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With the new surge in consumer and corporate confidence, businesses in nearly every industry, profession and business niche are anxiously trying to capitalize. Many of them don't know the best or most effective ways and are employing consultants to help them. The market for well-qualified, competent business development consultants is wide open!
Experience You Can Trust
TopLine's program is based on the founder's more than 50+ years of his personal corporate and small business consulting, and training several thousand "every day" people to start, run, and profit from their own successful consulting practices.
TopLine Business Solutions
Worldwide Leader For Training and Supporting Marketing and Business Development Consultants
- World-Class Training       - 56 Countries
- Personal Support            - Virtually All Industries
- Cutting Edge Strategies  - Corporate Joint 
- Over 4,350 Offices             Venture Partnerships
TopLine's Goal & Mission
Our goal is to train our consultants so their clients receive the greatest amount of profits in the shortest amount of time - with the least amount of effort, risk and capital.
A Personal Message From
Martin Howey
Founder and CEO, TopLine Business Solutions
Welcome to TopLine Business Solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the best, most up-to-date and relevant information about the business of Business Development Consulting... what the market is, what the possibilities are, and what you can realistically expect if you decide to get involved in this exciting and lucrative business.

Watch this short video clip, look around this website, learn all you can, write down your questions, and then schedule a private, one-on-one, no-cost, no-obligation Discovery Call. I'll take whatever time you need to answer your questions so you can determine if a career as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant is right for you.
Welcome To TopLine
TopLine Business Solutions is known worldwide as the number one resource for training and supporting marketing and business development consultants with over 4,350 independent offices in three dozen countries. 

TopLine-trained consultants help businesses large and small operate more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably.

TopLine's goal is to create the greatest amount of profits for our clients’ businesses, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort, risk, and capital. TopLine Business Solutions’ world class training and support systems help people start, run, and profit from their own successful consulting practices in a very lucrative and much needed marketplace.

See what others are saying about us by visiting our Testimonials Page. People just like you speak out and share their experiences with TopLine Business Solutions.
Here's What A Handful Of Our Clients Have To Say...
“I have known and worked with Martin Howey for several years. I have repeatedly witnessed the depth of his knowledge, his expertise, as well as his rare ability to selflessly care about the success of others.
If you are looking for an experienced guide or an accomplished expert to lead you on the path to growing your business and improving your life, Martin Howey is an excellent choice."

Jason L.
“Martin has an incredibly brilliant mind for business & marketing strategy and is a complete genius at taking creative ideas and turning them into profitable business solutions.
Not only is he a highly regarded and respected business leader, he's also one of the most generous people with his time and his expertise that I know. Martin has earned my strongest recommendation."

Sheila M.
“When I first met him in 2008 it was to learn his TopLine methods. Martin is a rare person in the consulting/ coaching/ training industry. He truly lives by the philosophy of helping others be successful and your success will follow.
If you are considering working with Martin or joining Topline… don’t think about it anymore, just make the commitment and move forward… you won’t be sorry.”

Brian K.
“Martin is a man of integrity who actually cares about his clients and consultants and is always ready to impart great wisdom.
I walk away with notes from every conversation. He is the consummate teacher always willing to help and inspire you to be your best.

Martin is the BEST PERSON to learn from... he truly cares about you and your success."

Marlene G.
"Where most programs let you fizzle out, but Martin stayed with us through the whole process, including a couple of false starts because of my failure to trust and follow his systems.

If you are looking for your own company to help other businesses get to their next level and get paid well, you need to schedule a Discovery Call today with Martin. One of the best investment returns I’ve had in all my years. Thanks, Martin!"
Mark A.
"Martin is the man with the Midas Touch when it comes to growing your business! He has shared with me idea after idea that has lead to additional take-home money over and over again. 

If you ever get the chance to work with Martin, get consulting with Martin, or attend any of his higher end training classes, you must not let that opportunity slip away. What he share will change your financial future!"

Pete M.
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