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Martin Howey Interviews Harvey MacKay About His New Book, “The Harvey MacKay MBA Of Selling In The Real World”

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A week or so ago, I received a hard copy book in the mail from Harvey MacKay’s office. It was Harvey’s new book, “The Harvey MacKay MBA Of Selling In The Real World,” along with a personal note from Harvey asking if I would be interesting in supporting him by recommending his book to people I know possibly in an article or interview. Well, having read all of Harvey’s previous books, having interviewed him in the past, having appeared on the same speaking platform with him, and knowing the value his books, articles and quotes have provided us over the years, I had no hesitation. But in EVERY case – Harvey being no exception – I have to read what I’m going to recommend or endorse.

In Harvey’s letter, he said that Cathy, his business manager, would be in touch with me in the coming weeks. So knowing Cathy from previous interviews and having an idea of what she would be asking me, I dug in and began to read Harvey’s book. A few days later when I spoke to Cathy, I told her that I couldn’t read Harvey’s book… at least not the way it was laid out… from beginning to end. There are 82 chapters in the 335 pages… most of which are 2 to 3 pages long, and each chapter contains a unique idea, quotes or concept that can be easily implemented. The chapters were so interesting that I found myself flipping forward and backward through the book, reading whatever chapter title caught my interest.

I also told Cathy that I thought the book had as much to do about life as it does about selling, and that anyone can use the principles in just about any aspect of their life or business. So, Cathy got me hooked up with Harvey and we scheduled a time for me to, once again, go to his beautiful home and ask him some questions about his book so I could put together this article.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Harvey about his previous book, “Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell you,” so I knew it would be a great time being with him once again.  When I walked in the door, Harvey told me that it had been 20 months since I was last in his home and asked me several questions about what we discussed during our last visit. This blew me away. What I saw in action – first hand – was Harvey using his own system for what he calls humanizing the experience so that it endears your customers to you. The system I’m referring to, he calls “The MacKay 66″… something everyone who has any contact with other people should be familiar with and use. You can find it in Harvey’s best selling book “Swim With The Sharks”.

So back to Harvey’s new book. As I mentioned, this book is difficult to read front to finish. The chapter titles jump out and grab you, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself skipping around to the chapters and articles that catch your interest at the time. Take a look at the video interview I did with Harvey, then get this book. It’s one of the best I’ve read, and I have no hesitation in referring or endorsing it. And if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that I don’t make a penny for any endorsement I give for any product, service, or person. I simply (and only) endorse things that I firmly believe in and use myself.

Now… a couple of very nice bonuses from Harvey. First, in the back of the book is Harvey’s unheard of (for a book) Money-Back Guarantee.

And, if you order Harvey’s book he’ll send you, free of charge, a hard copy of his goldmine book, The Harvey Mackay Network Builder. It’s filled with an article from Harvard Business Review and other excellent ideas, and is not available in stores.

Please let me know if you buy this book and what your thought are regarding it and the value you receive from it. As always, I’m very interested in your success!

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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