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Millard Grubb Ripped Me Off… He Copied My “Martin Howey Consulting” Website Word For Word!

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I’m writing this blog post with mixed emotions.

Initially, I feel almost apologetic for what I’m writing. This is not my normal style. It’s not what I do. And I feel somewhat bad about taking this approach. I wish there were an easier way to approach this subject.

On the other hand, I’m very upset with what I’ve been alerted to… not by a single person, a couple of people, or even my inadvertent stumbling across this information. The fact is, some of my consultants first brought this to my attention and I chose to brush it off and not pay any mind to it. But when a potential consulting client… someone who was considering hiring me to work with their company questioned me and wondered who to believe… that’s when it got more serious.

I have several websites that promote my services… some for people who want to become marketing and business development consultants, and others that promote my personal or my company’s consulting services to business owners.

One of my websites is Someone named, Millard Grubb, liked the copy I had on that website so much that he copied it word for word and used it on his website at… without permission, without changing the words, and without even trying to make it any different than what I had on my site or by making it personal to him.

Normally, I would have contacted the person who did what Millard did and asked him to take down the copied information or at least change it. But not this time. Yes, I did consider it, but the problem is it’s already caused a potential client to question my integrity, character, honesty, and quite possibly a loss of business and income. And if it’s caused one potential client that kind ofconfusion and a loss of opportunity and income for me, there’s no way of telling how many others it’s affected in like manner.

After consulting with a number of my colleagues, peers, and legal advisers, the path I’ve chosen to take is to make it as public as possible that Millard Grubb has blatantly ripped me off by copying the body copy I have on that website and trying to pass it off as his own. By making this as visible and public as possible, hopefully, those companies who are considering doing business with me and happen to run across Millard’s copycat website will get the facts and see him as he is.

Now a few additional items that helped me in this decision:

Millard has followed me and my TopLine Business Solutions systems and promotions for years. We’ve had several telephone sessions and I’ve given him a lot of free advice to help him get some clients because he was struggling and wasn’t having much success on his own. He even purchased two of my books and got some ideas from them that helped him. Millard’s goal was to generate enough money to be able to come through the TopLine training (which he never did, despite all the help and information I gave him). As a thank you, Millard sent me the following testimonial:


Thank you very much. I two[sic] of your books from and found out the answer why things were so tough from time to time in my consulting work.

I had learned from Peter Sun and a couple of other consultants to get my money up-front for an analysis fee and then work on contingency. I made some sales but it was always tougher than I had liked. But, one thing about me, I’m persistent.

After reading your book on consulting, I see where I missed it.

You gave me a REAL KEY that will build my business fast and I am sure will allow me to take your course in the future.

As I see it, when you do a questionnaire both you and the prospective client can readily see the weak areas, PLUS you have knowledge of the business that the prospect doesn’t want to fall into the hands of competitors. This gives the consultant FAR MORE POWER to close the deal than I ever realized. That has been where I have been missing it!!!

I see TWO new clients this week as a result of this…. THANK YOU!!!

I also see that I would be better off using your system and paying the price than leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

I can SEE, really SEE at least a $200,000 dollar year for me.


Thanks for putting the materials out.

Millard Grubb

After I received the call from the potential client who was questioning who copied who’s website, I did a little searching on Google, and ran across this post:


As you can see, Millard has a problem, not only with me and my material, but with others. This seems to be a pattern with him.

As I mentioned at the outset, I feel somewhat (not entirely, just somewhat) bad in posting this information. And what I’ve written is not meant to be vindictive or to destroy Millard’s name or reputation. Millard’s already done that to himself. I’m simply pointing out the facts as they are, and calling Millard out for using my website copy and (it appears) other proprietary information to convince clients that he is someone he is not, and for the damage he is and has caused me, my reputation, my credibility and the good name I’ve spend nearly 47 years in business creating. It’s not right…

…And it burns me up!

So, Millard Grubb… I’m calling you out and not asking, but demanding that you remove the copy from your website and stop using any and all material or information that you have obtained from me at once.

In the meantime, let it be a matter of public record that in light of my discoveries, that I consider Millard Grubb to be an underhanded thief who has a flawed moral compass, who lacks character, dignity, and integrity and thinks there is nothing wrong with compromising another person’s reputation or standing, and who will stoop at the lowest levels possible to take for himself business, clients and income that should rightfully belong to another.

Let the market beware… in my opinion, and based on the information that is public and that I have at hand… Millard Grubb is not a person to be trusted, believed, or to do business with. That said, the facts are before you and you’ll have to come to your own conclusion.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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