Three Things I Learned From Day One at Kevin Nations’ 3-Day Big Money From Small Events Seminar

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If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I attend several seminars, workshops, bootcamps and live events every year. Even after 47 years in business and teaching hundreds of events myself, I’m constantly on the lookout for new ideas, or to  be reminded of things that I may have forgotten.

I’m writing this article from my hotel room in Las Vegas to let you know about three things that I learned from the first day of the three I will spend with Kevin Nations while attending his Big Money From Small Events seminar. Of course, there were many other things I took notes on, but here are three things that revolutionized my thinking, and that I know will make a big impact on how I run my business.

First, Kevin taught the group to ask ourselves, “How much is the activity that I’m doing (or about to do)  costing me and my family?”

This is an excellent question because it causes us to consider everything we do and the impact it has on us financially… and the “cost” might also be considered in terms of relationships and other areas.

If we find ourselves spending time on unprofitable tasks or activities, it would do us well to consider this question and examine the reasons why we’re involved in those things. Each of us have a limited amount of time, and how we spend or invest those moments can make a huge difference in the standard of living or lifestyle we enjoy, an adequate education for our children, the ability to care for our aged parents, and how we will be able to live out our retirement years.

Another point that Kevin taught was to write a simple sentence on a card or a note pad so you can see it every day. The sentence said, “How can I ______________ (fill in the blank) without ______________ (fill in the blank).”

An example of a completed sentence might read, “How can I earn more money without working any harder or longer.” A non-business example could be, “How can I develop a stronger friendship relationship with my teenagers without sacrificing my role and position as a parent.” The idea is to have that one-sentence template in front of us throughout the day so we can constantly be reminded of things that we could or should be doing to make whatever we are doing better, faster, easier, more efficient, more effective, or more profitable.

A third take-away I got from Kevin was that “It doesn’t matter how many people you have in your event; what matters is how many sales you make.” Keep in mind, the subject of Kevin’s seminar is how to “Make Big Money From Small Events.” So it doesn’t matter if you have one, two, six or ten people attend a particular program. What really counts is how much money you made. So one month you may only have three people show up at your event, but you actually sold seven people. It may be that not all of them can attend that month. The next month you may only make three sales but have ten people in attendance. T

hat’s okay. The idea is to not stress about having a small number of people attend as long as you’re hitting your sales and income numbers. That one point was a turning point for several people in the room. Getting that clear in your mind can relieve a lot of stress and concern when you only have a few at some of your events. It’s not the number of people in attendance that pays your mortgage, it’s the amount of money you make.

Of course, there were a number of other points that were just as valuable as the three that I just mentioned. And others in the room may have different points that stood out to them. After the meeting we had dinner together and discussed some of the other things that were mentioned, and we all came away with much more than was just discussed during the actual program.

So what about you? What are you learning from the seminars and events you attend? Are you looking for that one, two, or possibly three points that can change the way you do business? During a three-day event, you actually have six sessions that you should be analyzing:

  1. Day One – Morning Session
  2. Day One – Afternoon Session
  3. Day Two – Morning Session
  4. Day Two – Afternoon Session
  5. Day Three – Morning Session
  6. Day Three – Afternoon Session

Each of these sessions should be considered “stand-alone” sessions, and you should be looking for that one or two nuggets during each one. And the best time to do it? Immediately after the session (at lunch or before dinner) you should be analyzing what you learned and identifying the salient points and deciding how to put them into action. If you wait until you get back home and try to review the entire three days, the chances of you remembering what you learned and then applying it will be greatly diminished… regardless of how complete your notes are and how strong your intentions are.

Now before I go, let me share one more tip with you… a “Bonus”, if you will. Kevin calls it “Marketing ESP”. It’s not what you’re probably thinking; it has nothing to do with trying to determine what your prospect, customer or client is thinking, but if you understand the concept and use it effectively, it can cause dramatic change in the number of prospects that will open up and willingly and gladly give you the road map to convert them into buying clients.

So what is “Marketing ESP”? It’s a very powerful concept that I know will help me in my business, so much so, that I’ve already incorporated it into my presentation. But that’s as much as I can tell you. I paid Kevin to learn this concept, and to be fair to myself, to the other attendees who also paid him, to Kevin himself, and especially to you, I’m going to give you the privilege of doing the same. Information that you get for free doesn’t always carry the same value or weight as that that you pay for. I will say this, however, this one concept was worth the entire investment of time and money I made to be at Kevin’s event.

Now back to you. What are you doing in your business, and what take-aways did you get from the ideas I shared with you in this post? As always, I’m very interested in what you’re doing and your thoughts and ideas.

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

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