G.S.D.F. – Get Stuff Done Fast… What I Learned From Sitting Next to Ray Edwards at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Bootcamp

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Not long ago I attended James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker Bootcamp. This is not the first time I attended this program. Yes, I’d heard the information before… at least, most of it. As always, James introduced some new material to keep things fresh and relevant to how the market constantly changes, as well as give previous attendees another reason to come back year after year.

Always On The Lookout…

Whenever I attend any kind of event I’m constantly on the lookout for new information, or to be reminded of something I might have forgotten over time… information that I can use in my own business or that I can share with our TopLine consultants to help them and their clients achieve greater success.

James Malinchak Photo

One specific thing that I learned from James’ event that made a HUGE impression on me was not something that James said (although I did take away some ideas from him), but what the guy next to me did as a result of what James said.

One of the great blessings I have received in living on this planet at this particular time in history is the opportunity to meet, associate with and call “friend”, Ray Edwards. Ray and I met a number of years ago and we’ve kept in semi-close contact during that time. In the past few months, Ray and I happened to be at two of the same seminars and  we sat next to each other at each one. Little did I know what a blessing that would turn out to be.

The first seminar was Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula event. Don Crowther was one of the presenters and he challenged the audience to turn to one of the people sitting next to them and make a commitment that they would get something done within a certain period of time. Since Ray and I were sitting side by side, we made very specific commitments to each other about something we were going to do. I didn’t think too much about it, and consequentially, didn’t take it too seriously at the time.

Quick and Decisive Action Produces Results

But two days later, Ray sent me a text message and said he had accomplished what he told me he was going to do. That caught me by surprise because I still hadn’t done anything. Now in order to avoid looking foolish I had to get on the ball and do some catch-up work.

Blue Wrist Band

Fast forward a couple of months, and Ray and I were once again sitting next to each other at James Malinchak’s Big Money Speaker event. James had a blue wrist band placed on the table where every attendee would be sitting. The band was imprinted with James’ website address and a message that read, “Get Stuff Done Fast.” This saying is one that James repeats over and over during his presentation, and is a hallmark quote that he uses to encourage fast action; a partially finished product waiting to be perfected before it is introduced to the market can’t benefit anyone.

From the stage, James told the attendees to unwrap the band and put it on their wrists to remind them to “get stuff done fast”… to take fast action and not to delay getting their ideas, products or services started, completed, and introduced to their intended audience.

A Tale of Two Men: One Takes Action (and gets results), the Other Doesn’t

Well, Ray put his band on and looked at me and smiled. Me? I left my band in the wrapper, unopened. The next morning before the seminar started, Ray sent me a text message and told me he had written a book overnight!

Ray at James Event

Overnight?? How could Ray have done that? I know what it takes to write a book; I’ve authored or co-authored 28 books myself… but I’ve never written one overnight. So now I’m intrigued (to say the least) about what he did and how he did it!

Fortunately, I know Ray very well and he revealed his “secret” to me. And the next day, James asked Ray and me to join him on the stage and talk to the group about some of the things we do in our business. And of course, Ray – being the generous person that he is – told the audience exactly what he did to crank that book out overnight.

Click here to watch Ray’s excellent presentation.

So what can we all learn from what James said from the stage, what Ray actually did, and the blue G.S.D.F. wrist band? Actually, a few things…

  • If you have something (a product, service, information, expertise or knowledge) that can bring real-world value to another business, person or family, you have a moral obligation to make sure they have all the information that they need to decide whether or not they want to avail themselves of it or not. I don’t mean you should “sell”, coerce or pressure them in any way, just make sure that they can make an educated, knowledgeable and informed decision that is right for them and their specific circumstances.
  • Action is important, but quick, positive and decisive action is critical. A partially completed product sitting on your desk, your computer’s hard drive, or still in your mind can’t benefit anyone, and you and your intended recipient lose out on the benefits that could otherwise be yours.
  • If you have to, use self-imposed deadlines, completion dates and motivational reminders (such as wrist bands) to keep you on track and to ensure that you complete your tasks.
  • Make verbal commitments to others regarding your project and its completion and ask them to check in with you from time to time to see how you’re progressing. Ask them to demand accountability reports to keep you from coming up with “reasons” or excuses for not being focused on your project’s completion.
  • Constantly be on an “Idea Alert”, always looking for new ways to add value to those who do business with you or with whom you associate with or have business or personal relationships with.
  • If you’ve made a commitment to another person to have a specific job, task or project completed by a certain time, make sure you stay on track and keep them informed as to your progress. Don’t wait for others to check in on you; beat them to the punch and surprise them with an update on your progress.

So what about you? What are you doing to make sure that others who could benefit from what you do, what you know, or how you can serve them are able to take advantage of what you have to offer? I’m very interested in ideas, processes or strategies that you have or that you use, as well as what you would like more information on. Please share your ideas and feedback. I promise I’ll answer every comment or question, and all of us will benefit.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

6 Comments for this entry

  • Richard says:

    I always enjoy your energy ! Boy, you sure have the fire in you. You are doing exactly what you were put here to do, and I’m sure its catching. I dont think 28 books is enough for you ! You will share more to everyone excited to read about your adventures. I hope this new year energizes your love of life even more, achieving all the goals you set in your sights. I know you will “get things done fast”, its in your nature. !

    • Martin Howey says:

      Hey Richard…

      Thanks. I’ve been pretty active for a LOT of years, and the 28 books are just a drop in the bucket. I have multiple audio, video, and home study courses that I’ve created over the years for myself, my consultants and my corporate clients. It keeps me pretty busy… and it’s something that I love doing.

      Thanks for your comments… very much appreciated!


  • Ray Edwards says:


    Thank you for the kind things you said about me in this article.

    More important than that, though, are the important things you said that will help your readers create more value, and in turn create more wealth.

    I am constantly amazed by your ability to distill complex ideas into simple strategies. Not only that, you have a keen ability to put these concepts and principles into language that makes them accessible and useful to other people.

    Your six principles, which you enumerate at the end of your article, could serve as a fine blueprint for making 2013 a banner year for each of us!

    Thank you again,


    • Martin Howey says:

      Hello, Ray…

      Thanks for the nice words and acknowledgements… very much appreciated.

      I can’t express strongly enough how much you inspire me and how much your friendship means to me. Just sitting next to you at those two events showed me how taking action on a simple statement or concept uttered by a presenter from the stage can produce some pretty amazing results.

      Even though I’ve been around this business for so long and I realize the value of what is said at the seminars I attend, just like so many others I oftentimes fail to take action on those words… and (this should come as no surprise)… I get the same results. But sitting next to you and watching what you did (at both seminars) was one of those “Duhhh” moments.

      What was I possibly thinking? Here we had some presenters who were giving us their best stuff… stuff that not only made complete sense, but stuff that everyone in the room could actually see that if applied, would produce a positive result. And foolish me, I, in effect, said, “That sounds good. I hope others see the value of it and take action. I’m going to file this in the back of my mind and maybe someday I’ll do something with it.”

      But what you did, Ray, was effectively hit me between the eyes with a metaphorical two-by-four. I sat right there next to you, watched what you did, thought it was a good idea, took no action myself, then got your texts a few hours later with your results. You would have thought that after the first experience (at Jeff’s seminar) that I would have caught on and would jump on the next suggestion (at James’ seminar), and not be caught in this situation again.

      So again, thanks for your great action-taking example and this opportunity for me to grow and to let others who do the same things that I do (or that I didn’t do), know that if we expect results from the time, money and effort we spend on learning experiences (attending live events, listening to audio recordings, watching video presentations, one-on-one mentoring, etc.), that we must do something with what we’ve experienced… we must take some type of positive action. If we don’t, why bother?

      The lesson you live – and not just talk about, Ray, is why you have so many faithful and loyal followers… and why I’m high on that list!


  • Stu McLaren says:

    Great stuff Martin – it was awesome seeing you in Phoenix as well.

    (and yes, I’m always learning from Ray as well!)

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks, Stu… So good seeing you, as well. And we still need to do an interview when you get some time. We missed that opportunity and I know that what you can share with our clients will be of immense value.

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