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Martin is an excellent Business Consultant who has certificated several consultants in different places around the world for many decades. 

Personally, I am proud of consider myself a close friend of Martin due to his great moral solvency and ethics.
Likewise, a professionalism that not only supports the enterprises and consultants that he has certificated, but also the general public from different positions.
Juan P.
“Wow! I already had an extensive library of business books, and I had spent tens of thousands of dollars educating myself on Marketing, Business strategy; and Copy writing. I had even written two business books of my own. So I did not expect that getting the chance to spend three days with Martin Howey would be that impactful. Was I wrong!   
Martin changed the model for my business with practical advice and materials which will increase my income by at least $50,000 this year and ten times that in the years to come.
Martin truly is the “Masters Master” when it comes to business strategy and marketing.”
Chris H.
“I have worked with many business coaches & consultants over the past 20 years as an entrepreneur. What I love about Martin is his ability to take a typical, simple business strategy and tweak it so that it stands out and gets phenomenal results!
But what I think makes Martin stand out among the many business & marketing strategists is his authenticity, passion and human kindness! I know that’s not what you think of when you think of making money. But coupled with his business brilliance, it is what makes creating a successful business worthwhile!
Martin–thank you for being a business and human-being mentor to me!”
MaryPat K.
“Having worked with Martin on many projects I have come to see him as one of my most trusted advisers. From his extraordinary mental Rolodex of strategies, contacts and business models to his track record of helping thousands of consultants to build highly profitable and thriving businesses, Martin is one of the most sought-after experts on the planet.
If you are looking to give your consulting business a much-needed profit boost, enroll in one of Martin’s trainings today. From filling your trainings to sales strategies designed to close the deal quickly, you’ll walk away with proven, practical techniques that work fast!”
Melanie B.
“I had the great pleasure of spending a weekend with Martin at a coaching workshop and his insight and guidance about my business were unparalleled. 

He has the natural ability to look at a company and see exactly what needs to be done to be more successful and make more money. He has a laser beam focus that cuts right through to the fastest path to growth.
He is brilliant,warm, funny and a pleasure to work with. 

I highly recommend Martin to anyone who wants to succeed and succeed big.
Shanti P.
“I highly recommend Martin – he is a world class expert in business and marketing, and a trusted adviser.
Working with Martin will be one of the best choices you will make for you and your business.
In an ever changing business world, Martin is a guiding light to help you steer the course of business.”
Dean T.  
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