Rick Lost His Job, But That Didn’t Stop Him. He Found a Way To Create Income Out of Thin Air

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I got an email the other day from Rick, one of our long-time consultants. Before I tell you what he wrote, let me give you a little background on him and what he’s been up to.

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Rick came through the training several years ago and put his consulting on hold until his stint with his corporate job was over. When the time came for Rick to dive into consulting full time, he went to Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com and looked for companies that were hiring marketing and/or sales managers.

Know what you can offer and how it can benefit your client

Rick answered some of the ads, and in one case, spoke to the CEO of one of the businesses who was looking for a national sales manager. When Rick explained what he could do for her business – things like improving the response they’re getting from their ads, strengthening their sales presentations, increasing their closing ratio, generating more money from each sales transaction, improving customer retention, and generating more referrals from existing customers – she made the comment, “Well, I’m not sure we could pay you what you need.”

Rick then asked her what the job paid. Her response was, “$75,000 per year.” Rick told her that he could save her $15,000 in immediate visible costs, plus several more thousands in “hidden costs”, and that with the proper incentives in place he could generate a significant increase in her bottom line profits.Of course, that piqued her interest and she wanted to know more.

Negotiate on your own terms as much as possible – make them want what you have

Wisely, Rick declined to discuss the details over the phone and told her that if she was interested that he could meet her at her office. Without hesitation, the CEO sent him airline tickets, and Rick was on the plane the next day traveling from his home in Jacksonville, Florida to her office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Airline Tickets

So what was the big deal that Rick presented? Quite simple, really. Rick proposed that he take on the position of national sales and marketing director for $5,000 per month plus a percentage of the increase in sales that he generated. The $15,000 in savings that Rick mentioned was the difference between the $75,000 that the job paid, and the $60,000 that Rick asked for ($5,000 per month times 12 months). And the “hidden costs” that Rick mentioned were for the taxes, Social Security, retirement contributions, and medical insurance that Rick would be covering himself.

Rick also negotiated that he work from his home base in Jacksonville and travel to Atlanta when necessary. This would save the company additional expenses for things such as an office, office furniture, a computer, phone, and other related costs. It’s not difficult to see that the savings the company would be getting could be quite significant. Because Rick had confidence in his ability and expertise he knew he could make more money than the $15,000 he gave up in salary by increasing the company’s sales.

If an opportunity doesn’t exist, create one out of thin air

So what really happened? Rick found a way to reposition a corporate job from a paid, on-board position into an outsourced position that saved the company significant expenses and increased their potential of adding additional profits. And he created a job for himself that before he came along didn’t even exist. Now that you know a little about Rick, here’s the email he sent me…

Martin, I’m doing well. Did the entire Corp America thing again (went in, worked hard, made a bunch of money, then the company changed directions and I got laid off..LOL). So, maybe needless to say, I know that independent consulting/coaching is my vocational future. You know, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do – so I’m doing it. I’m working on 2 separate websites right now (both WordPress). As soon as I get them done, I’ll send you the links – I’d love to have your critique/feedback.

One of the services I’m focusing on is small biz funding. Commercial banks just aren’t lending to small biz right now. I met a couple guys who represent a group of retired MDs that consistently invest in small bizes exclusively through their self-directed IRAs; the loans are fast, flexible, non-recourse and quite fair. Really takes the #1 excuse/objection away from SBOs, “Sounds great, but I just don’t have the money right now”. Now I can say, “Oh, that’s the only thing holding you back – I’ve got a fix for that. I can get you $10K – $100K in under 10 days!” So, pretty cool stuff!

Also focusing on Private Practice Physician Marketing. Just landed a $2,500 gig last week (sold a new website,Fbook/Google+ page setups, and online reputation management program in 20 minutes to a local Rheumatologist).

I read about your health challenges. I wish you the absolute best with this Martin. I’ve felt your strength my friend, I know that challenge is no match for you! I will keep in touch. You’ve inspired me more times than you know Martin…


PS…like usual..LOL, I have much to share (information, strategies & tactics that are working). I will pass on some of the better ones to you.

Okay, that’s what Rick is up to today. He left the position he created out of thin air and is now back working as an independent consultant. When one job ran out, he had the skills to go out and pick up a couple more clients right away.

So what’s the take-away for you? What can you learn from Rick? A couple of things. Rick has been doing this for quite sometime, but he still took on a client for $2,500 a month, and he’ll be getting a percentage, as well. And he’s got a number of other deals in the making. When Rick was working for the first company for $60,000 plus incentives, he worked from home. Part of the reason for that (in addition to not wanting to relocate to Atlanta), was because he could have the time to work with other companies or clients at the same time.

Rick’s initial comment to me when he landed that account was, “All I need is a couple more like this one and I’ll be set.” If he had just 3 clients paying him $60,000 a year, that would be $180,000 in guaranteed base income, plus a percentage of whatever he generated in new business for them. Rick is an out of the box thinker and is quite creative. Take a look at what he did and see if there is anything you can “borrow” from him. Then let me know what you’re doing… I’m very interested in your success!

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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  • Rick Bierut says:

    Hello Martin,
    Thank you for sharing this with us. This is a great idea, especially in light of the fact that some companies are unsure of how to meet their objectives.Rick certainly made their decision easier. A win for them both.
    As always,my best to you and your family.
    Rick Bierut

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