Millard Grubb Strikes Again… Blatantly Plagurizes and Sells Proprietary, Copyrighted Products and Information Belonging to Martin Howey and Others

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A week or so ago, I posted an article about how Millard Grubb had, without authorization or permission, copied one of my websites word for word and published it as his own. I mentioned how Millard, several years ago, had contacted me looking for help to get his business running so he could earn enough money to attend our consultants training (which he never did). I worked with Millard and actually gave him more help and support than I’ve given to some of our consultants… who have all paid considerable sums for my systems, products and training.

From that posting, I received a number of calls and emails from friends as well as people I didn’t know, who told me of similar situations and experiences they’ve had with Millard, and they encouraged me to take whatever action I could to get him banned from various forums, including Warrior Forum and others. Several sent me links to some of my proprietary and copyrighted information and products that Millard was selling as his own, and said I should prosecute him, and offered their help and assistance.

Initially, I felt bad about putting Millard’s name out publicly in a negative light. But when I discovered what Millard was doing to me and several others in representing our systems and products as his own, selling them for pennies on the dollar and therefore devaluing them and discrediting our good names and reputations, and then pocketing the money for himself, I knew I had to take some action.

I am not normally a vindictive person. I’m really pretty easy going and laid back and don’t let a lot of things bother me. But what Millard did was intentional, blatant, and criminal… and he needs to be stopped, and others who have been or could be affected by him need to be warned.

In the Internet Marketing world, this kind of activity is becoming more and more common. Honest, hard-working people spend considerable time, effort and expense to create legitimate products, programs and information that they can sell to provide an income and lifestyle for themselves and their families. Then someone who is less than honest comes along and – looking for a shortcut – thinks it’s okay to copy that information and pass it off as their own. And in the process, they rob the creator of the information of their good names and reputations and the money that rightfully belongs to them.

This has to stop!

I am currently compiling information and data for the formal prosecution of Mr. Grubb for intentional criminal activity and misrepresentation, and I am publicly asking for anyone who has been ripped off by Millard Grubb, or who may have products or information about products that he has sold or offered in any forum, posting, website, or by other means, to contact me with the links, copies or evidence of such data.

I will consider forgoing said action if Millard Grubb will write an apology admitting that what he did was wrong and that he will never do it again, get the writing notarized and then record a video apology and post it on YouTube, the Warrior Forum, and send me a copy of the video and written apology so I can post them on my blog.

This is not a threat to Mr. Grubb, nor is it a hollow statement. I am taking his intentional, unauthorized and  fraudulent activities against me and others and our good names and livelihoods very serious and will not stop until he complies or his case is heard by legal authorities.

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  • Dean says:

    Martin is THE BEST! Martin brother, I am sooo sorry this happened to you as well. You are one of the most kind and generous people on the planet. I have seen you serve others with out even a thought of gain for yourself… but THIS is too much!

    We are pursuing action as well as he ripped off (not just copied, but sold my original content and products!) – – Sad… Sad… Sad… what’s worse, like you I help him for YEARS. I ‘though’ we were friends and Christian brothers… or at-least that what he told me, but yet he refuses to communicate with his old friends. Actions speaks louder than words I guess! I guess NOW we have some ACTIONS to take as well. A sad day for sure!

    Let me know how I can SERVE YOU Brother!

    Love you my friend,
    ~ Dean

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks, Dean. So sorry that you’re going through this as well. You are very respected in the magic community, have been around way too long for this kind of thing to happen, and deliver far more value than most others. It’s a real shame that someone like Millard has to be so short sighted that he has to steal from you (or anyone else).

      In the world of magic, we use the term “steal” quite often. But it has a much different meaning than what Millard has done to you, me, and a bunch of others.

      Keep me posted as to what’s happening on your end and I will do the same.

      Your friend…


  • Scott says:

    Wow Martin,

    You go killa! haha


    Call me if you need anything, I got yo back! 🙂


  • Scott says:

    Just for the record…I mean THAT [Call me if you need anything, I got yo back! 🙂 ] for YOU Martin!


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