working with some very good mentors… learning from them and then actually going out and putting what I learned into action. But what disappoints me is that Millard has not only not implemented what I’ve told him to do, but he thought it okay to rip me off word for word. That’s kind of like biting the hand that feeds you. It reminds me of Aesop’s Fable about the Scorpion and the Frog.

      My mentors… the people I’ve learned from over the years have helped me out many times. Especially when I was getting started and needed some direction. They gave me some of their time… that irreplaceable bit of their life that can never be duplicated, replaced or recovered. And they imparted some of the knowledge, wisdom, and information that they gained through years of trial and error, and trial and success effort.

      That’s exactly what I gave to Millard. And the best thanks he could have given me was to use that time, knowledge and information to create some successes… successes as determined by the value he provided other business owners that made their businesses more profitable and the lives for them and their families easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. Instead, what he did was just the opposite.

      So, more than mad, I am sad, disappointed and ashamed of someone I’ve invested so much in and expected so much from.


  • Martin,

    I’m going to scold you a bit… don’t you DARE feel bad about posting this! You are one of the most generous individuals I have ever followed. You GIVE away more information than anyone could ever expect and then this bum goes and completely copies your site? He’s a complete idiot without an ounce of character. Don’t justify his actions with any bit of hesitation in pointing out exactly who the type of person he is.


    • Martin Howey says:

      Hey, Sean. Thanks for the scolding… and the very nice comments. I really appreciate them. It looks like Millard has taken his site down. Something I guess I would have expected, but not in the way I would think he could have benefited or somewhat redeemed himself from.

      There was no admission of wrongdoing, no acceptance of responsibility, and no apology or explanation of what he did, how it happened, or sign of remorse. Yes, he sank himself by what he did, but rather than try and explain it – however feeble that might have been – so he could try and salvage his reputation, he chose to run away from it.

      Now his name and whatever reputation he has (or had), and any legacy he is trying to develop remains tarnished. It would have been a simple matter to pick up the phone and call me, apologize, take the site down, and see what he could do to somehow make things right. If he would have just shown some sort of remorse and attempt to make things right, I would have bent over backwards to help him get his business going (if that’s what he needed or wanted), help him get some clients, and then post another message and video on my website, on Facebook, and out to my list… but this time it would be more positive and done in such a way that would elevate him to all who took potshots at, and condemned him.

      So, his actions… his initial action in creating the website in the first place, and then the way he handled things when he was found out… pretty clearly demonstrate the level of his character. Personally, I feel bad for Millard and hope he can move forward in a more positive and successful way from here.

      Thanks again, Sean… I appreciate your taking the time to express your feelings and offer your support!


  • Colin Taylor says:


    This pisses me off. I’m sure you’re more upset and I don’t want to add any fuel, but man. Truly sorry to hear about this Martin.

    I hope this guy does the right thing, takes it down immediately and addresses you with a personal if not also a public apology.

    Keep shining Martin and thank you for all you do!!

    • Martin Howey says:

      Hi Colin… Millard did take the site down, but so far has not contacted me, offered any apology, admitted any wrongdoing, or accepted any responsibility. I feel bad for him, and hopefully, he has learned a lesson that will enable him to find a level of success that has heretofore eluded him.

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to comment and offer your support. I hope all is well with you and your family!


  • Matt Connelly says:

    Martin, this is why you probably want to join a monitoring service like so you can find repurposed content of yours for several reasons and immediately file DMCA requests to get it shut down. A lot of site scrapers will scrape your content to republish it, put advertising around it and hope to make a few pennies. This causes duplicate content issues in Google also, another side effect to this plagarism. Also you should block site scrapers in your robots.txt file and also on the server level through .htaccess.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Hi Matt… I ran a couple of my other websites through and found some other copy that someone has decided is theirs and not mine. I will be dealing with that today.

      Millard did remove the site, but hasn’t contacted me to explain, apologize, accept responsibility, or admit any wrongdoing. So sad. I hope he can learn something from this experience.

      I hope all is well with you and that you’re getting ready for a good Christmas and holidays. I miss talking with you… let’s catch up sometime soon.


  • Glen Larson says:

    Good on ya. Sadly, it reminds me of a good talk. Those that would most benefit from the talk, aren’t in the room. Worse yet, the only people that win with lawyers are the lawyers. I agree, go to the internet providers and see if they can shut him down. Good luck with this.


    • Martin Howey says:

      Hey Glen. Thanks for responding. Millard did close down his site. That’s nice of him, but it doesn’t address his thinking or his actions in doing it in the first place, or any damages or loss of reputation or income it may have cost me. Not a very classy way to address something he so blatantly did.

      But… thank you for your response. I appreciate your interest and concern.


  • Scott says:


    Well I just want to thank you for all of the time and words of wisdom you’ve shared with me, even though I’ve never been to your full training, either! You rock, man!

    Here’s a DCMA Takedown service should you choose to take that route:

    Best to you as always!

    Scott Krech

    • Martin Howey says:

      Scott… thanks for your comments and the recommendation. Millard has already taken down the site so I won’t need to be using that service. But I do appreciate it and will keep it in my files in case I need it in the future.

      I’ve been watching some of the things you’re doing… looks like you’re having some good success. Congratulations!


      • Scott says:


        Thank you very much, we’re having fun!

        I would also consider contacting the owner of the Warrior Forum, not that you sell there, but to get Millard shut out/ banned. Reason being, is that he also put a LOT of your stuff in his WSO’s as his own, stuff that you wrote for TopLine and Quantum as well. Email me if you want/ need contact details.


        • Martin Howey says:

          Thank you, Scott. I’ve found several other places where Millard has been posting my information and changing the copyright from my name to his. Very upsetting. I would love to learn more and who to contact at Warrior Forum. This pirate needs to be stopped and possibly prosecuted. I’m looking into that now.


  • Stephen Grant says:

    Hello Martin,

    You have always demonstrated the “best” in business, honesty, integrity, professionalism,and credibility as a result of the knowledge and experience you possess from the many years you have been a consultant. You have always been exceptionally supportive and helpful to your bonafide students/consultants so although I can appreciate how difficult this was for you, you must continue to pursue this person with everything you have until you shut him down and receive a formal apology.

    As you said, this went way over the line. I know that if this was professional competition, you would have no issue. However, this is out and out copywrite theft and is threatening your reputation and livelihood. I am very pleased that you are firing back!!!!

    To your success with this matter.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Wow! You’ve spent some time on your comments, Stephen. Thank you! I really appreciate your nice words!

      It’s always been my goal to deliver as much “original” value as possible. I put “original” in quotes, because there is only so much that is actually original anymore. Because of that, as well as a number of other factors such as “laziness”, some people are tempted to take what they think looks or sounds good from one source and, thinking they’ll never get caught, pass it off as their own. It’s much easier to just copy something than it is to think it up on your own, or to try and put thoughts into words that not only make sense, but that are interesting enough to capture attention, hold the readers’ interest, generate a desire to want to know more, and then compelling enough to cause them to take action.

      But the real truth is, while that might be the easiest route to take in the beginning, after some practice and a lot of “trial and error” and a little (sometimes, very little) “trial and success”, getting good at writing good copy gets easier. It doesn’t matter if that copy is produced as words in a book, a report, and article, an email, or on a website… the process is basically the same.

      With the number of copywriting courses on the market – as well as what’s available on the Internet (for free) – there is not much of an excuse for not learning the fundamentals of getting some good copy written, and not having to resort to plagiarism of someone else’s materials.

      Millard has now taken his site down. That’s good. But what’s sad, is that he hasn’t bothered to contact me to apologize, admit any wrongdoing, take responsibility, or try to make any kind of amends or salvage his name or reputation. And that makes me sad… for him.

      If he would have just shown a little remorse and humility, I would have done whatever I could to help him in his business as well as notify everyone on my list, on my website, and on Facebook what we were doing, and try and drive some business his way. But the fact that he stole from me in the first place, and then secondly, silently took the site down and ran from me, shows his true character. It’s a real shame.

      So, back to you, Stephen… Thank you once again for taking the time from your busy schedule and your life to add your comments and support. It’s very much appreciated!


  • Imran Patel says:

    This is quit socking…., there’s no need to say that the information is your’s if it is stolen…absolutely unethical…, if i share anything with my clients or friends , i make sure that i give proper credit to the person whose brain child is that information.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Your are right, Imran. It’s so easy to do things above board, and if you’re not creative enough to develop something on your own, at least ask permission to use something, then give the person credit. It’s the best way to not only keep out of trouble, but to keep you integrity intact.

      Thanks for your post.


  • Millard Grubb says:

    I cannot explain why I set up my website the way I did other than to save time and effort and to change the numbers to reflect what I did in business. However, that is no excuse. I am truly sorry for the grief and anguish caused by my stupidity.

    This has been a good slap in the face for me.

    Nothing like this will ever happen again in my life… I truly regret it.

    Millard Grubb

    • Martin Howey says:

      Yes, Millard, you do deserve a “good slap in the face.” But even more, you deserve to be prosecuted. You say that you cannot explain why you set up your website the way you did. Well of course you can. Don’t try to hide behind some phony excuse of saving time and effort. That has nothing to do with it.

      Admit it, Millard… just come out and admit that you have been stealing information, copy, and other people’s proprietary and protected information and trying to pass it off as your own for years. It’s a pattern with you. It’s a sickness. And you deserve to be publicly taken to task, severely humiliated, criminally prosecuted, banned from membership in any forum or community, and driven completely out of business.

      There are numerous instances of where you have posted my information on the Internet and exchanged my “Published by” name and address with your own. What’s that about, Millard? Is that also a mistake or an effort to save time and money? Or is that you are just a dishonest, underhanded, sleazy operator who will stop at nothing to compromise someone else’s good name, put their reputation into question, and steal money from their family, all for the purpose of pocketing a few dollars and trying to portray yourself as someone or something that you’re not?

      Your last line, “Nothing like this will ever happen again in my life… I truly regret it.” That has me wondering, Millard, exactly what you mean. Do you mean that you truly regret what you have done? Or, do you regret that nothing like this will ever happen again in your life because you’ve been found out and you can’t get away with it again?

      Your simple and very weak “apology” doesn’t seem much like true repentance, show very much remorse, or any attempt to make amends, let alone to try and salvage what you can of your name and reputation. But, perhaps it’s too late for that. The marketing and magic communities are on to you now, and you’re probably doing the right thing by taking down your website, your Facebook page, and disconnecting your phone number. Maybe you should get on the Witness Protection Program and go into complete hiding.

      You’re a shameful human being, Millard. Shameful!

      Martin Howey

  • Dr Bruce Rae says:

    Dear Martin
    I had a similar experience just over 6 months ago.
    In June 2011, Hitesh Juneja built a squeeze page for me together with an e-mail swipe. He also delivered 10000 visitors to this squeeze page for me and I started building a list of subscribers.
    You can imagine my surprise when I received my own swipe e-mail that took me to an exact copy of my squeeze page! Then I received another surprise – I have a tracker on everyone of my pages so that I can monitor traffic to the various squeeze pages and websites that I own. The squeeze page that Hitesh had built for me was receiving huge traffic – not from me. I followed the links and discovered where the traffic was originating…. an exact copy of my page. When the perpetrator had lifted my page he did not even bother to check the code, or he would have seen my tracking code, Google Analytics code and other things that were peculiar to me only!
    I then discovered that there were other people also using my page.
    Although it took a few weeks, I was able to get the perpetrators to remove the pages from their sites.
    The downside has been that because these pages had been used by several of the bigger list-builders, my CTR and traffic has taken a real nose-dive. There is nothing I can do about that now.
    Really irritating.
    So I can identify somewhat with your experience.
    The threat I made was to expose them on the Skype chat rooms – I had made videos detailing their espionage and theft. It surprised me at the reaction of some of my colleagues – it was almost as if they didn’t want to get involved. Why – I have to ask…..?
    Dr Bruce Rae CChem FRSC

    • Martin Howey says:

      What a shame, Bruce… a shame for the person who knocked you off and stole your traffic, and a shame for your colleagues not rallying behind you to not only block this guy from doing what he was doing, but to dissuade anyone else from even thinking about doing something similar.

      My feeling is that if someone is so callous, crooked, and underhanded to think nothing of stealing someone’s copyright-protected, proprietary information and selling it as their own, ripping off their website with an exact copy page-for-page, and claiming someone’s clients as their own so they can generate income for themselves… knowing full well that they are doing something wrong and even criminal… that the gloves must come off and all stops removed to get them to stop and to expose them for what they’re doing and for who they are.

      In the case of Millard Grubb, I feel no sympathy for him. He has done wrong, has admitted it, even offered his version of an “apology.” Then just two weeks later, he was caught doing the same thing with a promotion on CraigsList. So how sorry can I feel for him? Yes, his family may suffer because I’m making it difficult for him to market himself online, and he will likely incur some pretty heavy legal fees, but he’s brought it on himself… and continues to bring on more wrath because he won’t stop, even after he’s been caught.

      In your case, I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced something similar, and I hope you are beginning to recover. You mentioned that your CTR and traffic has taken a real nose dive. That may be the case, and it’s a shame that it’s happened to you. But who else has this guy done this to? How many more? And is he continuing to do it to others?

      You’ve been burned by him. My question to you is, what are you doing to ensure that he doesn’t do it to someone else? Personally, I feel an obligation to my colleagues, my consultants, and their potential clients to make sure Millard is not only stopped, but that he has NO credibility, integrity or character in the marketplace. The fact is, Millard has done it to numerous people in several markets, and it’s cost a lot of us a lot of money. I only wish someone would have pointed out what he was doing to me and others several years ago.

      Some may question why I’m spending so much time and effort on this, but I feel it’s my obligation to do so. Millard must be stopped; the guy who ripped you off must be stopped; and everyone else who is doing this type of thing – or even considering doing it – must either suffer the consequences, or know what those consequences will be if they engage in this kind of activity.

      Thanks very much for sharing your story. Hopefully, others can read and benefit from the unfortunate experience you have gone through!

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