Displaced and Retired Executives Put Experience to
Work in Lucrative New Careers

Phoenix, AZ – With job cuts by major employers exceeding more than half a million in the first six months of this year, workers on all levels are feeling the squeeze. “It’s no longer business as usual,” says Martin Howey, CEO of TopLine Business Solutions, a Phoenix-based consultancy training firm.

“The days where an experienced or highly-trained, highly-compensated executive can lose his or her job one day and land an equal or better job within a reasonable time are rapidly vanishing, and it’s causing personal and family stress and financial concerns for a valuable segment of the U.S. workforce. But forward thinking executives are quickly turning these negatives into better lifestyles, and in some cases, small fortunes for themselves, their families, and their newfound clients.”

Recently, U.S. corporations announced plans to eliminate 110,996 jobs in just one month, and these numbers were considered conservative, making the outlook for executive re-employment for the remaining months of this year even more dismal.

“On one hand, it’s a sad situation,” said Howey, whose firm specializes in helping business executives become self-employed marketing and business growth consultants. “It’s sad that executives with so much valuable experience are being displaced and their families and their financial futures are being negatively affected. It’s an equally sad situation for American businesses who have come to depend on this experience to build their successful enterprises, but are no longer in a position to take advantage of it and may be losing that critical experience to their competitors.

“On the other hand,” continues Howey, “for the person who wants to escape the corporate rat race and start a business of their own where they can use their experience consulting with other businesses, the time has never been better. Small and medium size businesses are struggling with the same issues as the big companies, but they can’t cut jobs in order to cope. Instead, smaller businesses have no choice but to turn their efforts to growing their businesses, generating more revenue, and operating at their optimal capacity and efficiency.

“Massive layoffs and cutbacks are rapidly filling the market with people who have the basic knowledge and skill of how to help struggling businesses, but most lack effective marketing and implementation systems. With the right tools and systems in the right hands, high six-figure incomes working less than 30 hours a week are very doable.”

Howey, a 45-year veteran of corporate consulting, founded TopLine Business Solutions after creating a similar European-based organization and building it to a Certified Accountant’s Valuation of $12.4 million in only 6 ½ months. TopLine’s more than 1,000 associates undergo a week-long intensive training program that includes client acquisition, identifying areas of opportunity, and creating and implementing corrective solutions and productivity systems. TopLine’s associates are compensated by a retainer fee plus a percentage of the increased revenues they generate for their clients.


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