Here is the “Marketing Pie” Calculator that you can use with your clients, along with a video that not only tells you how to use it, but gives you some ideas on how to determine how much your clients know about marketing and the results they’re getting with the methods they are currently using.

Click on the following links to download the files:

Marketing Pie Calculator

Marketing Pie Document

Marketing Pie Video

Here is the email I got from Jim Palmer:

Hi Martin,

Thanks again for having me at your seminar on Saturday. As usual, I had a great time presenting to your group.

It sounded like there was quite a bit of interest in my Master Reseller (MR) option for No Hassle Newsletters. It really is quite a unique ’Done-for-You’ opportunity to add an additional revenue stream to a consultancy

I wanted to follow up with two things that you can pass on to your consultants.

1.     I recently did a webinar on the MR opportunity and the replay link is:  (This answers many questions about the program)

2.      I mentioned somewhat ‘off the cuff’ that if anyone is interested in this program, I will do ‘something special’ for them as friends of yours. It occurred to me that was very vague so with a day to process, allow me to be specific! Anyone that was at your seminar and joins the No Hassle Newsletter family as a master reseller this week, I will offer the following “Friends of Martin” bonuses.

     a.   I will include a free custom masthead ($150 value)

     b.  I will include $500 in free printing towards their first five newsletters

     c.  I will include free tuition in my Six Months to Speedy Growth and Higher Profits coaching program that is starting April 1st. This is a $582 value and details are at

So, the total “Friends of Martin” bonus package for becoming a Master Reseller this week is $1232.  

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss. 

P.S. If some of your consultants are new and not yet ready for Master Reseller, they should look at my regular Platinum Newsletter Marketing System and begin using a newsletter to a list of prospects and their initial customers. I’ll also extend the same bonus package to anyone that joins Platinum this week.  Again, full program information is at

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