From Zero To $12.4 Million In Less Than Seven Months

Phoenix, AZ – When it comes to creating business success stories, not many people can keep up with Martin Howey.

After more than 35 years as a business development consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Howey retired to live a life of leisure. But that didn’t last for long. With nothing more than an idea and a $10,000 investment, Howey and a partner founded a business consultancy franchise that quickly established itself as a super British success story and one of the fastest growing franchises in the UK and Ireland. In less than seven months, that company achieved a Chartered Accountant’s Valuation of more than $12.4 million.

“The demand for the services our consultants provided was so great,” says Howey, “that once the word was out, we couldn’t bring on franchisees fast enough. As a result, our business literally exploded.”

Wanting to spend more time at home and less time on the road, Howey left that organization and founded the U.S. based TopLine Business Solutions. And true to form, Howey struck pay dirt again. In very short order, TopLine has positioned itself as a rapidly growing international consultancy training organization with more than 1,000 associates in 36 countries worldwide. And for good reason. Their systems work…  for their consultants and for the consultants’ clients. 

Howey, Founder and CEO of TopLine, teaches his consultants how to help business owners build their businesses and recapture their dreams they had when they first started their businesses, by helping them grow their bottom line profits. “TopLine answers the biggest problems facing businesses today,” says Howey, “by providing powerful, proven, and cutting-edge solutions, strategies, and systems that get our clients all the customers and sales they can handle, and the owners of the businesses more personal income and the time to enjoy it.”

“From our experience,” Howey continues, “a massive 92% of business owners complain of four major problems; they don’t have enough customers, orders or sales; their profit margins are being squeezed; they feel that they have too much competition; and they aren’t getting the rewards they want for the time and financial resources they’re investing in their businesses.”

With today’s business climate so competitive, customers more educated and knowledgeable than ever before, and so many options for their customers to choose from, businesses have to scramble just to maintain their customer base, and that creates an ever-growing need for the services TopLine consultants provide.

However, becoming a TopLine consultant isn’t easy. TopLine has a stringent selection criteria and only considers applicants with a strong business background either as a successful business owner, manager, entrepreneur or consultant. “They need to have at least walked some of the talk. We’ll then introduce them to the knowledge base,” says Howey. “The reason for our success? We practice the very same methodologies in our own business that we teach our consultants to use.”

That said, who can argue with the results?


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