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If you and I were sitting down together having a heart-to-heart talk about the the kind of work you do, the time you’re currently spending in it, and the income you’re making from it, I would ask you these five questions…

  • Are truly happy and fulfilled in the work you’re presently engaged in?
  • Are you earning what you are truly worth and working the hours you want to work rather than the hours someone else tells you that you have to work?
  • Are you living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and are entitled to because of the skills you’ve developed and the price you’ve paid?
  • Have you found the opportunity that will take care of you and your family for the rest of your life, including your retirement years?
  • Have you accepted the fact that things “are what they are” and that you’re “okay” with your present situation and that things will somehow work out over the long haul?

How would you have responded to those questions? Would you have answered “No” to any of the first four questions and “Yes” to the fifth? If so, you’re certainly not alone and you really deserve a lot more out of the time you spend away from your family earning a living.

If you’d like to make some changes and get control of your time, your income, and your financial future, maybe it’s time to look at some realistic and viable alternatives.

For more than a dozen years I’ve conducted 8 to 10 completely sold-out events per year at up to $30,000.00 per seat, teaching people just like you how to use a proprietary step-by-step system to help struggling business owners generate more revenue and profits for their businesses, take more money out for themselves, and have more free time to spend with their families. Every one of these events were completely sold out well in advance.

Why would someone pay that much money, leave their home and job for several days, and fly across the country or even around the world to attend a workshop? The answer is simple; they compared the amount of the investment to the potential return as demonstrated by what others before them were getting, and the decision was easy.

They saw that even though the majority of these people had no prior business experience, no polished speaking skills, and knew nothing about the businesses that they ended up working with, many of them are earning well into the mid 6-figures in their first year following training. But what about you? How are YOU doing? I mean really… how are you doing?

If you’re not happy with where you are…

…will this be the year that you finally do something about it?

I hope the answer is “yes”. I really do, and here’s why. Just about a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer that had spread into my pelvis, both leg bones, my liver, and lymph nodes. The doctors refused to operate unless it became an absolute emergency because they said it was too far gone, and they gave me just 6 to 12 months to live.

For 6 full weeks, I was treated with daily radiation and chemotherapy to control the growth and spread of the cancer, followed by another 6 weeks of recovery. Additional scans showed that the cancer had worsened, and that if they didn’t operate my colon would burst spilling toxins into my body and I would likely only have 2 to 3 days left.

So emergency surgery was scheduled, and during a 3-week hospital stay, 6 surgeries were performed to remove the tumor and any additional cancer they could get to. That was followed by another 4 months of daily chemo treatments. One year and 6 days after my original diagnosis, I was pronounced cancer free. Forty-five days later, however, the cancer was back, and another procedure was performed. At my last check up, it looks like they got it this time.

So what does all this have to do with you?

Quite simply this. For one solid year I laid flat on my back unable to work, without any income from my business, and with huge medical bills piling up. In fact, the bill for the last 4 months of chemotherapy came to $205,000.00. And that didn’t count the previous radiation and chemo treatments, the doctor’s bills, the hospital bill, the home-care nurse, the costs of the surgery, anesthetic and medications, and other related expenses.

Although those things were significant, my physical and health problems and the loss of income and the medical bills were nothing compared to what my family had to go through. Cheryl and I have been married for 39 years. We have 6 children and 26 grandchildren. Watching them worry about the possibility of losing their husband, dad, and grandfather was heartwrenching.

As you might imagine, a lot of things went through my mind… the memories of 39 great years with Cheryl, the fun times I had with my kids… the Boy Scout camp-outs, fishing trips and ball games, the dance and piano recitals, proms, first dates, graduations, weddings, and the birth of grandkids. I also reflected on what I had done with my time on earth; how much I served others, how I had enriched their lives, things I could have done more of or less of, and how much time I spent at work and away from my family.

Believe me, it is very sobering when you get to the point in life where you realize that your number could be called at any time and you look back over your life to see what you’ve done and how you spent your time. What seemed so important while you were doing it now seems not only trivial, but in many cases a complete waste. You can’t call back time. You can’t relive your life. This is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing. Once a moment is gone, it’s gone for good.

Some Critical Questions For You…

What are doing with your life? How do you spend your time? Are you doing the things you WANT to do… or are you relegated to doing the things you HAVE to do? Do you have control over your time, your income, or who you associate or do business with? What about your family? Are you able to experience all the “irreplaceable moments” that once they’re gone can never be recaptured? Do you have the income to not only provide you and your family the essentials, but also some of the luxuries and niceties that make life comfortable and enjoyable and enable you to create memories that otherwise would never happen?

What about college or educational funds for the kids, a retirement fund for yourself, money set aside to care for aged parents, and an emergency fund… enough money to get you through comfortably should something disasterous happen to you. Remember how I mentioned that I had no income from my business for over a year? Fortunately, I had other investments and a big enough nest egg that I was able to get through that time with no change in lifestyle (other than what I couldn’t physically do).

These are things that you’ve got to seriously think about… and you need to start thinking about them now. In my business I see so many people living day to day waiting for life to happen to them. And life indeed does happen to them, oftentimes not on terms they would prefer. It’s better to take control of your situation and “happen to life”; that is, to set your own terms. The way you start is by defining what you want out of life… how much income you want, the number of days you want to work, the number of vacation days you want to take, the places you want to visit, the people you want to work with, the friends you want to associate with, the geographical place you want to live, the kind of home you want to live in, and the cars you want to drive. And whatever you do, don’t forget the time you want to spend with those you love the most, and the activities you want to engage in with them.

If you’re happy with your answers to those questions and you’re satisfied with where you currently are, you can stop reading here. But if you’re not… if you think it might be time for a change, then ask yourself…

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • “I am fed up spending my time and using my business skill working for someone else and making them wealthy. I want to finally start getting paid what I’m really worth.”
  • “I’m worried about my job. With the economic climate the way it is, I’m not sure if my current job will exist this time next year. I need to create a more dependable income and more financial security for my family.”
  • “I’ve recently been downsized from my job. At my age, nobody wants to hire me. Yet, I still have some strong business skills that can help any number of businesses, and I still have ‘fire in mybelly’… I want to contribute and be a valuable member of society.”
  • “I know something about business and I have some good experience, but I don’t have an organized system to implement it or teach it to others. If I did, I know I could make a substantial income as a self-employed business consultant and only work a fraction of the time that I would work for a regular employer.”
  • “I’ve looked at a number of different franchises, licenses and business opportunities and frankly, I don’t want to pay their high fees and excessive monthly royalties. I just need a little direction and a kick-start and I can run my own business.”

So how did you do? How did you respond? However it was, you’re certainly not alone. I talk to people who are going through these very same situations every day and what I’ve found is… it’s not the situation that’s the problem… it’s how you respond to these two questions:

  1. WHAT, specifically, are you going to do about it? And,
  2. WHEN will you finally get around to doing something about it?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the toughest times I had while I was going through my cancer, was looking back over my life and realizing that in the process of building business after business, success after success, and helping so many others achieve their goals, dreams and desires, that so much had gotten away from me. Oh, I’ve had some good times… great times, in fact. I won’t deny that. But I look at all the things I COULD have done but didn’t, because I was so busy in my business.

How I’m Using My “Second Chance”

While I was laying in the hospital for those three weeks, and then recovering at home for the next year, I had a LOT of time to think about what I would do and how I would spend my time if I were given a “second chance.” I looked at my time and activities in terms of “categories”… Personal, Family, and Business, and then I divided each of those categories into sub-categories. In other words, how I would spend my time and what my activities would be for each category.

  • Personal: Spiritual, Physical, Education, Service to Others, etc.
  • Family: Spouse, Children, Grandchildren, Extended Family Members
  • Business: Clients, Potential Clients, etc.

I’ll spare you the in-depth details of my Personal and Family categories, except to say that I rearranged my priorities to spend more time with Cheryl and my kids and grandkids, and to physically and mentally get back into triathlon shape. I also started looking for ways to be of greater service to others, and working with cancer patients from around the world who are struggling, and in many cases, have given up the fight. 

Business-wise, I commited to be more hands-on with my consultants helping them achive even greater success than they were already getting. My staff was doing a great job, but I wanted to take a more active role because the market is so ripe for what they have to offer, and I wanted them to be able to take full advantage of it by helping more businesses be more successful.

How My “Down Time” Turned Into An Income Opportunity For Others

In one of our staff meetings it was pointed out that there were a large number of people who had inquired with our company about becoming consultants, but weren’t able to for one reason or another. Either they…

  • Couldn’t afford the tuition
  • Weren’t able to take a full week off work to attend training
  • Wanted something they could work part-time until they could afford to leave their current employment
  • Wanted a more simple, step-by-step “done-for-them” system that they could leave training and go home, and put into action within the first week and start generating success for their clients and income for themselves

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a program that could fit their needs. Our TopLine system that we’ve offered for so many years, and that always sells out at a significant investment, wasn’t right for them. So I decided to take the “down time”… the time I spent at home recovering from my illness, to develop a program that would meet the needs of those who couldn’t make our TopLine program work for them. 

I borrowed some features and strategies from the TopLine system that I knew were working extremely well for our consultants, and called some of our top consultants and asked them what they would include if they were teaching a condensed, yet highly effective, easy-to-follow “blueprint” that could be learned very quickly so it wouldn’t require a lot of time away from home or a job, produce dramatic results for both the consultant and their clients, and be so cost-effective that nearly anyone could afford it.

The help and participation I got from those who helped me was outstanding. The TopLine consultants are some of the greatest people in the world and are always willing to do whatever it takes to help out.

Introducing: The New “7-Figure Consultants” Program

The new program is now ready to introduce to the market, and will be called 7-Figure Consultants. I’m going to be inviting a small group of people to learn the EXACT formulaic system that my top consultants and I have created, and that anyone can learn, apply, and begin profiting from in record time.

When you join us, here’s what you’ll walk away with:

The exact strategic plan for identifying the ideal clients to work with. No more guessing which businesses make the best clients or are the easiest to connect with and get commitments from.

  • How to generate a floodgate of business owners who eagerly want to hear more about how you can help them. This ONE step will have your pipeline so full that you’ll be turning prospective clients away and only working with those who are the easiest to work with, the most fun, and the most profitable.
  • The exact presentation wording that can make 3 to 4 out of every 5 presentations turn into a client. Finally, you can quit selling, stop over-coming objections, eliminate the dreaded “close,” and begin enjoying making presentations.
  • A simple, no-brainer process that anyone can master in two hours and that practically guarantees a $10,000 day. And that’s just “up-front” money. Follow the subsequent steps, and you can 10X that amount.
  • Printed and digital copies of all forms, scripts, templates, and promotional materials that can easily be personalized with your own brand and contact information. This saves you hundreds of hours of testing and trial and error effort to find the things that actually work.
  • Do you like to speak or do group presentations? Here’s how to get sponsors to put people in your seats and even pay for your events so you eliminate your costs and make a profit before the day of your event.
  • No more one-time sales. You’ll learn an easy way to generate passive residual income that you can bank on month after month, and that provides exceptional value for your clients.

 You’ll Also Get…

  • The exact process and template for controlling your time and reducing your work week down to just 4 days. Time is the most valuable asset you have. It’s irreplaceable… once it’s gone, it’s gone. Once you start using this system, you’ll have the time to do things that others only wish they could do.
  • Special Reports, ready-made scripts for recording your own presentations to be put on your website or burned to CD, webinar templates and scripts, PowerPoint presentations, and a complete Excel-based Business Optimization Calculator that shows business owners what the potential of their business is, and how much money they’re leaving on the table and not even realizing it. This thing literally blows people’s minds when they see it!
  • A complete “back-end” product to offer seminar attendees (or anyone else). No selling. Just demonstrate how this works, and you’ll have people reaching for their credit cards begging you to take their money.
  • The best ways to orchestrate a high-level mastermind or coaching program that can put hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. This is one of the most profitable things you can do in your business… and it’s so easy, and really fun!

Plus, You’ll Get These Bonuses…

Bonus #1:

Bring a partner or associate for 75% off.If you have someone who helps you in your business, or even your spouse, you can bring them along so they can learn what you are, and can be more helpful to you in your business.

Bonus #2:

Lunch is on me. We eat together so we can continue discussing what you learned in the morning session. Questions are welcome, and no subject is off-limits. Some of the best training and ideas come from discussions over lunch.

Bonus #3:

Two $3,000.00 tickets to the industry’s premier branding and positioning workshop. The person who conducts these events is one of the most effective and highest paid speakers in the business, and by special arrangement, I’m able to acquire a limited number of tickets at a special price. Personally, I’ve attended this event 12 times, and always come away with new ideas. When we go as a group, we always have dinner together and I present our consultants some new marketing and consulting training and materials.


  These are things that you’ve got to seriously think about… and you need to start thinking about them now. In my business I see so many people living day to day waiting for life to happen to them. And life indeed does happen to them, oftentimes not on terms they would prefer. It’s better to take control of your situation and “happen to life”; that is, to set your own terms.         

These are things that you’ve got to seriously think about…
These are things that you’ve got to seriously think about… and you need to start thinking about them now. In my business I see so many people living day to day waiting for life to happen to them. And life indeed does happen to them, oftentimes not on terms they would prefer. It’s better to take control of your situation and “happen to life”; that is, to set your own terms.

How would you have responded to those questions? Would you have answered “No” to any of the first four questions and “Yes” to the fifth? If so, you’re certainly not alone and you really deserve a lot more out of the time you spend away from your family earning a living.