How Do You Express Appreciation? The Way James Malinchak Did It Blew Me Away!

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So I was sitting in my office chatting on the phone with one of our TopLine consultants, helping her solve a marketing problem that one of her clients was dealing with when I heard someone come in the front office. A minute or so later, Dawn came in with a package delivered by FedEx that came from my friend, James Malinchak.

I had no idea why he sent me the package, but I immediately tore into it and discovered that it contained several of the books he had written along with a personal note expressing his appreciation to me for being his friend. It was late in the day, so I thought I’d write him a thank you note the next day when I got back in the office and had some time.

But the next day, before I could write my note Dawn came in with the mail, and there were two packages from James. Now I had a problem. Even though I had no idea what was in those packages, I just knew that a simple thank-you note wouldn’t be enough. James is not only a great friend who cares about me… and all his clients, for that matter, he understands how to express his appreciation and does so with abundance. So naturally, I felt I had to do something in return. It’s called the Law of Reciprocity in action. But what could I do? I guess I could send him some of the books I’ve written. But that would be kind of copycat, and only James would know about it.

I thought about how I could get more mileage out of a “thanks”… something that would let James know how I felt and at the same time let others know what a class act he is, and perhaps teach a principle that they could use or that they could model in their own businesses.

So I had Cheryl use my iPhone and shoot a quick video of me explaining what was in the first package that I had already opened, and then continue the video as I opened the other two packages and describe what was in them. Next, I transferred the videos to my computer and did some simple editing before uploading them to my blog, YouTube, and Vimeo, and introducing them to the world.

So what about you? How does this apply to what you do… either personally or professionally? What can you learn from what I did, and how can you “plus it” or add to it and then utilize the concept to not only express thanks, but to promote a person or cause, and teach a principle?

As always, I’m very interested in your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and other creative ideas you may have on how to express your thanks.

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  • Martin,

    You are definitely right about James, he always over delivers! After helping out at the boot camp, he was very generous in his thanks in person! Then, I returned home to find a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers awaiting me for another thank you and expression of his gratitude! Very pleasant surprise indeed! Hehe! He would have likely sent me his books again, however, I have received multiple copies over the years as a client and a friend!

    Certainly after meeting you, I, too, cannot express my gratitude for knowing you! Your very demeanor is so pleasant to be around and your business savvy is quite remarkable! So, I am not surprised at James gratitude for your attendance at his boot camp, and I am not surprised that you are equally grateful to have been there to share with all of us!


    Andrea Adams-Miller

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks Andrea…

      What a pleasure to be interviewed by you at the event. You are a real pleasure and joy to be around, and to watch the way you jumped in and helped out at James’ program was quite inspiring.

      James is a unique person and goes out of his way to make people feel good about themselves, welcome at his events, and appreciated for the things they do for him, no matter how small or “trivial” they might seem. I just got off the phone with one of our good, mutual friends, and he also received some special gifts from James… so it’s not just you and me that James thinks about and rewards. When word gets around behind the scenes (as it’s doing here), that he (or anyone else who shows unexpected appreciation) doesn’t play favorites and shows others that he cares about them, it goes viral very fast.

      You’re a real gem, Andrea, and it’s such a pleasure to be one of your colleagues… and more importantly… a friend!

      Thanks for connecting and your comments… very much appreciated!


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