New Book Shows Business Owners How To
Achieve Breakthrough Success

Phoenix, AZ – Business owners wanting to grow the bottom line profits of their businesses now have a new action guide that leads them step by step through the process. Achieving Breakthrough Business Success, written by Martin Howey, founder and chief executive officer of TopLine Business Solutions, is 270-pages of easy to implement strategies that any business can quickly and effectively implement.

 “Most business owners are so busy running the day to day activities of their businesses,” says Howey, “that they often overlook simple things that with just a little effort could easily double or even triple their profits in a very short time. And because their overheads are usually fairly well fixed and they often have the capacity to handle additional business, other than the cost of the products themselves, nearly any increase in revenue goes directly to their bottom line.” 

 TopLine Business Solutions’ more than 1,000 consultants in 36 countries worldwide work with companies of all sizes, all types, and in practically every business niche, industry, and profession. They specialize in helping businesses grow by increasing their sales, decreasing their expenses, and improving their margins. And they use the same strategies and systems outlined in the book in their everyday consulting activities with their clients. Some of the topics discussed include how to:

  • Attract and keep profitable customersDetermine how much a business can afford to spend to get a new customer and to retain their current customers
  • Position a business as the only logical choice for its customers and prospects to buy from
  • Get free publicity and exposure for a business
  • Get a business’ customers to promote the business for free
  • Find, recruit, interview, and hire top employees

“My goal in writing the book,” continues Howey, “was to give business owners a resource where they could find simple answers and easy to follow solutions to their most common business challenges. To guide my thinking, I asked myself questions that if I were a business owner, I would want answers to.”

For information about Achieving Breakthrough Business Success, contact;
Chad at 480.969.1738


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