Consultants Training Firm Beefs Up Training, Adds Services,
And Seeks Consultants To Address A Booming Market

Phoenix, AZ – As Americans strive to leave the grind of the everyday rat race behind and find new ways to put bread on the table, TopLine Business Solutions continues to grow at a rapid pace, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The privately held Phoenix, AZ training organization recently beefed up its already comprehensive training program and the services its consultants offer their clients by adding several new business improvement and profit-generating modules.

Founded by Martin Howey, a 45-year consulting veteran to some of the world’s largest corporations, TopLine first opened its doors in the U.K., and in the first 6 ½ months became the country’s fastest growing business opportunity, with a value of more than $12.4 million. Now headquartered in the U.S., TopLine’s more than 1,000 consultants operate in 36 countries worldwide.

Howey’s expertise in working with such corporate giants as Mobil Oil, Sheraton Hotels, Black & Decker, AT&T, and Bank of America, has attracted the attention of hundreds of business executives. Some have been downsized from corporate jobs, others have recently sold businesses, and some just want to use their business experience in their own business helping other business owners improve their operations and increase their profits.

“The market has never been more ready for our services,” says Howey, founder and chief executive officer of TopLine. “With competition so cutthroat, customers more educated, more sophisticated, and more demanding, business owners everywhere are scrambling just to make ends meet. The biggest problem we have is we just don’t have enough consultants to serve this huge and rapidly growing market.”

TopLine’s consultants come from a variety of backgrounds including, accounting, advertising account reps, sales, marketing, graphic designers, and business executives. Each candidate is carefully screened and enrolled in a week-long intensive training class to teach them the TopLine systems. Following a well-defined plan, many TopLine clients often see bottom line profit increases of 300% to 400% in their first year of working with their consultant.  

After completing a very comprehensive, interactive, hands-on multi-day training workshop, TopLine’s consultants work with a handful of clients that pay them a modest retainer fee plus a percentage of the increased revenues the consultant generates for them.


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