The Good News Is, Not Only Will You Learn The Same Step-By-Step Methods,
You Can Do It Without Leaving Your Home, Quitting Your Job, Traveling
Across the Globe, Or Spending Your Life’s Savings
From: Martin Howey
Re: Special “Overstock” Offer

Dear Friend,

I have a MAJOR problem and I need your help… and I’m offering an incredible incentive for a very limited handful of action-oriented people who can make a quick decision.

What am I referring to?

Ten times each year we hold training workshops to teach people how to earn very substantial incomes as Marketing and Business Development Consultants. And we run between 8 and 16 people through each session.

Earlier this month we decided to change printing companies…

The folks who print the training manuals for our consultants. When I met with the representatives of the new printing company I told them we would need about 10 sets of manuals for each of the 10 workshops… about 100 total sets for the year.

They assured me it would be no problem and I placed the order.

What Would You Do with a
Driveway Full of Boxes?

Then this morning after spending some time at the gym I went home to get cleaned up and have some lunch before heading into the office. When I drove into my driveway, I was shocked as I saw 100 boxes of manuals neatly stacked in front of my house.

I immediately called the office and my staff explained that the printing company had mistakenly printed the entire year’s supply of manuals (100 sets), rather than the 10 sets that we needed for our next training. And since there wasn’t room in the office to store the boxes of manuals, they told the printer to have them delivered to my home.

So, I have these 35-pound boxes of manuals of 2,500 pages each… 100 boxes… 3,500 pounds… 250,000 pages… sitting in my driveway while I try to find room in my already filled 3-car garage until I can figure out what to do with them. Not only that, but I have a HUGE printing bill that I need to get paid before they start charging me interest.

Here’s where I need your help!

I’ve got to get rid of this stuff! I don’t want it to sit around and collect dust or get worn. Even though the boxes are taped up and protected, the longer they’re stored the less fresh they will look when opened. And that’s not the image I want. So I want to clear them out as quickly as possible.

And this is where you come in.

Become a TopLine Consultant from the
Comfort of Your Own Home?

Until the first of this month I had never sold our course, our manuals or our training in any format other than through our live 3 or 4-day workshops in Phoenix. I’ve never traveled to train anyone, and I’ve never shipped our manuals to anyone. If you wanted to be trained by me or in the TopLine system you had to come to Phoenix for the 3 or 4-day events.

I’ve had lots of requests for a “home study” course or some sort of distance training, but I’ve always rejected it in favor of live training.

But earlier this month I had 4 different requests… one from Norway, another from Greece, one from the U.K., and another from South Carolina. Each one of these people had their own reasons why they couldn’t attend. For some the travel expenses were prohibitive, one had a mother who was very ill, and another just couldn’t get away because of the year-end crunch of his present job.

So I did something I had never done before… I shipped the manuals to each of these people and I’m now holding webinars and teleseminars to bring them up to speed. So far it’s working out great. No problems and they’re catching on very quickly. I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

And do you know what? I kind of like it. Yes, I’d rather do the live training workshops. I love meeting our consultants, teaching them in person and interacting with them. But frankly, the distance training is considerably less stressful on me and surprisingly to me, we’re accomplishing a lot more than I thought we would compared to our live events.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do. (Actually, it wasn’t much of a “decision” as it is a “necessity”.)

I have 100 boxes of manuals. I only need 10 sets for our next training. That leaves 90 sets of manuals that I’m going to have to pay for now and find a place to store until I can use them.

I have a list of several thousand people who have visited our websites and been following me and the successes our consultants have been having over the years. Several hundred have expressed a real interest in attending our training but for one reason or another have not been able to attend the live sessions. For some it’s been a money thing. For others, timing. And still others have had some type of family, job or other conflict that’s prevented them from attending.

Many of these folks would make great consultants but circumstances just haven’t been right for them. I don’t know, perhaps you’re one of them. I have no idea of your personal situation… how secure your job or current employment is, what your outlook for the future is, how much money you’re making… whether it’s enough to meet your expenses, pay for your kids’ education or meet your retirement goals.

And I don’t know what you would really like to do, how you would spend your time or what kind of service you would give to others if money was not a concern and you knew your chances of failure were minimal or non-existent.

But this I do know… you visited one of our websites to check out what have to offer… who we are, what we do, and what kinds of successes our consultants are having. And you wouldn’t have done that if you were 100% satisfied with where you are now and what your prospects for the future are. In other words, you were looking around to see if there was something better than what you have now.

Like I mentioned, I don’t know your personal situation. But if you’re one of those who have been looking with interest and following the successes our consultants are having, but have been reluctant to give up your present job and the security it provides and invest a substantial sum into a system that you’re not sure will work for you, I have some great news.

You Can Become a Six-Figure Consultant
Without Leaving the Security of Your Job!

I’ve got 90 sets of manuals that I desperately need to find a home for. So against the advice of my CPA, my wife, and my management staff, I’m going waaaaaay out on a limb and doing something I’ve never done before.

For 90 people who have been “on the fence”… people who really would like to get into the very lucrative and prestigious business of consulting other businesses but for whatever reason just haven’t been able to make it work, I’m going to offer these complete sets of manuals as a “home study” course at a substantial discount.

This is a one-time, exclusive offer and is only available to people who are on our current list. It cannot be transferred to anyone else, given to a friend or even a business partner. If your name is not on our list the offer will not be valid.

Effective January 1st, 2009, the fees to attend our live training workshops will be $40,000.00 (USD), and a monthly support fee of $997.00.

But I am letting these 90 sets of manuals go for a one-time payment of $2,500. This will include 3 months of our Gold Level support at no cost, weekly training teleseminars or webinars, regular email updates, and a private line for one-on-one teleconferences.

This is completely unheard of, I’ve never done it before, and it’s a bona fide one-time offer. Once these 90 sets of manuals are gone, they’re gone and if you want to attend our training you will pay the $40,000.00 license fee, $997.00 per month (12 month minimum), and your travel and lodging expenses to Phoenix for 4 days.

What’s So Special About Martin Howey And
Why Should You Join His Program?

When it comes to deciding what kinds of career choices to make… how to spend your time… how to support your family, provide for your children’s education, your retirement, and have the funds to possibly care for elderly parents… you can’t be too careful.

You’ve got to make sure the moves you make are right for you and whatever investment you make gives you a substantial R.O.I. (return on your investment).

Personally, I’ve worked very hard over the past 42+ years to not only build a very successful business consulting with businesses of all sizes, all types and in nearly every industry, profession and business niche, but also an impeccable reputation for delivering value over and above what was expected.

Here are just a few of the things that set me and the systems and programs my company teaches apart and make them more attractive, more beneficial and more advantageous for you than possibly anything else you can choose.

  • Martin started TopLine Business Solutions from “scratch” and has built it into the largest international Marketing and Business Development Consultants Training organization with 767 consultants in 28 countries
  • Martin owns or is involved in two other international consulting companies.
  • Martin’s personal consulting client list is a literal “Who’s Who” of corporate giants, including AT&T, Exxon, Mobil Oil, General Mills, Black & Decker, Nabisco, Kelloggs’, Marriott Hotels, Sheraton, State Farm Insurance, and others.
  • Martin’s “$50K Weekend” program is one of the most sought after programs by business owners wanting to take their businesses to the next level.
  • Martin’s Consultant’s Training programs consistently sell out 2 to 4 weeks in advance for prices in the $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 range.
  • Martin’s 7 published books establish him as an expert who knows the problems business owners are facing and how to solve them
  • Martin has been written about in Success Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, Inc Magazine, Business Week, and others.
  • Many of the consultants Martin has trained are earning in the $300,000.00+ range in their first year using the exact systems he has taught them
  • One simple program Martin developed for his consultants can easily earn them $390,000.00+ in 12 months, working 3 hours a day, one day a week.
  • Martin’s proprietary “CEO Roundtable” program consistently earns consultants $108,000.00 to $432,000.00 a year for a 4-hour meeting one day a month.

It would be easy to go on and on, but by now (especially if you’ve been following me for any length of time) you probably get the point. I am not one for hype or exaggeration. I don’t need to resort those tactics. My results speak for themselves. What I says is true, real world and has been done (and is currently being done) by others.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

I’m giving you and a handful of other self-starting, quick-acting, success-oriented people the opportunity to look over my shoulder… from your own home, at your own convenience, and just like you were in one of our live sessions… and learn the exact same things others are paying $40,000.00 to learn, and a support fee of $997.00 per month.

And you’re getting it for a simple one-time payment of just $2,500! That’s it. Nothing more. No hidden costs, charges or upsells. Same program. Same system. Just a lower fee.

Believe me, I’ve thought long and hard about doing this, and I’ve had intense discussions with my CPA, my wife and my executive team. I mean, I could easily store those 90 sets manuals and use them over the next year for our live trainings.

When I first started my consulting training business I was charging just $5,000… and our consultants were making many multiples of that in their first few months following training.

The thing… the ONE thing that allowed me to raise my fees from $5,000 to $10,000… then to $15,000, $20,000… and now to $40,000 is their testimonials… proof from their mouths that our systems work.

And that’s what I’m banking on from you. I want your testimonial that even though you don’t attend our live training… even if you study from home and participate in our teleseminars and webinars… even though we’ve never met in person, you can earn a mid 6-figure income in your first 90 to 120 days working part time while keeping your current job and not losing your security, your retirement and your benefits.

Why do I want that testimonial from you? Simple. Because if this program works that well in those circumstances (which I am 100% confident that it will), it will work even better in our live training. And my goal is to take the price of our live training to the $70,000.00 level where other “high level” franchises are.

There Is Only One “Condition”… One “Catch”

You knew there was one, didn’t you? There always is… and who am I to let you down or disappoint you?

Here it is…

The ONLY “condition” or “catch” is that if I let you in on this special program that you must agree to let me conduct a recorded telephone interview with you as you share your success story with me. And don’t worry, your personal contact information will remain private and will never be revealed to anyone, so no one will ever call you or bother you in any way.

You see, when I can document how successful this program is in a home study version, it will add tons of credibility and validity to our live trainings and will make it much easier to increase our prices to $70,000.00 in the future.

So let me reiterate…

What you’re getting is the EXACT SAME training that those who attend our live 3 and 4-day events get, and that they pay up to $40,000.00 for, plus $997.00 per month for support.

I’m not shortcutting anything. The ONLY difference is that you will be getting your training on webinar and teleseminar, rather than live. AND you won’t be paying anywhere near our normal price, and you’ll be enrolled in our Gold Level support program.

All in all, this is a real no-brainer for someone who is serious about building their own 6-figure consulting practice but who doesn’t have the time, the money or can’t get away to attend our full-blown training sessions.

But I must stress that this is strictly a one-time, once-the-90-sets-are-gone-they’re-gone offer. And it’s exclusive to just those people who have joined our list up to this point.

It will not be offered to anyone who visits our websites from this point on.

With more than 8,978 people on our list… many of whom have been tracking our progress for several years… I know these 90 sets won’t last long. It’s first come, first served.

So I’ve done my best to give you an offer that is so good and so valuable that you won’t be able to pass it up. And I’m personally inviting you to be a part of our 767 consultants operating in 28 countries around the world.

Best of luck,

P.S. If you’re one of the fortunate handful of people who grab onto this offer, you’ll be helping me… and I’ll be returning the favor by giving you the offer of a lifetime… the opportunity to learn the same system that others are using to earn upwards of $350,000.00, $525,000.00, $768,000.00 and more per year… not for the normal price of $40,000.00 and $997.00 per month, but for just a one-time flat fee of $2,500!

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