Survey Question: As A New Marketing and Business Development Consultant, How Fast Can You Start Bringing In Income?

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The response to our recent survey produced some very good questions. In fact, way more than we anticipated. To be fair to each person who submitted a response and to make sure they get the most complete information possible, I’ll answer each one in a separate email. If it takes a while to get to your question, please bear with me; I’m taking them in the order that they were submitted.

One of the questions in the survey was: “What are your two top questions that absolutely MUST be answered for you to consider making such a transition?”

The first question we received was: “How quickly can I generate revenue?”

That’s a great question and is one of the most asked questions we get. Naturally, when someone is looking at a new business opportunity they want to know how fast they can get up and running and quickly they can start bringing in cash.

There should be several reasons why this is one of the top concerns:

  • To recoup the investment. No one wants to spend money to make money, but like it or not, in business it’s part of the game. No matter what kind of business, the owner or creator of that business had to make some kind of an investment; most likely several investments: time, money, energy, and other resources. The faster that investment can be recovered, the better… especially if the seed money for the investment was borrowed and interest is being paid on the loan.
  • To replace current income. Many people starting a new business are working in jobs or careers that pay them some form of compensation (such as wages, salaries, or commissions) that enables them to cover their living expenses. So if they want to break away from their current job and run their business full time, it’s important to replace their current income as quickly as possible.
  • To confirm the buyer’s decision. Some consultants charge their clients on the basis of a monthly retainer fee plus a percentage of the increase in revenue that they create for them. It makes sense then, that the faster an increase in revenue can be produced, the faster the client will get a return on their investment, the faster they will see a profit, and the more it will confirm the business owner’s decision to enlist the aid of the consultant. And conversely, the faster the increase in revenue is produced, the faster the consultant can begin receiving compensation for their efforts.
  • To create an entity of value. Too many people go into business for the wrong reasons. Some just want to start a business because they dislike working form someone else. Others start their own businesses because they think they can “do it better” than the next guy. And there are a number of other reasons… some legitimate, and others completely foolish. But EVERY business should be started with some type of end goal in mind. That is, how are you going to get out of the business? It’s going to happen, right? You know it is. But what plans do you have for HOW you’re going to get out? Some businesses will be sold and the business owner will move on to other things. Others will be merged with another entity. Some businesses will not be able to compete and will stop doing business or perhaps file bankruptcy, and there are some business owners who will die and no longer be involved. If you’re going to start a business, knowing full well that someday you’re going to go out of business (for whatever reason), why not make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time possible?

Our entire TopLine Business Systems Program is designed to help you make the greatest amount of money as possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort, the lowest possible capital investment, and the least amount of risk.

Our goal at TopLine, is to help you accomplish the above four points as quickly as possible:

  • To help you recoup your income
  • To replace your current income
  • To confirm the buyer’s decision to use the consultant’s services
  • To create an entity of value

The original question was how quickly can you generate revenue? Of course, the answer HAS to be, “It depends.” It depends on a number of factors:

  • How much revenue are we talking about?
  • How connected are you with people who can (or want to) use your services?
  • Are you able (or willing) to follow a proven, step-by-step system that has worked for hundreds of others?

Of course, there are other concerns, but these are a few of the main ones to consider. Some people, like Brian, for instance, have been working in a certain industry for a period of time and know the language of the industry. Brian had some contacts, so when he completed the TopLine training he had people to talk to and got started right away, and within just a couple of years has created a consulting practice doing right at $2 million a year.

Charles didn’t have any clients or contacts. He got his first client just 10 days out of training that paid him just under $100k per year, and he became a partner in another business his client opened in a neighboring town.

Caryn didn’t have any contacts when she came through her TopLine training. In her first 20 days, she held a seminar for 18 business owners and landed 4 clients.

Robert talked a bank into sending an email to their clients to attend a free business building seminar. Twenty-six business owners showed up and 22 requested his free CD. At the seminar he scheduled interviews with 13, and closed 6 for consulting arrangements. He still has all the others to talk to when he gets some time and some openings.

So back to the question as to how soon can you generate revenue? Again, it depends. You may be able to do it as quickly as the people I just mentioned. Then again, you may not. It depends. I can’t make any guarantees or promises about that.

But what I CAN and WILL guarantee, is that I will personally give you all the instruction, the tools, and the personal attention you need during training, and that our staff will give you all the support you need to create the type of business that will enable you to accomplish the goals and objectives I discussed above.

What I’ve described is what’s possible. The question is, not CAN you do it… it’s WILL you do it? Will you take advantage of the TopLine system that’s worked so well for so many others and that has created some very impressive success stories in a number of countries and a variety of professions, industries and business niches?

If you’re serious about creating a very substantial income as a marketing and business development consultant and cashing in on this very lucrative and RIPE market, then let’s talk. I’ll answer all your questions and give you all the information you need to determine if this is the right career for you.

Oh, one more thing. When we get together for a one-on-one brainstorming call, I promise I won’t try
to sell you anything. Tha’t not the way I operate. I don’t like it, and I can guess that you probably don’t
either. We’ll just discuss your situation and I’ll answer all your questions. Then you can be in total
control and make an informed, educated, and knowledgeable decision… the one that’s right for you.

To schedule your personal call with me, click here.

By the way, our next training will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, Januay 29th – February 1st. There are
6 seats left.

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