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There are more than 25 million businesses in the U.S., and the number increases every day. According to the Small Business Administration the failure rate of businesses during their first five years is over 60 percent! What’s more, Dun and Bradstreet estimates 82% will go under by their 10th year in business. The vast majority of these businesses could be saved IF ONLY their owners knew what to do. WHEN the right Marketing Consultant comes along, one who specializes in…

  • Generating windfall profits by uncovering the hidden assets and overlooked opportunities almost every business owner is sitting on…
  • Implementing revenue-generating marketing and sales SYSTEMS not one in a hundred other business
    owners know…
  • Other powerful, but little-known marketing and sales strategies—ones that don’t cost the business owner a dime……then a business owner’s decision to use that consultant is practically a “no-brainer.”.

YOU Can Be That Consultant And Easily Write Your Own Ticket.

If you’re entrepreneurially-minded, this could very well be the most important message you’ll ever read… because you’re about to learn about an amazing, little-known business you can start which is so exciting, so lucrative and has so much potential, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider it sooner.

What kind of business is it, you ask? MARKETING CONSULTING – The “Perfect” Small Business.

Marketing Consulting is the PERFECT small business for all sorts of enterprising, opportunity-oriented people who see enormous opportunity in helping other small and medium-sized business owners grow their businesses profitably. Why? Because it’s the ONLY BUSINESS which has all the great advantages of a business or franchise ownership—yet NONE of the disadvantages.

As a Marketing Consultant you’re paid what you’re truly worth for your business, marketing and sales knowledge and money-making ideas. And as your skill and reputation grows, you have a constant, never-ending supply of clients eager (and sometimes desperate) for someone like you to assist them in boosting their business. And because of your success you’ll be introduced to all kinds of new business opportunities that you can get involved in which require your unique skill set, contacts and creative business ideas.

For Once (And Maybe The First Time In Your Life) The Tables Are Turned In Your Favor.

In fact, your biggest challenge starting out may be deciding WHICH opportunities you should focus on and which to turn away. Because unlike other jobs, careers or businesses, your value is NOT based on how hard you work, nor HOW LONG you work. It’s based entirely on what you know that will help business owners achieve their business goals and objectives. So you are the one who must decide where your knowledge and expertise will be best used for the quickest and most profitable pay-off for YOU.

Here’s the Reality: Business owners want rapid growth and profits; they want a competitive edge; and they want fresh, innovative ideas and strategies that get more customers to buy from them and to buy more often. And YOU can be their hero, simply by giving them fresh, new marketing approaches, creative sales ideas and other growth-oriented strategies and systems they need to survive and thrive. By the way, this ISN’T hard, IF you know how. And that’s exactly what our turn-key, step-by-step Marketing Consultant Training Workshop will teach you. Besides having all the business you can handle, THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON to consider the marketing consulting business is that the money you make dwarfs that of any other business or profession, INCLUDING owning a brand-name franchise. It’s entirely possible to earn six-figures in as little as six short months with almost no start-up costs other than phone, fax and computer

Compare that to owning a restrictive franchise or other risky business opportunity— where you’d be considered fortunate to be drawing a meager salary during your first few years working your heart out. There’s no Comparison!

Here’s the Bottomline: As a Marketing Consultant you are not paid for your time, or how much or how hard you work. You are compensated for your winning ideas, marketing strategies and direct contribution to a business owner’s success. If you’re an entrepreneurially–minded person, someone who’s serious about making a ton of money in your own business, the extraordinary income and rewarding benefits of a Marketing Consultant is a perfect fit.

Our unique financing program makes it very easy to get started. Our comprehensive training and turnkey systems help you set up your own business, magnetically attract all the clients you can handle, and deliver workable solutions that thrill your clients while generating huge sums of money for you. No need to give up your present job while you get started. This business can easily be done on a part time basis.

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