Dear Franchise Seeker,

My name is Martin Howey, and for more than 43 years, I’ve consulted some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, corporations, and associations, as well as countless small and mid-size businesses.

And I’ve taught hundreds of consultants around the world to do exactly what I do… dramatically increase the profits of my clients’ businesses and get paid handsomely in the process. Many of the consultants I’ve trained are earning in the high five and even six-figures in their first 90 to 120 days following training.

The demand for the services our consultants provide is at an all-time high. We receive requests from business owners nearly every day for help in growing their businesses, helping them operate more effectively, and adding profit dollars to their bottom lines.

Franchising May Not Be
All That It Appears

We are constantly asked why we only charge $40,000 (don’t let this throw you… believe me, it will be well worth it for you to keep reading!) for our training that teaches people how to start their own business that can get them up and running and earn them such significant incomes while operating with little or virtually no overhead.

Especially, when according to “Franchising and Licensing: Two Ways To Build Your Business” (Anacom, 1999), it takes most fast food restaurants six months to two years to break even. The cost of opening a new McDonald’s restaurant typically runs around $500,000.00 U.S., and breaks even in four years.

Other franchise start-up costs are likewise very expensive. And when you figure in all the additional expense, overhead, and headaches associated with employees, food costs (if it applies), spoilage, and the like, not to mention being open extended hours seven days a week, a franchise may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

So back to the original question… why do we charge so little for so much? It all comes down to doing what I love to do.

My Personal Story And
What It Means To You

I’m 64 years old. I have six children and 18 grandchildren. I love competing in cycling races and 5k and 10k running events. I hold several state and national records and I’ve won several events at the World Senior Games. My time is both valuable and precious and I cherish it above nearly everything else.

I’ve made my fortune and I could stop working right now and never have to work another day of my life if I decided to. I’ve retired two different times and to be honest, I was absolutely bored stiff. The simple fact is I absolutely love what I do. This business gives me exactly what I need and more importantly, what I want at this stage of my life.

I love teaching and I love making a positive difference in people’s lives. And when I teach people how to do what I’ve done so successfully for the past 40 years it not only makes a difference in their lives, but in the businesses of their clients. And when those businesses prosper, they’re able to make, manufacture, produce, and sell more and better products and offer better services.

They are able to expand their facilities, pay their employees more, provide better benefits, make contributions to 401k plans, and improve working conditions for their employees. And they can serve the needs of their customers better.

So by doing what I love doing, everyone wins… I win, the consultants I train win, the owners of the businesses they consult win, the suppliers and vendors they buy from win, their employees win, and the customers they serve win. Now add in the family members of all those “winners.” They, too, benefit. And it’s all because I’m doing what I love to do.

“Pain” Helps Ensure Success

You see, it’s not a money thing for me. The money is not important. The fact is I would do this for no money if it would produce the same results. But it won’t. There has to be a “buy-in” on the consultant’s part… a certain level of “pain”…something that demonstrates a person’s commitment.

It’s been proven over and over again that when a person makes an investment in something they are more likely to follow through with their commitment… and the higher the threshold of pain the more complete their commitment.

Now I could easily charge $60,000 to $85,000 per person for this training. There are some outfits that do. But as I mentioned, for me it’s not about the money.

Truth be told, I don’t want your money. I want your success story. I want you to be so successful and your story so inspiring that you’ll give me a raving testimonial. That way I don’t have to tell anyone how good our program is… you’ll do it for me just as others who have been through our training are doing now.

Your Success Depends On Your Willingness
To Follow A Proven System

As I mentioned a minute ago, I’m only interested in success stories. And in order to get those stories I need performers… doers… people who can see an opportunity, who are teachable, and can follow directions. If you think you know it all, you’re not willing to follow a proven and tested system, or you want to do things your own way, then bail out now. Stop reading and spend your time doing other, more productive things with your time.

On the other hand, if you are a self-starter, have confidence in your abilities, can communicate effectively with others, and can commit to following a step-by-step plan that has been proven to work over and over with people just like you, then what you’re going to learn from this point on can make you very, very wealthy.

What’s Important Is What’s Important

At this point you may be wondering why I’ve spent so much time telling you my story, and why I haven’t gotten straight to the point. And here’s the reason… it has to do with “values.” In fact, it’s all about values. It’s what’s important to you… the things that are uncompromising… the things you won’t change no matter what happens. It all comes down to this…

When your values are clear, decisions are easy.

In my case, it’s not about money. It’s about lifestyle. And a big part of “lifestyle” has to do with time… how you spend it and who you spend it with.

Each of us has the opportunity and the ability to choose or to create our own lifestyle, and life, quite frankly, is simply too short to spend doing things you don’t want to do or to spend with people you don’t enjoy being around.

As I mentioned before I absolutely love what I do. First of all it affords me the time to spend with my children and 18 grandchildren (and believe me that requires a lot of time). And second, it allows me to work with performers… people who recognize an opportunity that’s proven to work for others and are willing to follow a step-by-step system to create similar success for themselves and their clients.

Now what about you? What are your values? What is important to you? What are the principles that you are not only willing to work for but that you are not willing to compromise, no matter what the circumstances? Each of only has so much time on this planet. That’s what our lives are… time and the experiences we have while it rapidly goes by. So in your case, what are you trading your life for?

Once you have a clear focus on your values, making decisions that are in your best interest as well as those you come in contact with suddenly becomes easier.

Valuable Lessons From The U.S. Marines

I spent 3 years in the U.S. Marine Corps in the early ’60’s… much of it in a very elite “spy” unit. Among other things, I learned the value of hard work, efficiency, discipline, following orders, thinking for myself in difficult situations, and taking action once a calculated decision has been made. Each of these qualities has paid off for me over the years in my family, the raising of my children, running my business, the way I’ve approached my competitive sports activities, and the way I handle my personal endeavors.

But there is another valuable lesson that the Marines teach. In fact, you’ve most likely seen the commercials that talk about how the Marines are looking for “A Few Good Men.” The fact is they are also looking for a few good women.

But the real point is, they aren’t looking for just anybody. They are selective about who they accept. They have a careful screening process. They want those who are achievers, those who have a “can-do” attitude, those who have a better-than-average chance of success… not because of their backgrounds or abilities, but because of the way they “see” things and their willingness to act on them. And that selection process is a good part of what makes the Marines so successful.

How It All Ties Together…
What It Means To You

I’ve done a lot of talking about my experience, my family, values, lifestyle, and the lessons I learned in the Marines. But what does all this have to do with you?

Quite simply this: I train people how to become successful business consultants and to create very large personal incomes that allow them to live the kind of lifestyle that others often talk about but that they seldom experience. They are able to work the hours they want, work solo out of their home or a small office with an assistant if they so choose, select the kinds of businesses and people that are compatible with them and their values, and determine how much income they choose to earn.

Quite literally, I take my consultants “by the hand” and practically force them to be successful (I’ll explain more about that in a minute). And because creating success stories from people who often have no prior consulting experience takes a tremendous amount of time on my part (and I have a finite amount of time), I have to (just like the Marines) choose wisely who I work with.

If you are accepted as someone I train, support, and work with on a very personal basis, and you fall short of the goals we set together… I consider it a failure on my part. And as I’ve mentioned before, I abhor failure. I am only interested in success stories. And a big part of creating those successes is selectivity.

It’s how I’ve built such a successful business and impeccable reputation over the past four decades, and it’s how I’ll teach you how to build your successful and very lucrative consulting practice. As a consultant you don’t want everyone as a client… only those who will follow your direction, implement your strategies and systems, and follow through. If you’ll select your clients carefully and they fit those criteria you’ll have a wonderful, rewarding, and financially successful practice. Anything less and you’ll be frustrated, disappointed, work yourself to death, and end up broke. That’s not what you want for your business, and it’s not what I want for mine either.

Your Personal Roadmap For Success

If what you have read so far makes sense to you and you are serious about charting your own course as an independent business consultant helping other business owners grow their businesses, and at the same time earning a very significant income, then please read this section carefully. I’m going to tell you exactly what you can expect if you’re accepted into this special limited attendance program.

Our typical consultant’s training program is a multi-day event that people pay $40,000 to attend. We start by showing you how to identify your ideal target market… the kinds of businesses that are the easiest to work with and that will produce the greatest amount of revenue for you in the shortest time possible. We then show you how to posture yourself to that market in such a way that they contact you wanting to know how they can enlist your services.

This is a very important point, and here’s why. In every transactional or selling situation one of the parties has a need and the other party has a solution. The party that has the solution is the one who controls the interview. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you are a consultant and you approach me, a business owner, wanting to explain how you can help me grow my business. At first glance it appears that I am the one with the problem (my business could use some help), and you are the one with the solution (you can help my business).

But the hidden reality is, you want a client (you have a need) and I am the one with the solution (I can let you help me or I can send you on your way). I, in this case, am the one with the solution therefore, I control the interview.

Now let’s change the scenario to where I contact you and I say something like, “You know, I’ve heard about what you’ve been able to do for other businesses and that’s exactly what I need to have happen in my business. Is there a time that you and I can get together to learn more about what you do?”

Do you see the difference? I have now contacted you with a need. And you are automatically put in the driver’s seat because you have a possible solution to a need that I am interested in learning more about.

What you’re going to learn in your training is how to take yourself out of the role of contacting businesses trying to sell your services, and put you into a situation where they contact you wanting to know how you can help them. Believe me, that’s a very powerful position to be in.

The next thing you’ll learn is how to make a compelling presentation… one that if done properly to the right targeted prospects, can result in three out of every five becoming your clients.

Then once you have a client, you’ll learn how to uncover their most pressing needs and provide solutions that will convert into quick windfall profits as well as long-term, steady streams of continuing income both for your client and for you. Your goal should be to install solutions and systems in your clients’ businesses that will add the greatest amount of bottom line profits, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of human effort, the lowest amount of capital invested and the least amount of risk for the business owner. And you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Future

What I’ve just described is a very simple synopsis of what we cover in a few very intensive days. And it’s these systems that our consultants are using to create very successful consulting practices that provide them the time-freedom and the money-freedom that allow them to live the lifestyles of their choice… to do the things they want to do when they want to do them, and not the things they have to do when they have to be done.

These are the systems that they are using to create businesses that will provide them and their families the financial security and means that can enable them to walk away in 6 to 8 years never having to work again, send their children to the finest private schools, provide the needed funds to care for their aged parents, and have the financial resources for their retirement fully secured.

Giving our consultants these kinds of tools is an awesome responsibility and one that I don’t take lightly… especially when they invest $40,000 and several days of their lives not counting travel time and expenses.

But the training doesn’t end after those first few days. It continues with ongoing support, phone calls, emails, and personal attention. And in some cases… many cases, in fact… that’s not enough. They want more. And they deserve more.

There’s a lot more to tell you, but frankly, there’s no reason to go on unless you want to hear more.

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Martin Howey
Founder and CEO, TopLine Business Solutions

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