“Cost of Fitness” Calculator

How much does it “cost” to be fit? Have you ever wondered? If you’re like most people you’ll have to make some changes in what you eat and how much you eat… and that could cost you more than you’re spending now. Or, surprisingly, it could cost you less. And what is the “cost” in terms of time for you to embark on an exercise program? Once again, it may surprise you how small that amount of time can be.

If you’re making a change of any kind, it would be nice to know what the cost is before you begin. To determine that you need to know where you are now and compare it to where you want to go. This “Cost of Fitness Calculator” will help you do just that.

The first table in this two-part calculator can help you determine how much you’re currently eating, where you may be lacking in key nutrients, and what you’re currently spending on food.

The second table can assist you in creating a meal plan that can help you achieve your fitness, weight loss, or body fat goals, and what the cost will be to follow your plan.

Another section compares the amounts in the two tables so you can see what areas you need to improve as well as the difference in cost between the way you’re eating now and how you could (or perhaps should) be eating.

Finally, there is a table that shows what percentage of your available time is used in a reasonable exercise program.

When you open the calculator, there are two tabs at the bottom. The first one is labeled “Tutorial”, and is a video explaining exactly how to use the “Calculator” (on the second tab).

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  “Cost of Fitness Calculator” Tutorial demonstrates how to use the Calculator   Microsoft Excel “Cost of Fitness Calculator” enables you to calculate your own costs