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Thank you for stopping by. I’m thrilled to give you a couple of special gifts that hopefully can give you some thoughts, ideas, and strategies that can benefit you in your life and business. Even if we have never met personally, I want you to know that I am very interested in you. Please let me know your comments, questions, or how I might be able to help accelerate your success.

Achieving Insane Business Success:
Your Step-By-Step Action Guide For Dramatic Business Growth

In this 270-page classic, you’ll learn how successful businesses operate at optimal profitability. You’ll discover:

  • How your customers see you
  • Why people buy
  • The four primary ways to grow your business
  • How much your customers are really worth
  • How to maximize your positioning and image
  • How to establish preemininence in your area of expertise
  • How to Exploit joint venture opportunities
  • The most profitable thing you can do in your business
  • How to maximize your marketing efforts to produce the greatest return
  • How to get testimonials from satisfied customers
  • The art of getting referred to your optimal and ideal clients
  • How to keep your customers for life
  • How to effectively recruit and hire the best employees


The Official Guide To 7-Figure Consulting:
Winning Strategies For Starting, Running, And Profiting From Your
Own Highly Successful Marketing And Business Development Practice
Even In The Toughest Economies

Now you can learn the step-by-step “blueprint” that some of the most successful and highest paid consultants in the world use to generate massive turn arounds for their clients and get paid very handsomely for their efforts. You’ll learn:

  • The universal struggle of businesses
  • How big and untapped the market is for your consulting services
  • How to build a successful consulting practice
  • How to capitalize on and profit from your previous experience
  • How to establish your credibility… even if you’re brand new at consulting and have no previous clients
  • How to differentiate yourself from all other options your clients have to choose from
  • How to rise above the crowd and establish yourself as an expert
  • How to promote your consulting practice on a limited budget
  • How to overcome the natural reluctance of business owners to use a consultant
  • Uncovering hidden opportunities and isolating a prospect’s “hot buttons”
  • How to handle the “deal killers”
  • How to ensure continuing and enduring relationships
  • And much more!