Day 2 At Kevin Nations’ Big Money From Small Events… A Very Important Take-Away That Will Change The Way I Do Business

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Well, it’s Day Two at the Kevin Nations “Big Money From Small Events” seminar in Las Vegas. Again, we covered a LOT of material… good ideas, concepts and strategies that can make a huge difference in the way any business operates.

I’ve known Kevin for more years than I can remember, and every time we’ve talked over that time, I’ve come away with an idea or two that I could find a way to incorporate into my business and make it operate better, smoother, more effectively or more profitably.

Today’s session in this three-day event was no different. One of the biggest take-aways I got was a simple question that Kevin posed. He asked, “What are the names of the people you’re going to let down while you’re trying to  get  your act together?”

The idea was, that if we have a product or service that can benefit others and we don’t get it out into the marketplace and in front of them so they can at least have the option of taking advantage of it, that we are depriving (even cheating) them of the benefits and advantages that they could otherwise have.

Kevin then posed the question another way, this time in the form of a scenario. He said, “Suppose you were to knock on the doors of your prospective customers (the ones who could benefit from the product you sell or the service you provide) and apologetically said, ‘I’m sorry, you aren’t going to be able [insert your benefit here] (example: quit the job you dislike so much, be able to send your kids to the schools that you would like to, fund their advanced educations, have the money to take care of your aged parents, or fund your retirement program) because I didn’t get my product into the marketplace because I couldn’t decide on [insert your excuse here] (example: what color to make my website).”

That was a sobering thought for me. How many times have I delayed introducing something that I know could have a beneficial effect on my prospects or clients because I was indecisive about a certain thing, or because I simple procrastinated? It’s happened more than I care to admit, and I know it’s happened to almost everyone.

Are you “forcing” your clients to buy inferior products or services?

Another thing Kevin said was that if our product or service truly is superior to anything on the market and we fail to get it completed and introduced to the market, and someone has to buy a similar product or service from a competitor, that we are, in effect, giving them no other option but to buy an inferior product… and we have done them a huge disservice.

This ONE concept… thinking about the names of the people I didn’t (or couldn’t) help because I let some other less important activity keep me from getting my product or service to market, changed my life on the spot. Why? Because two years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and at one point was given just 2-3 days to live. I underwent radical chemotherapy and radiation treatments and surgery. Miraculously, I was able to get past it (at least, for now). But for 22 months I laid flat on my back unable to work or do much of anything… and unable to serve people who I knew needed and could use what I had spent 45 years learning, honing and perfecting… things that could change their lives for the better.

During those months of recovery I asked myself what I would do if I were given another… a second chance. How would I change things? What would I do differently?  A lot went through my mind, and I did make some changes. I looked back on the number of people who have embraced the TopLine consultant’s system and are using it to make some very significant incomes for themselves and their families, and at the same time help their clients do the same, that I had brought a lot of value to them. But I also realized that there are so many people who could still benefit from what we offer that I haven’t given the opportunity.

I knew I had to pick up the pace and get into action… it was an obligation I had because I had been given so much. Then when I heard Kevin ask us to put the names of the people we “chose not to serve” because we procrastinated or took too long to get the message to them because we were trying to decide on our website colors or some other petty thing, it was life changing for me.

My cancer is back. I’m in the fight again. It will never completely go away. I know I am a ticking time bomb. I know that my time is limited. How much time? I don’t know. But you’re no different. None of know when our time is up. The question is, what are we… you and me… what are we going to do with the time we have, and how are we going to fulfill our obligation and responsibility? I know what I’m going to do… and I’m doing it now.

So what about you?

So what do we learn from this? Get stuff done! No more procrastinating. No more “reasons”. No more excuses. Our (yours and my) time to do our work is very limited; none of know when it will end. If you’ve been blessed enough to have been “given” certain information, knowledge or expertise that can help, benefit, or advantage others, then you have an obligation and responsibility to do everything you can to pull out all the stops and get it in front of them so they can make an educated, informed and knowledgeable decision as to whether or not they want to take advantage of it.

Notice that I didn’t say sell, pressure, strong arm, or coerce them, I said get it in front of them so THEY could make the decision that they feel is right for them. Big difference.

As always, I’m very interested in your comments and thoughts. Please let me know your experiences and what you’re doing to take quick and decisive action so all who can benefit from your efforts has the opportunity to do so.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Great post Martin. Interesting timing too… I recently coached one of my past students on closing and sales. He felt the value was so high that I should release a course… or product. I told him that it probably wasn’t a popular topic but that I would think about it.

    Two days later he closed one deal that netting him an instant $2,000.

    Again he told me I should release this material and again I belittled my knowledge, the potential market, etc.

    I think your right and so is he. I think I am robbing my past customers of more revenue, more confidence and more success.

    Time to take action.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks Robert…

      Good hearing from you! And glad things are going well. I miss having you so close by and the lunches we had together!

      I know your stuff works, and am so glad your client had such a great success. And I agree with him… get your stuff out there. I know the value of what you offer, and to deprive someone who can benefit from it is one of the most selfish things you can do.

      Everyone is not your client… and that’s okay. But those who are, deserve the best you have and the best you can give them.

      Think of it this way: Let’s say your product (service, system, coaching, whatever) has the potential to put $100,000 in someone’s pocket. And let’s say that you don’t introduce that product to them. You have, in effect, cheated them out of the benefits that that $100,000 could provide them. What are those benefits? Well, they could be funding their kids’ college educations, taking care of their aged parents, funding their retirement program, or perhaps paying off some medical bills or other expenses.

      It may be the money they need to start their own business so they can quit that 9 to 5 job that they’re spending an hour and a half each way driving to. Maybe they want to pay off their mortgage and live debt-free, take an extended vacation, or by that vacation home.

      It doesn’t matter what it is, if you don’t at least get the information into their hands so they, themselves, can make the decision whether they want to take advantage of it or not, you’re doing them a disservice… and shame on you!

      So pull out all the stops. Get the product done. Then make a compelling offer to those who can benefit from what you’ve done, and let them decide whether its right for them or not. You don’t have to sell, push, pressure, or coerce them… just let them see the benefits of what the product will do for them, and then point out the “cost” of them not getting involved.

      There are two considerations: 1) Investment, and 2) Cost. The Investment is what they will pay for your product. The Cost is what they will lose if they don’t invest. Let’s say your product sells for $2,000. And for our example, someone is making $70,000 a year, and your product has the potential to put another $30,000 in their pocket. The investment in your product would be $2,000, and the cost of them not getting involved would be $30,000.

      Don’t focus on the $2,000… instead, make it very clear that if they choose not to invest, and to keep the $2,000 in their pocket, that that decision just cost them $30,000. So which would you rather have… $2,000, or $30,000?

      Another way to look at this is to ask them if it is worth keeping $30,000 out of little Johnny’s college fund to stay where they are and keep the $2,000 (which most likely wouldn’t go into Johnny’s fund… it would be spent on something else).

      So the next time I hear from you, I want to see a sales letter touting the benefits of the product you just produced! Now, quit reading this stuff and GET BUSY!

      I love you, man… and I miss having you around. And, as always, please let me know how I can help you!


  • Blase says:


    I know you didn’t publish this because
    you are fighting cancer again. But, I wanted
    to say I am sorry to hear that.

    My prayer is you are given many more years to
    share your wisdom and knowledge.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thank you, Blase…

      Your prayers and wishes are very much appreciated. I’m moving forward with full faith that things will work out, and I’m giving it all I have. In the meantime, we’re pulling out all the stops to get as many people as are interested involved as we can.

      If what we have to offer can benefit someone and it is of interest to them, our obligation is to get them the information so they can make an educated, knowledgeable and informed decision that is right for them. Of course, we realize that it’s not right for everyone, and that’s okay. They’re not our market. But to hold back from those that are in our market, would be nothing short of selfish.

      So while I’m able, I’m moving forward at record speed and acting as though I’ll be here forever.

      Thanks again… I appreciate you and your prayers!


  • steve bell says:

    I’m grateful to you for these “nuggets” you share with everyone. it sometimes takes me a while to “get started” but I can tell you that from watching you, reading your posts and listening to you, you have always “over-delivered” in everything that you do.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Much health and success,
    PS – I’d like to come back to phoenix and re-take your consultants program again, I’m now ready!

    • Martin Howey says:

      Hey, Steve…

      Thanks for the comment. I’m so glad you’re getting ready to kill it… and I know you can.

      You’re welcome to come back to the training any time you like. Hit me up via email or phone and we’ll work out the details!


  • Stewart says:

    An inspiring message that motivates action!

    • Martin Howey says:

      Thank you, Stewart…

      Your comments are very much appreciated. Please let me know what I can do to further your success!


  • Jayant hudar says:

    hi Martin,
    thats a great concept. “help people to know how it can help them.” and then leave them without pressurizing.
    let them buy..without selling.
    and yes.. wish i could attend your session in phoenix again and again.
    it adds so much edge to my consulting.
    anybody reading this should take advantage of the topline training from Martin.
    warm regards.

    • Martin Howey says:

      Hi Jay…

      Thank you. I, also, with you were closer so you could attend again. It was so nice having you in our training. You added a lot, and I’m sure we could all benefit from a second round with you.

      But keep up the work in India… I know you’re providing a lot of value to the businesses you deal with, and I’m sure they are blessed because of the work you do.



  • Hi Martin – your message shines thru time after time regardless of the ‘cover story’ or current subject matter.
    People – take action! It’s that simple… Thank You Martin – we all are in debt to you and I only know one way to pay you back that you would appreciate and that is to take ‘Action’ today and keep moving : – )))

    • Martin Howey says:

      Hey, Vince…

      So good hearing from you, and I really appreciate your nice comments. More than ever, it’s important to take action and get your message “out there”. If you have something of value and that can benefit someone else and you don’t share it with them, shame on you… it’s the most selfish thing you can do.

      There are people who need, want, and are looking for help in a number of situations, and if we have the ability to help them solve their problems and challenges and overcome their obstacles, then our obligation is the give the information they need so they can make an informed, knowledgeable, and educated decision as to whether or not they want to avail themselves of it.

      If they do, great, we’re there to help them. If not, well, that’s their choice. You’ve done your job and they made their decision… and you can rest easy.

  • Martin, it was such an honor to have met you at Kevin’s event. The deep level of wisdom you imparted through brief comments here and there was priceless. Thank you for being present and for the true inspiration you are as a person.


    • Martin Howey says:

      Ah, you are SO sweet, Allison. And thank you, as well, for being the person you are. It was a real pleasure sitting next to you and learning from you and the things you are doing. I LOVE your website, your graphics and videos, and can’t wait to dig in and learn more about you and how I can support you. What an experience we had, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your continued success. Please keep me posted!


  • Dino Biagioni says:

    Hi Martin,

    You are so right about Kevin Nations – he always comes up with something original and inspiring.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


    • Martin Howey says:

      Thanks, Dino…

      Yes, Kevin has been a very good friend for many years, and every time we get together, the ideas fly like crazy. It’s always good to associate with other people that you can exchange strategies and ideas with… everyone comes out a winner.

      And thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers… they are very much appreciated!


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