Consultant’s Book Project

Thank you for expressing interest in our book project. We’ve got a great group of consultants who want to be onboard, and I’m very excited about having you participate. Please watch the video; it explains the details of the program.

To schedule an interview time, please click here to be taken to my Outlook Calendar, and find a time that works for you.

There will be two books:

The first book will be for business owners. If a business owner asked you to share the one thing that could make a difference in their business, what would you tell them? It may have to do with marketing, sales, lead conversion, hiring, outsourcing, positioning, joint ventures, whatever. I don’t want to assign topics, I just want you to share your best idea… the one thing that someone could implement in their business that could help them.

The second book will be for consultants. If someone approached you and said they wanted to be a consultant and asked you what they could do to get up and running as quickly as possible, what would you tell them? Or, if an existing consultant asked you for advice about what they could do to improve their practice, what would you say?

You can participate in either one of the books, or in both if you prefer… your choice.

Please prepare for about 20 minutes for each interview. If you want to participate in both books, schedule two different times… a separate time for each interview. The interviews will be recorded and transcribed for the book content, and the recordings will be made into a CD program, so you’ll want to have your thoughts pretty well thought out. You’ll want to give the best advice you can and sound as good as possible, so it may be best for you to have some bullet points of key points to refer to during the interview.

Shooting from the hip or trying to speak off the top of your head may not give you the outcome that positions you in the best light possible. I do not recommend that you write out your part and read it. Very few people can effectively read something without it sounding like it’s being read. You want this to sound as natural as possible. Don’t worry about making a mistake or two… we can always edit those out.

We’re going to be moving fast on this project, so you’ll want to get your interviews scheduled at your earliest opportunity.

If you have any questions or need help, please drop me a note at

Martin Howey, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions


Things are going very well with the project. Here’s an update on our progress and a plea for your participation.

There are two documents you need to be aware of:

  1. The “Guest-Interview Release and Authorization Form.” This is a standard release from that gives us your permission to use your recording, voice, image, etc., in our book and on our website and printed materials to promote it. Click here to download.
  2. The second document is an outline of what will take place on the interview, what questions will be asked, and what you can expect. It also has the teleconference call-in information and the information we need regarding your bio. Click here to download.

Please take a look at these documents so you’ll be prepared. We need the Release faxed or emailed back to us PRIOR to your interview, and your bio to follow shortly thereafter.

We are on an accelerated time table for this project, and time is of the essence. If we don’t have your Release, there will be no interview. If we don’t have your bio when its time to go to press – even if you’ve completed your interview – your information will not be included in the book or the CDs. The responsibility to get these items to us is yours… we simply don’t have time to chase them.

Thank you for your participation. This is shaping up to be an awesome project!


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