What Chris Got From His TopLine “7-Figure Consultants” Training, and a Few Take-Away Ideas You Can Use

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I just received a letter from one of our consultants who attended our last “7-Figure Consultants Bootcamps” two weeks ago. Chris has been working as a very successful consultant in a major market for a number of years. Because of having to care for his elderly parents, he will be moving across the country and setting up shop in a very small community. (I wrote about Chris in my last blog post.)

We’re constantly updating and improving our systems and methodologies to keep them current with the ever-changing marketplace, and our onboard consultants often re-attend to keep abreast of the new developments so they can more effectively address the needs of their clients and prospects.

So after several years in the field making a very nice income and wanting to get some fresh ideas to start his business in a brand new, very small market, Chris joined us. The insights and ideas that he had gained from his experiences were very valuable to the group, and he shared them very openly and willingly. Here’s what he wrote to me:

Hello Martin,

I would like to thank you for the most recent consultant mastermind training. It was a tremendous benefit to me and gave me some fascinating new ideas to implement in my new micro-market. I like the entire concept of working by invitation only with no business cards. I am going to set up my business development institute on a by invitation only foundation and the reality is that a BDI is the fastest and most powerful way to reach and help a diverse base of business owners. In fact, a BDI can even provide assistance to micro-businesses (the tiered concept we discussed with the other consultants in the group) at an affordable range helping them grow much more rapidly. This concept is very exciting. I would like to schedule a call in the near future, if you don’t mind, to record an audio business card and discuss my thoughts on this BDI approach and why it is so beneficial to the business owner…I just need to crystallize my thoughts a little more. I could have someone else interview me but you are a master in that area.

I learned so much from the calls with the other consultants…attendance was such a boon to me especially faced with my current situation. Operating in a micro-market does concern me but I know, as you stated, I can provide that market something it probably has never had before with consulting at the highest level.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to “re-fresh” and discover some new facets of the system.  There was so much valuable material on the data disc, seminars systems, marketing…wow. I watched your face as you softly said to one of the consultants “it’s taken a long time to put all of this information together.” I think of all the years you’ve spent initially implementing then training… as many years as I’ve been alive.

I know at this point in your life with all that you are facing, you could be doing a lot of other things, focusing on other things… so it makes it that much more special for me that I had a second opportunity to learn from you “at the round table.”

Best regards,


Very nice comments, I’m sure you’ll agree. In his letter, Chris alluded to several things that may have gotten past  you if you weren’t at the workshop. Here’s a snapshot of a couple of them:

  • Working by invitation with no business cards. We talk about how to do this in great detail. Nothing worse than chasing prospects trying to get them to do business with you. So much better to not have to depend on business cards, flyers, direct mail… all the “traditional” marketing approaches, and work strictly by invitation. It positions you as a true, in-demand expert, makes your life SO much easier… and infinitely more fun!
  • Creating a Business Development Institute (BDI). You can work as an independent consultant, and many do. And that’s okay; nothing wrong with it. Chris has a different idea; he is going to create an “organization” or association of businesses that will work together in a synergistic manner to help each other succeed. This is another area that we talk about in detail in the TopLine training, because it is so effective… especially in smaller markets or in large markets with smaller companies.
  • The Audio Business Card. Chris will be scheduling an appointment with me to help him create his Audio Business Card… on of the most effective marketing pieces our consultants have. The consultants that use this tool find it so much easier to establish credibility with their prospects and in effect, “pre-sell” them on the value they can provide them. The appointments that result from the use of this tool are already half way through the decision making process.
  • Providing value to a “micro-market.” In Chris’ case, his “micro-market” is a town of about 200,000 people… much smaller than the major market he is used to working in. But another “micro-market” might be smaller businesses within a major market. Chris knows the value he can provide his small-town clients because he’s seen it first hand from his experience in doing the same for his clients in another market. Confidence… that’s what this is all about. When you know what you have… the tools, the training, the support, and other consultants who have been there and have done it and are now there and are currently doing it right by your side, it’s easy to have the confidence that you can do it too.
  • The value of the material on the disc, the systems, etc. Yep, there’s a ton of it… and none of it goes on a disc, into print, or taught to anyone unless it has been tested in the field by a number of consultants, the bugs worked out, and we’re satisfied with the results. Chris was blown away with what he saw regarding the improvements and additions that we’ve made since he first attended his training several years ago.

Chris’ letter is not unusual. We get letters, emails and calls like this quite often. Why? Because the TopLine system works. It’s been proven by over 1,350 consultants operating in 38 countries around the world… and many of them are generating personal incomes well into the mid 6-figures – often in their first year.

If you’re not thrilled with the job you currently have, the income you’re making, the opportunities you have for advancement, job security, and fulfillment… or you’d like to spend less time commuting or at the office helping someone else live their dream… and you’d like to be in total control of your income, your time, your life and your future, maybe you should look into starting your own in-demand consulting practice. It’s working for a lot of people and there’s no reason it can’t work for you.

For more information, contact my assistant, Dawn at Dawn@TopLineBusinessSolutions.com.

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