1st Force Recon, Camp Del Mar

 Here are some pictures that I have of 1st Force Recon from the 1963 to 1965 era when I served with the company. Some of them are not as clear to see, and some of “The Pendleton Scout” newspaper articles are not easy to read, due to the age of the items and the poor quality of cameras that we had some 50+ years ago.

The first pictures are some of the planes we jumped out of, followed by some rosters, patches, and pictures that might bring back a few memories. I’m sorry that I don’t have more pictures of people, and wish that we had better cameras and were thinking of preserving some of those irreplaceable memories.

If you can add names or other information to the pictures, please let me know and I’ll update them. Or, if you have any additional items that you would like to add, I’ll be glad to include them. Be sure to check out “The Loyal Order of the Propblast” document… you just might find your signature there!

My email address is: Martin@MartinHowey.com

My phone number is: 480.969.1738

I would love to hear from anyone who served with 1st Force during those years.

Note: Click on each picture to enlarge it.

USMC - C130

C-130 Hercules

USMC - C-47


C-119 Boxcar

C-119 Boxcar





Huey Hog

Huey Hog



C-1 Trader

C-1 Trader

USMC - Propblast Certificate

Order of the Propblast

Jump School

Martin Howey at Jump School

Martin Howey, Tom Campbell

Martin Howey, Tom Campbell

USMC - Team Before Jump

McIntyre, Rossi, ?, Howey

Water Jump

Water Jump

Water Jump 2

Water Jump 2

Jump Log Cover

Jump Log Cover

Jump Log Page 1

Jump Log Page 1

USMC - Jump Order 1A

Jump Roster 1A

USMC - Jump Order 1B

Jump Roster 1B

USMC - Jump Order 2A

Jump Roster 2A

USMC - Jump Order 2B

Jump Roster 2B

USMC - PPMAD - Fort Lee, VA

Parachute Rigging School

Rigger's Pledge

Rigger’s Pledge

Rigger's Patch

Rigger’s Patch

Corporal E4

Corporal E4

Marine 1, Martin Howey, Bob Care?

Tommy Clay, Martin Howey, Bob Care

Martin at Recon Barracks

Martin Howey at Recon Barracks

USMC - 13 Tough Guys

Back Row: ?, Trammel, Wilkerson, Kindseth, Stan Joy (KIA), ?, Craig T. “Ra” Thieman, Martin Howey, Steven Hill; Front Row: ?, Ed Boersma, Joe Schuster (KIA), Lythe Kjeld, Anthony Vargas

USMC - Three Tough Guys

Ed Boersma, Tommy Clay, Martin Howey


USMC - Rappeling

USMC – Rappeling

Rappeling at Pendleton

Rappeling at Pendleton

USMC – Martin on Beach


Martin Howey in Water

Martin Howey in Water

USMC - Iwo Jima

USMC – Iwo Jima

105 Howitzer

105 Howitzer Ready to Drop

USMC - Jeep - Before Dropping

Jeep – Before Dropping

USMC - Jeep - Chute Failed

Jeep – Chute Failed

USMC - Helicopter Rappel

Helicopter Rappel

USMC - Helicopter Rappel 2

Helicopter Rappel 2

USMC - Meritorious Mass - Patrol Leader

Meritorious Mass – Patrol Leader

USMC - Meritorious Mass - Map and Arial Photo

Meritorious Mass – Map and Arial Photo

1st Force Recon Patch


USMC - 1st Force Recon Insignia

1st Force Recon Insignia

USMC - Recon - Shark

Underwater Recon Team

USMC - Pathfinder Patch

Pathfinder Patch

USMC - Newspaper 01

Newspaper 01

USMC - Newspaper 02

Newspaper 02

USMC - Newspaper 03

Newspaper 03

USMC - Newspaper 04

Newspaper 04

USMC - Newspaper 05

Newspaper 05

USMC - Newspaper 06

Newspaper 06

USMC - Newspaper 07

Newspaper 07

USMC - Newspaper 08

Newspaper 08

USMC - Newspaper 09

Newspaper 09

USMC - Newspaper 10

Newspaper 10

USMC - Newspaper 11

Newspaper 11

USMC - Newspaper 12

Newspaper 12

USMC - Newspaper 13

Newspaper 13

Newspaper 14

Newspaper 14

Boot Camp

Boot Camp – San Diego


Pins and Badges


Leatherneck Magazine July 1963 Airborne Training

Leatherneck--October 1963

Leatherneck Magazine October 1963 Force Recon

M3A1 Grease Gun

M3A1 Grease Gun