Thousands Suddenly Find Themselves
Jobless in Tough Economic Times

TopLine Business Solutions Changes Professionals Who Are “Out” Into Consultants Who Are “In”… and Earning Six Figures A Year

Phoenix, AZ – According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mass layoffs reached a 10-year peak in the first quarter.  (A “mass layoff” is defined as the termination of at least 50 workers from a single establishment.)  According to preliminary calculations, more than 4,000 separate mass layoff events occurred in the preceding quarter and that number could actually be even higher. 

In one month alone, 2,564 different large layoffs, affecting 239,454 workers, occurred.  That month, manufacturing firms had 379 mass layoff and 58,908 manufacturing workers filed for unemployment insurance benefits. Citigroup, the nation’s largest financial institution, terminated a large slice of its worldwide workforce.  And that same month, doughnut chain Krispy Kreme released 25% of its workers. 

For seasoned professionals at wit’s end, and often at the end of their savings after just a few months of unemployment, the outlook after downsizing has been extremely bleak.  Once-youthful baby boomers that are now the “old guard” face particularly pessimistic odds for finding a new job. 

Thanks to the training and opportunities offered by TopLine Business Solutions, however, laid-off executives of all ages are finding “new life” as high-earning business consultants. 

The People at the Top of TopLine
Martin Howey, CEO and founder of TopLine Business Solutions, brings 45 years of consulting experience to the world’s largest and most successful corporations to his company’s clients, as well as a rich background training hundreds of consultants around the world. 

“I’m not a dusty academic,” the sixty-something Howey says with a laugh, adding, “Okay, maybe a little dusty!  But what I teach is not something that I read in a book, learned from an audio-taped course, picked up in a seminar or imagined would be a good idea.”  Howey emphasizes that the ideas and techniques at the foundation of TopLine are “proven, practical, useable… and most of all, effective!” 

Eschewing a hands-off approach to business, Howey and his dedicated staff give TopLine clients highly personalized, custom-tailored instruction on conquering the consultancy business.  They teach downsized executives how to use their sales, management, ad agency, entrepreneurial or business experience to help other businesses.  “Our clients build successful careers exactly the way we do — by helping THEIR clients operate more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably,” he says. 

An Information Product on Stilts…Head and Shoulders Above the Rest
Many people who come to TopLine have a library of books, tapes, and courses on “post-downsizing success,” says Howey.  “They know all about the potential of being a consultant and they have the skills.”  What they lack, he says, is “a systematic way of implementing the information… a process.  We provide both a system and a process.”   

Howey describes the essence of the TopLine system as “Do this first, then this next, and then do this… and money comes out the other end.”   TopLine participants earn their consulting “stripes” in 4-day, highly intensive training workshops complete with hands-on, interactive breakout sessions.  The course includes eight thick manuals with over 2500 pages of strategies, letters, forms, templates, and follow-this-for-success instructions; as well as easy-to-use software and bi-weekly teleconferences with guest presenters. 

A “Member’s Only” website loaded with articles, letters, forms, templates, and recordings and a forum to post ideas, problems and exchanges with a worldwide network of top consultants, complete the TopLine experience.  Howey is particularly proud of TopLine’s community “spirit” and feels the interactive features provide “an important antidote to the feelings of isolation experienced by so many downsized employees.”   

TopLine Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is
Unlike the all too often heard vague promises of phenomenal success from other business opportunities, TopLine Business Solutions offers a guarantee that goes far above and beyond the norm. After completing training and following the TopLine system, if a consultant is not able to recoup 100% of their TopLine license fee within the next twelve months, they will receive a refund and an additional one-thousand dollars. 

“It’s a gesture of goodwill and a thank-you for efforts made in good faith,” says Howey.  It’s these good faith efforts, according to Howey, that make the extraordinary guarantee possible.  He notes that only “serious entrepreneurs” are encouraged to become part of the TopLine professional family.  Get-rich-quick schemers and people looking for easy money are encouraged to look elsewhere.  

As well as the casualties of downsizing, business owners who have sold or are considering selling their businesses and are eager to leverage their talents beyond franchise opportunities also find a “perfect solution in TopLine,” says Howey.  “People come to us fully committed to the hard work needed to succeed in a new career,” he says, referring to accomplished corporate executives who have been laid-off or downsized.  

“Even if they could, many would choose not to return to corporate life and are highly motivated to succeed on their own and stay out of the rat race,” he says.  “So they come to TopLine driven to succeed and passionate to learn how to use what they know to get what they want.”  Howey explains that TopLine provides the tools, but that clients “really provide their own guarantee of success.”

Free and Easy Access
Howey notes that getting recently downsized executives excited about a new career path can be tough.  “We understand how skeptical people may feel about starting something new,” says Howey, especially people who have recently been “traumatized” professionally.  “People are feeling betrayed, mistreated, and taken advantage of. The last thing they want to do is put their trust in a something they don’t know much about.” 

In order to overcome doubt and to make it easier for what Howey calls “EINs” — Executives in Need — to access help from TopLine, the company’s website is rich with free audio samples, free downloads, and a other introductory materials.  “Our goal is to introduce TopLine’s services to the people who can succeed with them,” explains Howey.  “Because every time our clients succeed, so do we.”

For more media inquiries, contact Martin Howey at 480-969-1738.  For more information about TopLine Business Solutions, visit


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