Larry John Wright Sales and Marketing and TopLine Business Solutions Create Powerful Joint Venture Partnership

Phoenix, AZ – Larry John Wright Sales and Marketing (LJWSM) has partnered with TopLine Business Solutions to offer businesses nationwide, more cost-effective ways to market, promote, and grow their businesses.  More and more businesses large and small are turning to business consultants in order to keep up in an ever changing industry that can be tough no matter how long they have been around or how established they are in the industry.  Even the biggest of companies oftentimes overlook what is obvious to someone on the outside. 

TopLine Business Solutions is an established leader in providing breakthrough marketing and business profitability solutions for their international clients, and is widely recognized as the number one training organization for new consultants.  “This new partnership is very exciting to us,” said Martin Howey, Founder and CEO of TopLine. “The additional services and support LJWSM is bringing to us will give our consultants an additional measure of competitiveness that can’t be matched by any other business consulting organization. The new services we can now provide our clients will not only help them realize bigger and faster returns on their investments, but will literally position our consultants as THE source to look to when businesses are considering growth, expansion, or increased profitability.”

LJWSM has long been recognized as one of the nation’s top marketing, advertising, and fulfillment agencies, with offices and production facilities in most major markets across the country. “With the latest state of the art production equipment, our experienced staff, and the incredible buying power we’ve developed over the years,” commented Larry John, president of LJSWM, “we can provide consultants and their business owner clients the quality, the pricing, and the results that will enable them to gain the competitive edge they so desperately need. Our motto says it all: ‘Twice as good, twice as fast, at half the price.’ For us those are more than just words… they’re what we provide our clients and what we live by.”

Some of the more than 70 services LJWSM can provide include: advertising analysis, corporate imaging, media relations, web design, market research, advertising, billboard design, editorial writing, sales training, employee and public relations, recruiting, product launches. The list is limitless, and so are the options now available to TopLine Business Consultants and their clients with the new Larry John Wright Sales & Marketing partnership. 

For more information contact Chad at TopLine Business Solutions, 480-969-1738.  You can also find further information online at


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